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Mike Pompeo Under Investigation for 'Corrupt' and Likely Unlawful RNC Speech From Jerusalem While on Taxpayer-Funded Trip

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/mike-pompeo-under-investigation-corrupt-and-likely-unlawful-rnc-speech-jerusalem

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Congress has a responsibility to stand up for the rule of law and hold them accountable for this corrupt behavior

Sadly, holding another hearing at which the GOP members will praise Trump and denigrate Democrats is not going to do a damn thing


news that Pompeo would deliver a convention speech while on an official trip to Israel was met with alarm

Oh please, its Israel…our laws don’t apply when it comes to the “special relationship.”


The following list enumerates the consequences for Pompeo’s corrupt and likely unlawful speech:


As to the lead in of the story, “No shit Sherlock.” Charging the WH and the administration for lying and cheating is a gross understatement.
This story is apparently for the people who have been asleep the last four years.
How about a story on what can or will be done about it?

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Make sure Mitch McConnell is not re-elected and then push your representatives for prosecutions.

But you don’t really want McConnell kicked out of office.

You have to give some credit to Barr and Pompous. They have thus far not been charged. At this point it wouldn’t be normal if they weren’t.
In the Kennedy years the congress had the Mafia in court.
Now, during the trump years, the trump Mafia investigates everyone else.

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Don’t just put this “Tub-o-Lard” under investigation, put him under "lock and key."

Or, just throw away the key.

Congress has a responsibility to stand up for the rule of law

Really ? And when does the “responsibility” get effective ?

Your party controls the House now. Where is the prosecution of Pompeo?

Where was the prosecution of the Cheney/Bush torture regime?
Of the TBTF bankers?
Of Steve Mnunchin, when his bank committed fraud?


Wonder if you’re enjoying your party’s convention? I mean given the obsession with making AH comments like this one - asking those “gotcha” questions worth shite you are so fond of - with your party in control of the senate it’s clear the house can do little or nothing that means a good goddamn. Working overtime these days to burn it all down for your “very proud” support for the trump regime to stick a sharp stick in the eyes of all else; great thinking…

Who cares? This is meaningless noise. It has no enduring significance. Will you care about this on Monday? Why fill your mind with trivia?

Joe Kennedy supports Simpson/Bowles. What’re the odds that Biden will bring it back?

I’m still utterly obsessed with what happened to Bernie. He’s no longer even trying.

There are many more important concerns than Pompeo’s trip – which is, as a matter of fact, has been more than adequately overed by the MSM.

Let’s try to stay focussed on what matters: e.g., the complete sell-out by Democrats, and the complicity of all “progressive” leaders in that sell-out.

One expects nothing positive from Republicans, so why dwell on them? Or is the reality finally sinking in that the same is true of Democrats?

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No story here, Gandolf.   Sadly, NOTHING will be done about it.

As with the POTUS (Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit), IMPEACH and IMPRISON!!


I invite you to what may become my party’s convention on August 30.
They’re recruiting everyone, even WATBs like you:


And I will be there to support wisdom, activism, and the end of both corporate whore entities screwing the 99%. The immediate goal is to remove the immediate threat to so much of what I care about, namely the environment , the Wild, wildlife and their fragile habitat that 4 more years will destroy, along with much else.

You forgot the part where your immediate goal includes installing the kind of administration that directly led to Trump. So I’m reminding you.

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I have not forgotten what they have done and not done over the last 40 years or so - I am a Gene Debs, Adlai, Eleanor, Malcolm, Martin, Rachel Carson, progressive/left environmentalist and support what I believe makes sense and is best for the Common Good

they have been a disgrace and betrayer of very much since the Clintons complicit to the nightmare, but until there is a viable alternative to stand against what I consider even worse on so-many fronts, and given our asinine corrupt “system” they are for the now, what may defeat a greater evil - sadly they - the hierarchy - do not have the integrity, wisdom, or vision to be other than a stooge for business as usual - I do not work against or sabotage my own stated goals or those who work in the same direction - destroying what I care deeply about to perhaps attain what the public is not ready to support is a fools errand…

And pretending that you’ve learned something from the last 30 years is an empty claim.

The consistent and ongoing movement to the right – to where Trumpism is now, to where far worse than Trumpism will be soon – has been enabled by noseholders like you.

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Thank you for the link … all registered.

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My take on it is that August 30 is early enough to register and attend the Peoples Party Convention - AND EXPLORE. Maybe boost the numbers and put some pressure on dems. Will it work. I do not know, but I need to hear what is being said by an organization the likes of which is supported by Cornel West, Sem Mike Gravel, Marianne Williamson et al.