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Mike Pompeo's Cairo Speech Denounced as Ahistorical 'Imperial Hogwash'


Mike Pompeo's Cairo Speech Denounced as Ahistorical 'Imperial Hogwash'

Jon Queally, staff writer

A speech delivered by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Cairo, Egypt on Thursday was immediately chided by critics as bellicose and ahistorical "hogwash" that did more to reveal the incoherence and dangers of the Trump administration's foreign policy than anything else.


Pompeo looks like we should stick an apple in his mouth, ram a spike through him head to toe and put him over a bed of hot coals.

What a pig.


The behavior of some of US officials is appalling. I think they believe their own lies similar to the way Trump lies just to flap his tongue. This is narrative weaving of the worst kind. Some of us know about all the lies they tell so that uninformed people will follow the ‘grand narrative’. Saudi Arabia exports terrorists around the world to promote their toxic brand of Whahhabism. The only thing the US does is follow the Israel govt and they are in a war(sort of) against Iran and Syria. Congress is still trying to pass an undemocratic law that bans the BDS movement against the Israeli govt. It failed once and the Senate wants to put it to a vote the 2nd time???!!! Whose running things here anyway? Pompeo(Maximus, LOL!) will continue to tell lies to get their lying agendas accepted by Americans. At this rate the US doesn’t need enemies.


LOL, Mike Pompus is probably his real name. The United Sates is a liberator?
WHAT??? NO the United States and the Military Industrial Complex are not LIBERATORS -----but giant VIBRATORS who screw the entire world----and stupidly have yet to figure out that when they damage the planet----they damage themselves too!


Pompeus sez:
… the U.S. under Trump “has reasserted its traditional role as a force for good in” the Middle East.

Just caught a major break. I’d already swallowed my beverage when this line appeared, so I didn’t waste perfectly good craft ale by spewing it all over my keyboard.


“Blah, blah, blah…and furthermore, Iran must be destroyed…”

The reincarnated Cato the Elder - Pompeo


Pompeo looks and acts like a Mafia boss. What a terrible choice for Secretary of State!


Exactly what one would expect from a hog


Mike Pompeo is an evangelical Christian who believes in the Rapture. He believes that marriage equality for the gay community is a “battle” that must be won by denying them the right to marriage. He believes that having a multicultural society is dangerous and weakens the possibility of rule by true Christians. He believes that Muslims are some sort of existential threat to humanity and that ushering in Armageddon (by starting a major world war in the Middle East, preferably with Iran) will hasten the return of Jesus, whereupon the “saved” will be raptured to heaven.

There’s a video from 2015 of Pompeo addressing a church in Kansas in which he talks about fighting marriage equality and remarks on the great day of the Rapture. While this is obviously from before the time he was appointed to the CIA, and now the head of the State Dept, by Trump, it shows Pompeo’s belief system. It’s frightening that we have someone like this in a position to shape foreign policy and represent the US abroad.

Clip of Pompeo addressing a fundamentalist church, 2015:


Pompeio is intellectually moribund as well as morally vacant.


No thank you, it would be rancid.


what happened to the “separation of church and state”


It’s being whittled away as we speak by these American Taliban types, who aren’t really opposed to religious nuttery unless it’s somebody ELSE’S religious nuttery. “The Handmaid’s Tale,” coming soon to a town hall near you.


I understand it’s interred in a Silicon Valley mausoleum, alongside the 4th Amendment.


caps for emphasis, not shouting

To me it seems Trump has tried to send signals that he wants to abandon the old intervention strategies (“neocon” strategies as it were). But there’s been some evident vascillation. During the campaign he was Mr Isolationist (he could have some fluky kind of instinct in regard to parties at odds with one another, and could see with all our ongoing wars someone was gonna end up as infamous as W; but when he got in office he perceived his revisions were doomed, so he decided to pack the cabinet with hawk-fall-guys. They’d fail in short order, and he’d be clear). The trouble is he’s really not able to calculate a gamble. WITHDRAWING for example entails a ton of diplomacy. Syria needs help rebuilding. But Trump, he wouldn’t gamble such an investment. No, he paints himself as the common sense strategist…and pretty much rules out any SPENDING toward something like that as not stingy enough. Thus, he prohibts a quieting of the wars. Yet he retains an opinion of himself as master strategist, while this seems to mean that each time he goes forward with a peace plan and gets blocked, he must feign a giving-in…buying time that some other bulb’ll light up in his head. He doesn’t perceive that he’s totally on the wrong track in terms of getting out of wars.

Before he espoused getting out of ongoing wars. When he saw he couldn’t, he wanted others around to take the blame [weird the generals couldn’t see eventually they’d end up like W, whereas Trump could]. But his old impatience returned, and he must of thought THEY’D MAKE GREAT FALL GUYS, BUT IN THE MEANTIME THEY AREN’T SERVING ME WELL ENOUGH. THEY’RE SPENDING LIKE MAD; AND, DESPITE MY PREVIOUS STRATEGY, I JUST CAN’T TAKE THE BLACK MARK THEY’LL LEAVE ON MY ADMIN.

So, first he says he wants out of asymetric wars [Syria he conceived as a mop-up], and next he wanted out of the generals-clique. The new stooges (fall guys) will test his new approach…keep withdrawal from Syria & Afghanistan, and put that money toward a new nuclear arms race and --> "…the ‘Middle East Strategic Alliance’, an Arab NATO that allies with Israel. A pipe dream born out of sheer ignorance that is destined to fail." [solid enough statement, but I can’t buy MoA’s recent take on the Kurds] https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/01/pompeos-middle-east-speech-a-blustering-push-for-less-us-involvement.html#more


I didn’t realize he was asking Imran Khan for help. So maybe there’s hope for Trump yet. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/peace-in-afghanistan-will-come-at-a-price/


Of the dozens and dozens that have come and gone, is there even one that is worthy of their office? No. And there won’t be any because Trump is doing the hiring. Plumpeo sucks.

Being an American is like having your child in someone else’s hands. You don’t want or need a perfect child. You just want them back home so you can properly nurture them.
We want our country back. Not to make it great again, we want it back so we can heal it.


I was going to post about that very thing. Pompeo’s foreign policy is to hasten the day of the Rapture, not to see peaceful resolutions of conflict. His arrogance and ignorance are stunning and embarrassing. I’m still not over his calling Kim Jong Un “Mr. Un”.


Have to apologize if I sound a little like the Pompeo “teri49” has described, but ultimately I’m thankful to the Great Spirit for any light that comes our way regarding why this administration does what it does…

1/16/19, bold = my emphasis

GARETH PORTER: Well, I mean this is obviously a very, very unusual administration, to say the least. Trump is his own secretary of state for the most part. To some extent, his own secretary of defense.

snipped text

GARETH PORTER: This is problematic for Donald Trump and one has to wonder whether John Bolton’s days are numbered because I think that there is certainly going to be a degree of conflict and tension there between Trump’s aims and Bolton aims.

JEREMY SCAHILL: Right, because you have this kind of schizophrenic nature to this administration. On the one hand, you had Trump during the campaign just lambasting the invasion and occupation of Iraq but then also saying ‘Oh and by the way, we should have taken their oil.’ https://theintercept.com/2018/11/14/donald-trump-and-the-counterrevolutionary-war/

For me (just for me) neither Queally’s article or these comments under it [and mine above constituted only a theory] explained things. Given the near total lack of sense made of what this admin does in the middle east [and what others have done there], I sometimes wonder why folks here don’t theorize a little more like the commenters under Moon of Alabama articles.

More light (same podcast; bold = my emphasis)…

JS: …I mean, how is it that you have an administration with the commander in chief saying we’re going to withdraw from all these places and its national security adviser is a risible neocon who has never met a war occupation or invasion that he hasn’t been in love with.

GP: Well, you’ve correctly stated the problem. I think the answer to that riddle is very simple that Donald Trump has been dependent on the financial support of Sheldon Adelson in his bid for the presidency. We know for sure that Adelson is a major source of influence on Trump’s policy toward Iran as well as Israel. People who are listening to this program, I’m sure many of them are aware of the fact that Adelson had called only half-kiddingly for the United States to drop an atomic bomb on Iran.

Sheldon Adelson Quote: You pick up your cell phone and you call somewhere in Nebraska and you say ‘Okay, let it go.’ So, there’s an atomic weapon goes over, ballistic missiles in the middle of the desert that doesn’t hurt a soul. Maybe a couple of rattlesnakes and scorpions or whatever and then, and then, you say ‘See? The next one is in the middle of Tehran.’

snipped text

TRUMP QUOTE: “I want to get out. I want to bring our troops back home. I want to start rebuilding our nation.”

GP: And of course the Pentagon specifically did its best to talk him out of it, but they were not the only ones. Bolton as well as Pompeo were insisting to Trump that he must stay in Syria to support the Israelis in their war against the Iranians in Syria because the Israelis had a strategy which they were ginning up at the same time in 2018 to increase the bombing of Iranian bases and — bases or facilities — of pro-Iranian forces in Syria. And in so doing to hope that the Russians would get the idea that there was a real danger of an escalating war between the Israelis and the Iranians and thus to get the Russians to put pressure on Iran to start withdrawing from Syria.

That was the announced policy of Israel with regard to Syria and they were trying to get the Trump administration to accept that policy. They got a prominent figure in the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Ambassador James Jeffrey, appointed by Pompeo as a key person in the State Department to basically get the policy fixed on Syria for the Israelis and that process went very far and they were quite confident that they had things under control that there was going to be a policy publicly announced that would do precisely what the Israelis wanted. And then of course, in December, Trump said, no, he threw it out and said we’re getting out.

PS to my facebook friends: I’m trying a method two times removed to get folks to see what’s in Intercepted podcasts, as I’m theorizing if some of’em see “THEINTERCEPT” under a share of mine, bias causes’em to keep going.

PSS Juan Cole’s subsequent article lights a small candle, but I’m not real big on the Russian mole thing.