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Mikhail Gorbachev: Appears 'The World Is Preparing for War'

Mikhail Gorbachev: Appears 'The World Is Preparing for War'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that it appears "as if the world is preparing for war."

Writing in an op-ed published Thursday at TIME magazine, Gorbachev, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for his role in ending the Cold War, writes that the most pressing problem facing the world is "the militarization of politics and the new arms race."


In modern history it is rare that a nation or a people opt for war. Instead it is very often that an individual leader and his empowered support group that manipulates the public perception that a war is the only solution.

In the Middle Ages, a ruler or king ‘decided’. Our decision on such matters is primarily media driven and that only after a considerable period of manipulative ‘lead up’ that ends with an arms ‘build up’ period. Then we are ready.

Oddly enough the kings and rulers of ancient times were rarely prepared nor 'ready ’ for their spontaneous need for war. Then again they didn’t need to fit one in during the limitations of a four year term either.


Will Gorbachev’s words be disregarded and discredited because he’s Russian? I hope not, because it lends credence to our shared position. To take it one step further, the world is preparing for war; the US is instigating a war, and welcomes a war to end all wars, which eventually partitions Russia permanently, so we can go after their resources. Taking out Russia, leaves only China to stop US world domination, unless We the People come up to speed very quickly.


The News of the Building of the Wall:
A Fragment
by Franz Kafka

The news of the building of the wall now penetrated into this world. This, too, arrived late, some thirty years after its announcement. It was on a summer’s evening. Ten years old, I stood on the bank of the river with my father. As befits the significance of this much discussed moment, I remember the smallest circumstances. He held me by the hand–he liked to do that even when he was very old–and with his other hand he stroked his long and very thin pipe as if it were a flute. His large, sparse, stiff beard moved in the wind; enjoying his pipe, he looked upwards across the river. This made his pigtail, which was an object of reverence to children, sink lower, softly rustling against the gold-embroidered silk of his holiday gown. At that moment a bark came to a stop in front of us; the boatman beckoned to my father to descend the slope, while he himself climbed up to meet him. They met each other in the middle; the boatman whispered something in my father’s ear. To get even closer to him, he embraced him. I did not understand what was said and saw only that my father did not seem to believe the news. The boatman tried to convince him that it was the truth, but Father still could not believe it; the boatman, with all the passion of a sailor, almost tore his clothes open on his breast in order to convince him that it was so. Father became quieter, and the boatman leaped back into the bark with a clatter and sailed away. Meditatively, my father turned his back toward me, knocked out his pipe and stuck it in his belt, stroked my cheek, and pulled my head toward him. This was what I liked most, it made me very happy, and so we returned home. There the rice soup was already steaming on the table, several guests were already gathered, and the wine was just being poured into the cups. Without paying any attention to all this, my father began to report from the threshold what he had heard. Naturally, I have no exact recollection of his words, but because of the extraordinary nature of the circumstances involved, which was enough to impress even a child, their meaning sank into me so deeply that I stil feel able to give a kind of verbatim version of them. And I do so now because these words were very characteristic of the popular interpretation. Thus, my father said more or less the following: A strange boatman–I know all who usually sail past here, but this one was a stranger–has just told me that a great wall is going to be built to protect the Emperor. As you may know, the infidel nations, wth demons among them too, often gather in front of the imperial


A timely history lesson with Abby Martin:



A great line by Gorbachev.


Also, they typically marched at the head of their troops, or at least joined them in the field. Ah, Good times.


I don’t know, but misunderstood nice guy Putin might have been tipped by our current administration (which is using RNC servers in the White House and features a president using an old Android phone) on some of our intelligence assets in Russia:

Josh Marshall is following the story and I suspect it may get more interesting. But, you know, it’s all about peace.

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You are creating a straw man here. The only Russian being discredited, and rightfully so, is Vladimir Putin. The US left need to stand in full solidarity with the Russian Left - from Pussy Riot to Gorbachev, in opposing the current gangster-capitalist rulers of Russia.


Obama has instigated a very dangerous international threat to peace by violating decades old agreements between US war mongers and Russia. There is no legitimate reason for the United States’ NATO to be in Ukraine.

Compounding and leading a possible world war using nuclear arms is a fascist minded MSNBC fanning the flames of a war of propaganda. Fabricating lies with national institutions like the CIA and Pentagon who’s contributions to the nation has never been the welfare of the republic or the citizens of the nation.

Absent US media are the opinions of Europeans who will certainly be the first casualties of a nuclear war. Not since the early 70’s has there been such a dangerous condition and US media/government fabrication.


Glad to see someone else is following that news.

You might also be intrerested in Page and the Rosneft deal, which was also referred to the kompromat dossier:


Conway is on TV floating the notion that sanctions will be lifted. Everything seems to be coming up roses for Putin.

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Gorbachev and Reagan came so close to ending the nuclear arms race once and for all. According to some historians, it was Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” SDI fantasy that kept him from signing the treaty that would have begun the process of destroying all nuclear weapons on both sides. Then after the end of the Cold War, the USA once again had an opportunity to eliminate its nuclear arsenal since the Soviet Union was no longer a threat. (Not that they ever were!) Instead, the Pentagon doubled down and now we have bigger, more destructive, and more numerous nuclear weapons than we did in the 1980’s.

To make matters worse, we have madmen in the Pentagon and another in the White House who might just be crazy enough to use them if it looks like any conventional war we decide to wage starts turning against us.


Garry Kasparov’s been tweeting how strange it is to see the US pushing the exact policies nice-guy Putin’s been asking for.

But, you know, sheeple and whatnot.

Isn’t that something the Russians should decide for themselves? After all, didn’t they try to do things the “American Way” after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was a complete disaster for the Russian people. Things tend to fall apart in Russia when their leaders are perceived as weak. The rule of Nicholas II, Kruschev, Andropov, and Yeltson ended with discontent because they were seen as weak, corrupt or both. That’s why Putin was and continues to be quite popular in his own country.

The bottom line is that a majority of Russians prefer a strongman leader government. They always have. The so-called “Russian Left” is a minority. However, the one thing that Russians have never wanted is a global empire. They don’t pretend to project their culture or their hegemony onto the rest of the world. The Cold War, from their prospective, was purely defensive against the USA and her NATO allies, who they accurately perceived as desiring global hegemony over them. The Russians are a proud people, and they will never accept America as their overlords, either militarily or culturally.

This is our war to stop, not theirs. We need to stop projecting our own globalist desires onto them.


How refreshing to read the words of a true statesman. I wish Gorbachev were our president!


“As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a danger that someday they will be used as a result either of accident or technical failure or of evil intent of man, an insane person or terrorist,” Gorbachev said.

“an insane person” — yes. That is my fear.


Gorbachev. To paraphrase:
As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a danger that someday they will be used by an insane person.

What is so dangerous now, is we have an insane POTUS and an intellectual eunuch that calls climate change " A Chinese hoax" that has his hands on the nuclear codes.


That should scare the hell out of any sane person!


Thanks for posting this video.


I urge you to read a bit more before saying silly stuff like this:

“However, the one thing that Russians have never wanted is a global empire. They don’t pretend to project their culture or their hegemony onto the rest of the world. The Cold War, from their prospective, was purely defensive against the USA and her NATO allies, who they accurately perceived as desiring global hegemony over them.”

That is the opposite of reality in so many ways that it is difficult to comprehend. Russia imposed its brand of Communism by force across much of eastern Europe after World War 2. This was not a nice-guy act either, met with flowers and love by people who were occupied first by Germans then by Russians, but willful military imposition by force. It was no more defensive than any other dominant military capture of other countries is “definsive”.

A really deep but awesomely written primer on the rise and fall of Communism is by British historian Archie Brown. I recommend you at least read that before writing stuff like the above.

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