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Miles Taylor (aka 'Anonymous') Goes Public as Voice From Within White House Who Warned of Trump's Depraved Personality and Leadership

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/miles-taylor-aka-anonymous-goes-public-voice-within-white-house-who-warned-trumps


Taylor is not a hero at all.
As of this week, he left behind 545 children who are not yet reunited with their families.

Chief of staff, my eye!!


Groveling for a reduction in your sentence? Check the clock. It’s about 5 to 10.

Where were they (he) during impeachment. Where was he just two weeks ago would of been a better time. trumps base won’t believe any of it but if it would of started months ago maybe something would of gotten thru.

Thanks for nothing.


Among former Department of Homeland Security Chiefs, Miles Taylor stands out as whistleblower among barely few. His day to shout has come. Go for it. Reveal ones complicity in harms committed led by obsequious pretentious superior officers and office holders, rank their odor be.


A little late, no?

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It took me awhile to get all the pieces to this story, what I saw first was videos of MAGAts in Goodyear AZ chanting “string him up,” as Trump called for his prosecution. The disconnect between that response, and this story now that I see it does not give one hope. I can’t see how the nation will survive when so many actually support Biden and Trump, and the Press refuses to do an honest job about both sides.


Props to Miles Taylor for his courage.
Trump’s mob will target him and his family, and he’ll need to be on high alert the rest of his life.
Every American should have the courage to put themselves at risk to purge Trump and his Confederate traitors.
I personally will be a counter-poll watcher locally, and if the Trump cultists attempt to intimidate voters, they’ll find out that not all women and progressives are pacifists.
Time to for all of us to fight back for real, rather than just posting comments at CD.


Well said

Here, here. Let’s as many of us that can, go do this. Support the voting lines. Also bring bottled water.
Thank goodness, our community will NOT likely see any of these hoodlums.