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Military Recruiters Don’t Belong in High Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/16/military-recruiters-dont-belong-high-schools


Recruiters absolutely do not belong in schools.

Military is second largest u.s. employer, walmart is #1.

In high school in the 80’s went to an army recruiter office with two friends - for me it was just a lark. They hounded me relentlessly for the rest of my high school tenure. I tried to talk my friends into not joining, but they did. Both were deployed to the first gulf war. One killed himself a few years later, one got gulf war syndrome.


I am definitely not a pacifist, but a large peacetime military is a waste of money in an era of mutually assured destruction. Today’s wars are proxy fights, armed interventions, and peacekeeping missions. The first two barely involve the military’s full strength, and the latter isn’t the military’s strong point anyway.


2020, the year that the “Curse of Trump” on the United States of America and the entire world became deathly apparent, the notion of “Military Recruitment” in a logical world would seen illogical with the level of challenges facing us all.

Then, Trump fucks up everything he touches, including our youth’s futures.


Here, here. One of the proudest moment of my life was telling an Army recruiting Sargent who called for my high school senior nephew several years ago to go the F@#% away and never call again. He was not going to die in one of their dirty wars for empire and oil.


At a demonstration, a Navy SEAL threatened my life. I don’t know if he had PTSD, but I knew that I needed to watch out. Ive had several Other encounters with military/ex-military who have threatened violence. I know that I am a target.

When a military recruiter started contacting my 11 year old son, I told him to F-off. The encounter made me fear for the safety of my son.


The United States Armed Corporate Protection Forces have been recognized as such at least as long ago as Maj.General Smedley Darlington Butler ( the most decorated US Marine) writing his book “War is a racket”…
How can any person who has thought this through disagree? Well, the profit motive has a lot to do with it…


Religion doesn’t either.

The two go hand in hand .


military recruiting is very expensive. No more inside high school except for invited to give an oral history, such as a desert storm veteran, iraq, afghan veteran. Young peoples hearing from the grunt may stick with them.

So is recruiting highly skilled employees in private and public companies very expensive.

Elect me:
I will close every military recruiting office for marines, army, navy and air fierce.
U.S. Coast Guard and Merchant Marine recruiting offices remain open.

Completing high school, every male is drafted, period.
Handicapped have assignments within their capability.
first, everyone needs to read and write.
In 1942/43, the army taught 1.5 million young men to read and write.
I will do this again. Literacy is key to democracy.

The term of U.S. military service for an individual varies from 6 months to two years.
Some assignments will be made for social improvements in hard pressed neighborhoods.

Within a few years we will have an active, involved, voting population.

Young ladies, you are going to be so happy with gentlemen knocking on your door.

Earned college scholarships remain held until the person chooses to attend college. It is their schedule, not the governments or college.

VA will be for those combat veterans.
Not for every veteran, em masse.

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Not only schools, but military recruitment is also hidden in sports at all levels, with the flag-waving, fly-overs by military planes, patriotic songs. Then there’s the entertainment industry, whether in movies or television shows. Look at all the glory of war displayed in movies based on graphic novels, or in the Star Wars franchise. Much of this is pushed by Disney. Old Walt is pleased, I’m sure, since his studio made a good many propaganda films during WW2.
But the paths of glory lead but to the grave. For every showing of another Avenger flick, a mandatory viewing of All Quiet of the Western Front is needed. For every NCIS program, a reading of The Red Badge of Courage is needed.
For every holiday based on celebrating our wars, one should be based on those who stood for peace-Eugene Debs, Mother Jones, Frederick Douglass, Peace Pilgrim, Chief Seattle, Wovoka.
Ah, well, the Space Force will bring down the galactic sanctions upon Gaia and the bunch of violent, greedy apes who call themselves sapiens. And we’ll get the answer to Fermi’s Paradox. And perhaps an answer to Pascal’s Wager. Truly intelligent species do not trash their home. And god is a means for the incomplete ape’s brain to comprehend the immensity of it all.


Hey, what’s the problem here? You want killers, right? You grab them young, smash their personalities in boot camp and rebuild your robots, and there ain’t nothing (double negatives sometimes fit!) better than a remorseless teenager with a fully automatic weapon and a free fire zone that will do everything they are ordered to do because they are now part of a wolfpack and it feels good to be so powerful…

Until they come home and start actually thinking about what they did. Then they beat up their families, kick their dogs, and kill themselves.

Of course there are the ones that come home proud of their ‘accomplishments’ and go on to bigger and better things…like becoming a cop and continuing that reign of terror they became so good at. Or they stay in the military and get to order other so-called patriotic sociopaths around which has got to be a thrill, eh?

There shouldn’t be any military of any kind on any campus including colleges…as a matter of fact one shouldn’t be allowed to join the military until age 22 when human spacial abilities fully develop.

And there should be a law against allowing any combat vet to become a cop no matter what. Wrong brain re-wired reflexes for the job. But of course again that’s what our master’s look for in a cop. Low intelligence, stunted emotional growth, and a penchant for violence.

Sucks to have one attacking you in a steroid fit of rage, and legally you can’t do anything to defend yourself just let them beat on you. I’m actually surprised that more of these types haven’t been hunted down by the surviving families and…dealt with. But then again, we’re supposed to be civilized and that would be a social taboo…

What a horrible country we live in by most standards of civilized behavior. Others are worse, some are better, but no matter what we certainly are ‘exceptional’…



Great point. Did you ever read the excellent book; Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk? I did. It was very accurate.

No, it’s a crime to have the military exploit children in this way. Their parents can sign for 17-year-olds to sign up and go to war. This is in violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and why the U.S. is one of two countries not to sign this Convention. At the college level, ROTC militarizes U.S. campuses and recruits young people, many of whom have been killed and/or traumatized by their experiences. The students in ROTC gained college credit for coursework that involved a slanted patriotic view of history that was in contradiction with the critical thinking goal of university education. As a college professor and formerly as a student I focused on getting the military out of education. Very few faculty members or students agreed with me and none publicly. I’m talking about since the 1970’s when I did get a lot of support. Thanks for a great article!

It’s not natural to kill other human beings, it might be normal in some countries around the world but it’s never natural.

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