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Military Refuses Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Gender-Affirming Treatment


Military Refuses Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Gender-Affirming Treatment

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Prison authorities are refusing to provide jailed whistleblower Chelsea Manning medically-necessary treatment for gender dysphoria, and are thereby denying her most basic human rights, she and her lawyers announced Friday.

According to a statement from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the U.S. military issued "another denial in response to Chelsea Manning’s ongoing request for permission to follow female grooming standards—including growing her hair."

Manning confirmed the development on her Twitter account:


With all due respect to Miss Manning, I worry that her need to change is coming from being charged with the 'crime' of protecting humane beliefs to be an escape from her reality. If she is trully wanting to make this change, then it should happen. But asking the military is an erroneous venture. They have no protocol, nor jurisdiction to manage this type of issue. Military personnel are property and with that in mind, they cant help nor fix something that is not within their ability with said property. Miss Manning needs outside help and that shouldbe the focus: How can she receive outside funds for this?


Nope, it already has been decided the military must provide this to her as it is medically necessary. All inmates in prison, civilian or military, have a right to necessary medical treatment and it is the duty of those imprisoning them to provide such treatment.

But what is going on here is that the system is seeking to make her punishment more severe because she defied the American Imperial Project and pulled back the curtain to show its crimes.

Oh, this is not an escape from reality. She is definitely Trans.


{{{{{{{hugs&hearts}}}}}}} Brad... you do not deserve to be in the dungeon that you are. Everyone knows that.


Why not address her by the name she has chosen to represent her authentic self: Chelsea? Doesn't she deserve that much respect?


From the article:

The former soldier is currently serving a 35-year sentence at the at the [sic] United States
Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas...

Former? There's nothing 'former' about it. She is now and will remain Pvt. E-1 until the completion of her sentence and subsequent discharge.

In any event, she is being treated disgracefully.


Thank God her military doctor is not named Mengele!


This sounds like the way political and LGBT prisoners were treated during the early days of the Third Reich. It got much worse as the fascists continued to gain power. Our Kangaroo Courts and "(in)correctional" (lack of) system must be changed especially when it comes to the military. We must be very careful and nip this terrible behavior in the bud before history repeats itself as it usually does.

All of this mistreatment because he dared to expose the political, military, industrial corporate cohort in some of their unconstitutional misdeeds (I'm sure there are more that we are not aware of), So much for the human rights of chatel in the military or related areas of endeavor.


A military prison is the last place in the world that a person like Chelsea Manning should be. Living under the military's standards is out and out torture for her. To most people outside of our government, Chelsey is a National Hero. The people have to unite and demand a pardon from our President.


The good news here is that Manning has got something to occupy his/her mind. Long term incarceration can either create zombies out of people as they withdraw from any social contact or drive them into some prison gang as they seek some sense of belonging with a larger group. A thirty-five year prison sentence can just about either kill of turn into a child-like dependent anyone subjected to such.
By denying Manning the sex change operation requested, Manning has a continual bitch with the military and as such can keep that mind engaged in this mostly fruitless endeavor. Every 60 to 90 days Guardian or CD readers can keep up with the perils of Chelsea as he/she seeks release from the cruel and unusual punishment of having to live in the body assigned to him/her at conception.
At the rate this is going, in not too many more years, (the US public's attention span being what it is), significant numbers of people will believe that Manning is behind bars for requesting "the treatment" instead of exposing the lies of the US military about its occupation of Iraq. Now that an out and open homosexual is to be named as Secretary of the Army, maybe things will change. If not, that will then give Manning further complaint to publish. From such little pebbles can a mighty fortress of the mind be built protecting one from cruel reality of 35 years in prison.


I don't refer to this country as the US Fourth Reich for no reason.


Chelsea does deserve that respect, but perhaps aemish also deserves some respect to sending love to her.


I'm not on that bandwagon shrug


You don't call people by their names?

That's a bandwagon?


Oh, he changed his name? He is still housed in a male prison, right?


Chelsea is her name. But you know that. You are grinding an axe here.


Okay. **shrug