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Millennial Sanders Activists Give New Energy to Southern Organizing


Millennial Sanders Activists Give New Energy to Southern Organizing

Mike Elk

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE – Khristy Wilkinson, a 36-year-old, tattoo-adorned, stay-at-home mom, doesn’t look like your typical Eastern Tennessee politician. Before this year, she had never even considered running for public office, but says that she was inspired to run by the success of Bernie Sanders.

Until recently, Wilkinson was an adjunct philosophy professor teaching at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has been active in her community, Highland Park, for years, and has been disturbed by the changes gentrification has brought to her neighborhood.


Politics as usual and organizing have limited usefulness. The people can't outspend Big Money on a consistent basis and power and wealth concentrate further. The oligarchy instituted representative government to make sure it can buy or even kill a representative that does not follow its wishes. It makes sure the people play by its rules. Direct democracies are the exception:






Not that often I read an article about my hometown, that happens to include a mention of my alma mater, where my major just happened to be Philosophy.

But the main theme of this is what I find most hopeful, that Millenials have been inspired by Bernie's example, and are getting involved.

They will be the ones living in the future that is at stake in all the issues we know truly matter.

Stay strong!

Green 2016


To Wilkinson. Bring with you William James the Moral Equivalent of War. We can be historic change that calls for altruistic leaders worldwide to the scene. We must do this to save our common home.