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Millennials Arrested at Paul Ryan's Office Denouncing GOP's Politics of Hate


Millennials Arrested at Paul Ryan's Office Denouncing GOP's Politics of Hate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Decrying the GOP's "dog-whistle racism," which they say has contributed to the rise of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a group of young people risked arrest during a surprise sit-in at the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday morning.

"Paul Ryan has a choice," the millennial-led campaign All Of Us 2016 said ahead of the action, which saw 11 arrests. "Will [he] reject dog-whistle racism or, like Trump, will he keep encouraging Americans to hate each other?"


Like I said.
There's gonna be blowback on those that profit from HATE.
You ain't seen nothing yet.


Donald Trump is not an aberration; yes, he is a consequence of the Amerikan, fascist government. It is a consequence of inverted totalitarianism.

American foreign policy has been a fascist foreign policy, so why be surprised when a fascist buffoon like Trump has been selected for POTUS?


This is a long term tactic by the GOP called, "let's you and him fight." White people who buy into this garbage fail to realize they have more in common with minorities and immigrants than they do with the wealthy elite who benefit from this division. The 1% wouldn't let these people in their back doors to clean the toilet yet groups like the Tea Party (just by coincidence...not) have the same agenda as the Koch brothers. This is an old story which dates back before the beginning of the Republic. The same tactics were used to keep slaves and native Americans from realizing their common cause and turning on their white racist masters who they vastly outnumbered. Whitey told the native population the slaves were black because they were devils. They hired the natives to track down and kill runaway slaves thus ensuring the slaves feared the native people more than they did the masters. Divide and conquer. Its been going on successfully for way more than 50 years. Programs like "no child left behind" produce under educated citizens who think Auschwitz comes in 6-packs and fail to realize they are being manipulated by the real enemy. Eventually our thing will self-destruct like the republics that came before. Too bad. I am an old white guy who, statistically, should buy right in with the rest but I crack an actual history book every now and then instead of letting others tell me how I should think. Maybe more will do the same. Its really not that hard to find the truth amongst the lies.


But the frickin people of Wisconsin keep re-electing him? Go fricken figure. I am scared to death and pissed at both GOP and Dems who've allowed them to have the loudest voice and many are corporate control freaks who divide and conquer.


Remember, he's not elected by all the people of Wisconsin, just one district. And his elevation to Speaker, in particular, gives them great reflected power. I don't know the specifics of his district, but he may be protecting jobs or particular industries. This is very local politics.


I remember years ago, when everyone would have asked (and did) what the charges were for. It looks like they went to an office of a public official, on public property and asked to voice a grievance. Did I miss something else in the article, or has this kind of hard-handed authoritarianism, like the president whimsically going to war with another new country, become so normalized it doesn't even occur to us to question it?


Good going, Millennials! I'm so proud of you!


Thanks, I am so angry I don't always think before I write.


Ajamu Baraka makes clear that the racism is manifest in our foreign policy which targets people of color all over the world. And it is not viewed with the horror that it should be. This innate racism is not the sole domain of the GOP. It is the whole government, and those of us who don't fight against these unjust wars because blue-eyed Europeans aren't being droned.
So while I am happy to see these young people protesting the blatant racism, I will be even happier when they see the need to expand the protest.


Glad to see this protest. I am sick of watching Ryan make negative statements about Trump yet continue to endorse him. Ryan needs to draw a line and say Trump has gone over it. He has had numerous opportunities but has failed every time. Trump bringing Steve Bannon into his campaign should have been the last straw. Really, the editor of a website that claims to be a platform for the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right are white supremacists. They believe white people genetically have higher IQs than other races. The want a separate country for white people only. The are anti-semitic. The Alt-Right is not about dog whistles. They are racists and proud of it. Ryan's position in untenable.


Yes, they call it gerrymandering and it's the only way Republicans can get continuously re-elected in their states. Considering most Presidents are elected from a minority of voters, I wonder what the results would look like if everyone voted?


Hate? What's so hateful about having people obey all laws, including immigration rules.


I so hope your are right!


Terry Kohler just passed away. It's good for people/the commons/unions (although they won at the last strike) but bad for Scott Walker and Ron Johnson. Go Russ Feingold!


As with Ohio, Wisconsin elections have been completely compromised. After that primary I cannot believe there are any state elections free from fraud.


Ajamu Baraka is absolutely correct on "our" foreign policy.

This country is operating as if we had reanimated some WWII NAZIs and put them in secret control behind the scene.


I strongly suspect "All of US 2016" is a Democratic astro-turf group meant to pull millennials into the Clinton camp. Their webpage says, "#AllofUs will vote to defeat Donald Trump, because we can’t risk letting a hate-filled billionaire become President. Hillary Clinton won’t solve the problems of our generation, but she’s the only one who can stop Trump."


It sounds a lot like something created by David Brock, who founded "Correct the Record". "All of Us" seems like a democratic front group meant to look grassroots progressive. Their website lets you register, via the Action Network, with the group, but does not include any way to contact the group or give any information on how it was founded.

The person listed as the group's founder in the article about the protest, Waleed Shahid, is the political director of Pennsylvania Working Families Party, which has endorsed Clinton. He also wrote an article in the Nation: It's Time for a Tea Party of the Left

Remember the Tea Party? That was the supposedly grassroots movement that turned out to be an astro-turf group.

Outside RNC Headquarters, Millennials Declare: "It's Trump vs. All of Us"

Good info


So does that invalidate their confronting Ryan in his lair? Is there something wrong in what's reported of them in this article?