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Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate


Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is changing the face of American politics, a new poll from Harvard's Institute of Politics suggests.

According to the survey released Monday, Sanders remains the most popular presidential candidate for so-called millennials between the ages of 18-29, 54 percent of whom view him favorably, compared to 31 percent who harbor unfavorable views.

Just 37 percent of respondents say they see Sanders rival Hillary Clinton favorably, compared to 53 percent who do not.


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My wife is so tired of hearing it, but in so many ways, I've never left the 60's.
The 60's shaped me in many ways, I'm glad these young people today are getting the same excitement I had.
Hopefully what they learn will never leave them.


"...but people change parties only rarely after about age 30."

Considering how far right the Republican Party has shifted it seems unlikely many will switch to the GOP. But as someone wrote, if they want to change the Establishment they have to become the Establishment. You can't change the Establishment by spending most of your time on your cell phone tweeting and sending out selfies to your Facebook friends.


I disagree with the sub headline "Sanders is moving a generation to the left". That "generation" plus we many voters over the age of 35 who the media is pretending are all Hillarybots have not moved left or right, we have simply not had a major party progressive candidate who succeeded in getting this far in the process since before the Raygun Revolution started.


There is a multitude of establishments everywhere you look. Harvard takes a poll which is fine and concludes that the young will settle down in a decade? It simply amazes me that the establishment assumes that the way things are is the way things will be in the future. That was true once but our future and especially the future for millennialis will be in turmoil due to climate change. There is no escaping that reality but you never hear it said. Did they ask them would you stay with the Democratic Party if the temperatures reach the 2.5C increase predicted? Or if trade deals prevent swifter action on climate change regulations?

The future ahead of us all invalidates all polls and predictions.


Many polls assume that their sample populations identify with a party. I have found that partisans tend to be the same people who are fans of specific sports teams and members of organized religions. Political parties, sports fans and most organized religions are to varying degrees very dogmatic, whereby faith trumps evidence.

Compared to older generations, young Murkins are less likely to identify with a political party or an organized religion. Half of my thirtysomething friends have no intention of ever getting married, even the ones that are planning to or already have kids. Pollsters' worn out models have little value when forecasting future behavior of young Murkins.


In English please?


As one of those who saw the ideals cast aside and much yet to occur to bring Democracy to fruition in the 1960's, I can attest that there is another whole generation that for years have licked wounds and saw the gains for FDR and others withered away and sold out. We have never lost that vision and Bernie Sanders has again given us a center and voice to express our long lived frustrations. I encourage the new generation to deepen their roots, dig in for the long haul and never retreat from their ideals. The demographics taken seem to miss the significance of the new generation and the groundswell of those of us older guys who have witnessed with Bernie the dire changes the Oligarchy has effected. The media has shamefully betrayed Edward R. Murrow while shamefully awarding themselves awards in his name. You tube can replay his prophetic words that outline their devolution. Congress that is mandated to spend 30 hours a week phonebanking in lieu of doing their duties add to the shame that the status quo has earned. America is an idea, not a Party, not persons in Power, not about Money or Winners. Hopefully it may not perish from evils wrought. My father, a poor son of a farmer, fought and gave up much at 50 dollars a month during WWII benefited by the GI bill containing most of what Bernie democratic socialism portends, We tried in the 60;s but had our heads busted, our leaders assassinated and our futures drafted away, And most of us were not old enough to legally vote,


Although the first boomers were born in 1946 and Sanders was born in 1943, every Murkin born before 1980 was brainwashed to varying degrees to accept the lesser of two evils model and fear the S and C words.

Agreed, that the sooner older Murkins stop denying the current unconstrained mindset paradigm embraced by many young Murkins, the sooner the whole nation can recover New Deal populism.


I believe the credit should go to Senator Sanders. He's the one authentic candidate in the race for president. The GOP offerings are ludicrous.. at best. Secretary Clinton would govern more to the right than President Obama - by a country mile, God only knows what Middle East endeavors are waiting to be implemented the minute she's sworn in. Without Sanders in this fight - we're absolutely sunk, because we all know HRC has only moved her positions left from being "forced" by the populist Vermont Senator..and us.

The challenges millennials have in front of them - range from absurd to cruel; they have no choice but to push opposite or face many phases of self destruction. This Bernie phenomenon teaches us, as a people highly significant lessons. First and foremost: We do indeed have the means and power to effect change through small consistent donations. And by doing our research to become informed and staying engaged. Secondly: From their woeful under reporting of Senator Sanders popularity it is certain big media is against representative government, and by extension, the well being of citizens whom live under the guise of democracy. Only by a Sanders victory in conjunction with retaking the house and senate - would we have the capacity to pass legislation to remove the profit motive from election coverage and force networks to provide accurate non editorialized reporting equally to all candidates. It may shock them but, perhaps they'd experience an uptick in viewers, 'should word get out the news agencies were actually taking the lead on doing their jobs.'

Should the Sanders movement put him at residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - the reclamation of this country only just begins. Senator Sanders is the only candidate clearly, truthfully, pointing out 'we NOT just he', will determine our collective fate. As Senator Bill Bradley so eloquently stated "democracy is not a vicarious experience." Perhaps this has finally sunk in.


At least one interpretation of the data is that when respondents say they want to see a Democrat in the WH in 2016, they were thinking Sanders, not Clinton. And when the polls say that more young people call themselves Democrats, again, let's not assume that this isn't just due to their having to register as Democrats in order to vote in some of the primaries and caucuses. The Democratic Party will not hold onto these people unless it makes a sharp turn to the left -- which it won't do.


Maybe we had better hope not. The generation that practiced free love, protested war and "tuned in, turned on and dropped out," are today's Clintons and Koch Bros.


Not all of us : )



Harvard = the conservative Castle, the education for the dynasty rulers and the rich

The Washington Post = See-I-Aye rag that brought down Nixon since he ended the Vietnam War.

If Harvard and the Post are getting nervous that Bernie is having a real impact on National Politics, then, my fellow progressives, we have already won. It was worth it.



How did that go?

Turn on, tune out (tv) and drop out? (boycott)

Something like that.


Goodness, not those two examples! The Koch brothers were raised by a founder of the John Birch Society, dedicated to anticommunism and free enterprise. Hillary was a young Republican for Goldwater in college.


It's only called the 'Establishment' when by its actions and words is not representings the majority of the population on matters of interest to the population. Not hot button manufactured issues but issues of real concern to the public. When it does act to represent the public it's called 'responsibly doing their job'. This is not a revolution of extremism but a 'revolution' of common sense and decency. Traits we inherent from birth. The revolution of extremism came from the right wing, status quo, neo-liberal, pseudo-progressive, Milton Friedman, 'There Is No Alternative' prapaganda and its MSM mouthpieces. Coupled with being good and obedient baby boomers. Not the best mix for a functioning democracy.

The period of dominant TV era propaganda is coming to an end. The 'millennials' are doing what all future generations will be doing vis-a-vis information and the use of IT resources while not handicapping themselves to MSM dogma. Generalizing about tweets and selfies for millennials is akin to generalizing about Roy Rodgers and Howdy Doody for baby boomers. And for us non-establishment baby boomers this 'revolution' is like fresh air from heaven.


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I am trying to find a phone number for one of my local campaign offices to get some practical ballot information such as the delegates who will be on the presidential primary ballot and other stuff. But none of the campaign websites or facebook pages list any fucking phone numbers! Do young poeple use phone numbers - or is everything done through private cloistered networks of "friends"?

Hellooooo Bernie sanders Pittsburgh offices! Heloooooo!!!!