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Millions of Dead Bees in D.C. Send S.O.S. for Pollinators


Millions of Dead Bees in D.C. Send S.O.S. for Pollinators

WASHINGTON - National Pollinator Week begins today as beekeepers, farmers, scientists, food movement advocates and consumers around the country elevate the plight of bees and other important pollinators. Center for Food Safety has joined several beekeeping, farming, and food advocacy representatives in a national tour to raise awareness on pollinator declines and to demand government action on regulating the use of the toxic pesticides that contribute to their decline. The Keep the Hives Alive Tour makes its final stop during Pollinator Week in Washington D.C.



This isn't new info - the warnings of a pollinator crisis have been around for several decades! As usual government keeps its head in the sand ignoring yet another critical threatening live on Mother Earth - always focused on vulture capitalism, "growth", and profits Uber Alles. Regulatory agencies have become a farce, infiltrated by industry shills, and phony for-hire "scientists" spreading lies and deceptions, usually treated as equally relevant by an idiot corrupt media, much as the tobacco industry delayed regulation for decades.

Today the chemical poison industry and chemical agriculture corrupt government regulations and highly toxic poisons known to be deadly threats continue to be used to continue profits regardless their catastrophic consequences!
"Public health advocates and environmentalists have complained for decades that the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act is outdated and riddled with gaps that leave Americans exposed to harmful chemicals. Under current law, around 64,000 chemicals are not subject to environmental testing or regulation. - efforts to tighten the law have stalled for years, in part because of opposition from the chemical industry" - we can be assured the so-called regulations will have designed-in loopholes to continue the poisoning of Mother Earth and Her creatures!

We are living in a world dominated by paper not life, profits for the 1%, not a healthy, life-sustaining and more egalitarian future. The madness of greed has infected almost all we do, that our politicians focus on - the worship of Mammon and violence rule our destiny.........

The candidacy of Bernie Sanders addressed some critical issues of our time and I am sure he would have (and still might) continue to shine the spotlight on official corruption, subversion of "regulatory" agencies and the obscene wealth inequality in America.