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Millions of Lives at Risk as GOP Lets CHIP Expire


Millions of Lives at Risk as GOP Lets CHIP Expire

LeeAnn Hall

Playing politics with children’s lives.

The benefits of CHIP are profound, and have a ripple effect. By ensuring adequate care, CHIP eliminates a major factor that keeps children from attending and excelling at school, and thriving in our society.


What needs to be understood is that if any of these kids die because they were denied health-care. It is state sponsored manslaughter. The fed’s are slow to move and the individual state will most likely pickup the tab until the fed’s catch up but why take the chance on little kids lives??? The same rule applies to anyone under the ACA, Medicare or Medicaid. Is that something we, as a society, want? In a broader sense the same applies to the victims of all these hurricanes. If we do not render aid when we are capable of doing so what have we got? So, what do we have as a Federal Government???


The Oligarchy sees the vast, teeming majority of we Americans as poor, expendable, wastes of flesh devouring resources and money that should go to them. The more of us that are dead, or dying, the better. Thus, they eliminate protections and regulations that make the air and water and soil and corporate-produced products and food clean and safe; they eliminate safety net protections such as CHIPS and soon Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security, which the teeming hordes of poor people use to stay alive and healthy. Destroy these things and you reduce the numbers of those teeming hordes of poor people sucking up all those resources that rightfully belong to the entitled rich.

All of these laws that are passed (or allowed to expire) hurt the poor and enrich the rich. Their goal is quite obvious when you look at what all of these things accomplish.

What is so hard to understand about this?


It always amazes that they do not understand they will make more money and work less if they support the poor. Queen bee’s die without the support of the hive.


“Lawmakers must remember that the measure of our society, and how they will be judged by voters, is by how well we defend the rights of those who can least defend themselves.”

Who is this person and what world is she living in because this idea, of caring how people they don’t care about might judge them, was on life-support in ‘Leave it to Beaver’ days. That concept simply has zero traction for sociopaths. Why doesn’t she know this or can she possibly not recognize the wolf in the sheep’s clothing?


I am sure healthcare for these children will be available again as soon as right-to-lifers raise hell with the feds.


“Now, some lawmakers say they might support a temporary extension of CHIP, but only if the funds come from backdoor cuts of billions to Medicaid, the ACA and to seniors.” …

… so, it’s: “Kill yourselves or we kill all of these children.” …

… ah, the fetid smell of “Nouveau-Republican”


Sadly, some people believe that Republicans in Congress are living, breathing human beings that actually have a heart. They don’t.


if you want to understand how the US will be functioning by the time Trump and his band of criminals is done, read Oliver Twist.


Maybe they are banking on that work becomes fully automatized before the masses rise up.


And 1984