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'Millions of Lives in the Balance' as Trump DOJ Pushes Full Repeal of Affordable Care Act


'Millions of Lives in the Balance' as Trump DOJ Pushes Full Repeal of Affordable Care Act

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act through the legislative process, the Trump administration signaled Monday that it is moving aggressively to scrap the law entirely in the courts—putting the healthcare of tens of millions of Americans at risk.



A three year old democrat with a pad and crayons could draw out a winning campaign, but I digress.



Well , because of the Barr Memo , Mr Trump can now become the Dictator he SO wishes to be .

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Somebody needs to organize a public intervention in the GOOP use of voodoo dolls.

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This is the result of the discombobulated Health Plan that Obama gave us.

In essence Obama gave a Gift to the Private FOR PROFIT Insurance companies by forcing everyone to purchase a Plan from those Profiteering Greedy Bastards.

The Profit motive has no place in the way Health Care should be administered.

The type of Health Care we get should not be dependent on a Private Insurance Company whose CEO is dedicated to Stockholders and Not policy holders.

The Salary of the CEO is calculated on the Profits He or She makes for the Corporation.

Allowing FOR PROFIT corporations to make decisions regarding the Treatment we get is not only immoral but down right idiotic and dangerous to our Health.

We can no longer allow the Health Care Industry to be in charge of our Health.

We must join the rest of the Industrialized Nations of the World and design a Humane Health Plan that covers everyone equally regardless of Income.

We must stop the Health Care Providers from taking our Homes and putting our fellow Americans into Bankruptcy when they cannot afford their life or death treatments because of the exorbitant fees they charge.

It is time to adopt MEDICARE FOR ALL and put an end to the Barbaric Private system of Health Care currently in place.

Below is what the Snake Oil salesman Donald Trump proposed as a candidate; a Super-Duper Health Plan for the Rich:

“Repeal and replace with something terrific…Other than that, it’s private.

You will get great plans, you will have great competition, everything else.

Now, at the lower end, where people have no money, I want to try and help those people. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

But I want to try and help those people, so they can also can — now, it’s not going to be like a good plan. It’s not going to be like the finest plan that somebody that’s made some money or has a good living can do.” CNN, 7/29/15.

BERNIE save us from the Devil we chose to lead our Nation and the greedy profiteers making a fortune from our cruel Health Care system or lack thereof.



Thanks for reminding us. What was once said of Newt Gingrich applies even more to (then-candidate) Twump:

“He’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like.”

With that said, I urge caution whenever and wherever Democrat bait-and-switch may pop up—and the more money on the table, the greater the likelihood of that phenomenon.

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Seriously, this is a false flag. The establishment Dems will now put all energy in saving ‘Obama-RomneyCare’ as has always been the plan…out of the mouth of Pelosi.

'We could not get single payer universal care but we saved ‘Obama-RomneyCare’ … as the Dems declare victory in a few months.

Reference my previous blurb above.

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IF that democrat wasn’t of the Neo-liberal ilk, who are MOSTLY three year-olds when it comes to saying “Me first! Me first”!



We had Mueller Time, Now it’s Bernie Time. At least he’s trying and He ain’t lying…

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Sorry, but if any Democrat is open to single payer, among other things, then there is no reason to negotiate away single payer now, as many of these people are already doing. Most of these candidates, Warren included, have already thrown aside single payer as a bargaining chip. Not only is it the best policy option, and polls better than the ACA or anything the right offers (and don’t tell me about polling changing as “more facts are known”. Many relevant facts that would cause support to increase in polls is never asked, so of course if you manipulate people by cherry picking facts, people may change their opinions a bit), but even if you were open to or favored something else, what sense does it make to ditch it now? I am done with loser Democrats bargaining away things before negotiations even begin, and them having no vision, no alternatives and standing for nothing. It is a worthless party right now, led by empty, corrupt politicians.

This ruling is horrific, but so is the opposition to Trump. Kind of obvious that with many of those in power, they oppose the left more than Trump. They could live with Trump in office, but they cannot let the left win. Middle of the road nothings have always sided with fascists when faced with supporting them or the left, and we should expect that to continue. Class matters, to us and those with all the wealth and power. Fighting to restore the ACA or building on that model makes no logical sense. It is a complex mess, open to a mountain of legal challenges, and it has been picked apart. We need a systems change, and anything short of that will do no better than the ACA.



Trump is a POS. Republicans, for the love of money, continue to sell out the people to the insurance companies.



Is that a correct usage of false flag? I’ve only seen this in the context of one side pretending to be the other side (i.e. using a false flag) and then doing something bad. Your idea is that the Republicans don’t think they can succeed, but they want to prevent M4A by means of distracting Democrats. Possibly, but I’m guessing they think they can succeed. As to whether this could help our side move forward (e.g. more co-sponsors of HR 1384), I hope so.



The Dems are launching their Bill expanding the ACA, but nothing for Medicare, which leaves Seniors with dealing with a larger Broken Healthcare System.



When do they start handing out nooses for everyone?



They already have and people are using them…



I thought maybe you were going to say that due to inflated insurance costs you will have to buy your own.

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Gutted the EPA, gutted the endangered species act, gutted public education, gutted regulations protecting us from this and that but enhanced the military budget. What does this say? Our aim is to kill the planet and everything on it. I think it would be a grand thing if some put a listed together of everything that has been gutted by the wacko government we have. This ain’t America. This ain’t normal. This is Bizarroland from sea to shinning sea.



Without Congress’s consent, they’re pissing in the wind.

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I’m not as sure. Do mandates from cabinet and things like EPA need congress’s approval?



Insurance? I do buy my own. Most people do as they have to contribute and it’s tajen out of your salary. Not many get free Health Ibsurance from their Employers anymore.