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'Millions of Real People's Lives Are at Stake': As Pelosi Battles White House, Ro Khanna Says Democrats Can Win Morally—and Politically

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/millions-real-peoples-lives-are-stake-pelosi-battles-white-house-ro-khanna-says

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“Battling the White House…” that’s a GOOD one! They’ll cull 1099’d “essentials,” flip victim’s homes, liquidate equity of us chronically ill survivors and indenture EVERYBODY else? Funny, how electable pragmatists fall for the same obvious scams, every other October? Bet you, she’ll just blame us?

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/dems-silent-as-barrett-evades-climate (there’s basically THEIR side and OUR side)



~https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/10/12/coronavirus-stanford-doctors-among-leaders-of-global-anti-lockdown-movement (IgG immunosurvey Trump, LIVE on TV?)


Sorry Ro, but his time Nancy is right. This “offer” from the president, an offer I might add that Mitch has already said is a non-starter, is simply cake for the masses. It’s a pittance that will do nothing but delay evictions for a month, and still have millions going hungry and living in their cars by Christmas.
Trump and Mitch intentionally delayed further “Stimulus” until October for a reason. It’s their last card. If they toss enough bread and hold a circus or two for the masses, maybe they’ll change enough desperate hungry minds out there in the blighted American landscape of 2020 to survive until 2022.
Progressives have been settling for hind tit for generations. Hold out a little while longer for a real aid package.


Yeah, hate to say it but after looking at the specifics Nancy’s actually right this time around.

I humbly recant my previous position.

If Biden takes the WH, will he do the right thing and actually impose a lock down? It’s what we need, and the only thing that can possibly keep us from having 500k dead (optimistically) before this thing runs its course.


Wow, the Koch brothers have been busy funding disinformation on the Covid-19 pandemic in their slimy little think tanks.

Ro (Dem-Silicon Valley tech billionaires) wants that corporate liability protection, which the Treasury Secretary said today is a priority. McConnell has already said nothing is passing without that too. I’m being a bit facetious here, but that’s the only substantiative reason I can see for him to be undermining the negotiations, and that’s what he is doing. He gets to play progressive online friend who cares while helping his donor friends. Notice: AOC, Jayapal, and others aren’t joining him. If the “deal” was half-decent, they would.

For those of you interested, the Republicans don’t actually care what Trump thinks anymore and are planning for his exit. What they want to do is sink the economy before Biden steps into office. The Post has a good piece on it here:



That has been the Republican plan all along. Make people as desperate as possible, then they’ll accept anything, even blanket corporate immunity.


I do not think that the republicans are alone in this scheming.

Remember that the first, bigger, bipartisan pushed “bailout” was primarily designed to help make

corporations more powerful and to pump up Wall Street’s egomaniacs.

It looks like Nancy Pelosi needs Trump and McConnell to make her look hapless and then she can

come around to what is likely a shared agenda.

The bipartisan handling of this mess needs to look divisive so that any “compromise” will arrive after

they exhaust their victims.


It is not COVID which has destroyed our economy, caused suicides, cost jobs and has people so depressed. It is the refusal of the use of HCQ which thousands of physicians have used successfully to prevent deaths and hospitalizations. At 84,I take no pharmaceuticals and have not been to a physician for years but would take it in a heart beat. Fauci played this same game by saying that HIV causing AIDS and AZT. The medicine used for AIDS may have caused more deaths than AIDS and Magic Johnson refused it because it make him sick. He has never had AIDS. Trump was made fun of but he would not have shut everything down. Sweden die NOT shut down and has the fewest deaths. Case Counts are meaningless and Dr. Kary Mullis who won the pulitzer prize for creating the manufacturing process of PCR which replicates nano particles of genetic material warned that the PCR Test should never be used for diagnosis . Fortunately for the those who are using the PCR for testing and making money off this planned-demic, Mullis conveniently suddenly died of pneumonia Aug 2019 and cannot protest this use. Testing positive for COVID and being called a case is meaningless since 80% of those tested are asymtomatic. CDC says it’s no worse that other flu.

[quote=“BigB, post:3, topic:83204”]
This “offer” from the president, an offer I might add that Mitch has already said is a non-starter, is simply cake for the masses.[/quote]

Well then, Paygo Pelosi should support the bill and let Mitch eat it when he shoots it down. Otherwise it’s the democrats, for no good reason, standing in the way of feeding children and housing families.

The democrats/Pelosi are standing in the way of extended and increased unemployment benefits (actually that is, and has been, keeping people housed for more than one month. An extra $2,400/month isn’t anything to laugh at. This bill reduces the amount to about $1600/month. Still not bad if one was only earning say, $500/month. A good portion of people on unemployment were collecting more than they earned while working, especially those in the low paid service industry.)

As for liability protection, the democrats can do this next year, the government should provide insurance or some sort of system to cover essential workers that become ill with COVID; this includes replacing their income, covering medical expenses 100%, hazard pay, etc. Corporations/employers should not be exempt from lawsuits in the case of their own negligence. If corporations are not exempt, then stand back for the wave of class action lawsuits hitting the streets for each and every person with a positive COVID test and/or hospital bill.


Already been and DONE: AIPAC simply cut & paste Cuomo’s indemnifying all his private equity buddies from all lawsuits, pretty much REGARDLESS (then buried it in our budget), this is simply status fucking quo all over again. Let them eat $52K surprise medical bills for their dead relatives… NEXT!



~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/14/teac-o14.html (first they came for the heros, BECAUSE… duh!)

~https://www.blackagendareport.com/freedom-rider-left-out-debate (why America’s WORST are capo di tutti i capi)


You aren’t practicing good herd mentality here Weeb. All the different herders.

Nancy again and her f**king ice cream can eat s*it! FU Nancy and the poor unlucky horse you ride in on. Sorry, horse. People are going to be dying in short order. The US is essentially a failed state for the lower 70% or so.


I just wonder who is worse? Trump or Pelosi? Lot of similarities in their disconnect and utter lack of feeling for the millions who are going to learn what real suffering is. Perhaps if they had the opportunity to experience that they might find a new level of understanding and appreciation for the pain those millions have no choice but to endure. Lack of health care, hunger and lack of shelter are a huge part of that. People will die from their choices and lack of action, but no one they know of course.


It is all horrible. But, I have to say, objectively, beyond her obvious corruption and her far right stances on some issues (and being militantly anti-single payer is far right, so is her demanding pay go and austerity), Pelosi is absolutely awful in front of the camera. Off the charts bad. Bad at communicating ideas, bad at connecting with regular people, and incredibly tone deaf. She is good at political theater and raking in bribes, and it seems pacifying the small group of leftists in her own party. On anything that matters, she is rotten. But, whatever, she had tons of leverage when COVID first hit and she (along with people like Bernie) did next to nothing to use it. And here we are.


Same deal with pharmaceutical co’s creating COVID vaccine and treatments, exempt.

Now would be a really good time for everyone to ask their elected representatives who they really work for. (We already know the answer to this.)

CNN this evening had a segment on a man in AZ that lost 7 family members (and his business, food truck/caterer) to COVID. No health insurance. They showed a couple hospital bills they received: one at $700,000+ and another at $800,000+. They can’t pay these over-inflated, rip-off bills.

Coming soon: huge increases in Middle Class Joe’s (no, not Joe Biden) insurance premiums, yearly deductible and co-pays to pay for the Year of COVID. And make no mistake, this may be w/us year after year, just like the seasonal flu.


You claim that:

“CDC says it’s no worse that other flu.”

That certainly is not what Fauci says as he is on record telling people, quite correctly, that the coronavirus has certainly killed more people [over 200,000] than the flu has in one year. Emulating Trump’s talking points does not make for a very convincing argument.

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Can’t see why Pelosi would hold up the relief unless she smells a big, fat, orange rat.
Blitzer is a tool who has no skin in the game.

Pelosi [and that would be the same Nancy Pelosi who owns a $12,000 freezer which holds quarts of her favorite ice cream] would hold up the relief because of the simple fact that she has little, if any, interest in helping the working class and the poor who reside and work in the less than egalitarian United States. And let us not forget that the Dragon Queen is also opposed to a universal health care system being implemented in this country while she, Trump, and her fellow one percenters [both Democrat and Republican] have access to the best quality health care while giving billions of money to the Pentagon.


Agreed. As much as I can’t stand Tom Delay, he was smart enough to put a young, engaging spokesperson in front of the camera when he ran the House. It’s how Paul Ryan got his start.