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'Millions of Real People's Lives Are at Stake': As Pelosi Battles White House, Ro Khanna Says Democrats Can Win Morally—and Politically

I can agree or disagree with her, but there are people close to her ideologically and as far as how they operate that are better at making the case.


Pelosi "battles"the White House? That’s a laugh. She’s been kissing up to Trump his entire term. Common Dreams, we expect better headlines. And Ca-12, you need to send Pelosi packing by voting for the real resistance- Shahid Buttar, who is not a Vichy traitor like Madam Nancy. God, when will we be done with her? I’m as sick of her as Mitch McConnell.


Clearly you don’t live on the same planet as the millions of Americans one check from homelessness. How easy for you to use their lives as your bargaining chips. Another reason I won’t vote for Biden (or Kamala) !


Are you kidding? Biden will NEVER institute a lockdown. He is bought by Wall St. The only difference is feel good word salad about wearing masks and listening to your doctor (which so many don’t have bc Biden rejects M4A even during a pandemic). Wake up.


I feel the same. Hakeem Jefferies, who is also in leadership, is far more articulate and relatable on television. There’s zero doubt he would have handled the Wolf Blitzer interview better. Pramila Jayapal is excellent at explaining complicated details in a public forum. Either of them would be great, frankly, at being the public face for House Democrats during these negotiations. Jayapal is in the progressive leadership, but from my reading, is well respected in the caucus too.

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Why are the so called progressives in the Party surprised when Democrats do what their donors pay them to do and lose?


You need professional help, or to be outed.

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That’s undoubtedly what Nancy’s all about: RICH lizard lady slurps artesian gelato while 279K Murikan “essentials” die, “Green Dream, WHATEVER?” Plague OVER, back to WORK!

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/dems-silent-as-barrett-evades-climate (LOOK, over HERE!)

~https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a34370392/amy-coney-barrett-climate-change-im-not-a-scientist/ (Liberals!)


~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/15/pers-o15.html (“Have you fed them? We feed them… NEXT!)

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Rarely do I agree with you. I hoped pelosi has won this time, but she has failed miserably. You had better take a look at You tube and all the videos from Fox and the Blitzer Pelosi CNN interview and that duplicitous conniving con artist Krystal Ball and her right wing propagandist Saagar Enjeti— the comments clearly show Pelosi is BADLY LOSING the public support for her holdout for a better stimulus. The corporate media con artists have successfully labelled Pelosi as the obstructionist and the comments are trending 100% against her.

Pelosi is used to criticism. She’s pretty tough. Per Mnuchin this morning (CNBC), the White House has now adjusted their offer to include:

-A National testing and tracing plan (key for any future administration)

-State and local aid. The administration wants it directed towards cops and firefighters, but I suspect that’s talk to make it more palatable for their supporters.

-He didn’t say anything about corporate liability, a major sticking point. My suspicion is there will be some variation, but only applicable to businesses that follow health and safety guidelines, etc.

-McConnell isn’t onboard and wants a small bill directed towards business.

The testing and tracing is big, many states are under duress and incapable of doing that at the moment. That’s the only way to get back to some version of normal life.

Gee Ro, where was the Democratic morality when the House passed the billionaire bailout bills that doled out over five trillion dollars in wealthy welfare and only table scraps to the people who really need it?

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You can’t prove that, which means your comment is disinformation.
The truth is, the entire oligarchy is responsible for disinformation in the MSM and responsible for stealing democracy by legally bribing our elected representatives with generous campaign contributions.

Well, it is a matter of public record, didn’t you watch the senate hearings. You have to look in order to see.

No, it is not a matter of public record that only the Kochs are busy funding disinformation! The entire MSM is nothing but disinformation. The Koch brothers do not own the MSM. So, don’t try to scapegoat just one evil oligarch. That only deflects attention from the rest of the evil oligarchs.

Here is the public record that proves exactly how much money is used to legally bribe Congress. All of the oligarchs and members of Congress are named.

OpenSecrets D O T org

Thank you for the link.