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Millions of Tenants 'Headed for Absolute Disaster' After New Year, Owing Average of Nearly $6,000 in Rent and Utilities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/millions-tenants-headed-absolute-disaster-after-new-year-owing-average-nearly-6000


We need the Republican and Democratic Scrooges to dream tonight of their own personal Marley relationships and realize that IMMEDIATE AID needs to come to All the People who are about to become wandering herds of families with NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY.
This is a good look at the nation who says it’s," the greatest in the world." Well, it truly is the greatest in failing its own citizens, and starving its own nation’s children.
Well— is is efficient in dismantling other nations and cultures----but as to keeping their own citizens safe and secure—NAH!

I have already nominated Trump as the greatest mass murderer in the history of America-- due to Covid 19–but now he can also be responsible for starving the nation’s children too!
We can only hope that he does not read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”
However, I recommend that sane people read it for its satire----although Trump would no doubt see this not as satire but as a way to off the “excess” children of America. : (


Here we get to another unnatural advantage the basketcase country formerly known as “the world’s sole superpower” holds over the rest of the world, when it comes to snagging all the Covid action: Our system is totally prepared to throw people out into the street in the middle of the worst global pandemic in anyone’s memory. As if Covid can’t be spread underneath bridges. We’re really something, here in USA. Now we just need an app to commoditize homelessness, and some folks can really clean up.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  01/26/2020           5           5
>  18.  03/29/2020     140,899     140,904
>  27.  05/31/2020   1,646,776   1,787,680
>  36.  08/02/2020   2,861,422   4,649,102
>  45.  10/04/2020   2,747,628   7,396,730
>  54.  12/06/2020   7,240,184  14,636,914

Since opening my statistical apeture to 9-week segments, it’s been displaying a continual increase in USA’s caseload until a couple of days ago, when the 4th segment slightly exceeded the 5th. When the base of the NEW column exceeds the penultimate TOTAL (in a day or two) we will have doubled USA’s caseload in just nine weeks.

This is Thanksgiving gatherings coming back to bite us before further holiday gatherings really supercharge the “surge on top of a surge on top” theme of USA death-cult festivities.


All these unemployment and unhoused #s are, of course, fudged. The general situations facing 17-22 million men, women and their children; due to the government’s mishandling of the COVID pandemic are much more dire than what we are led to believe. The TRUMP COVID COVER-UP is well on its way in becoming a decades long, possibly lifetime catastrophe. Especially so for those who will never own even a motorhome or mobile home, let alone an actual house with a real yard, flowers and a garden, etc. Dream on, you deserve that, at least.
Property rights in this America have crushed even the most basic of human rights. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t even include public restrooms for the presently disabled or the now elderly. Who may have formerly paid decades of Federal and State income and sales taxes, etc. Property taxes, numerous registration fees and permits…, well, we all know the stories. And we still have to listen to billionaires like Trump, who openly brags about never paying any taxes, for our trouble. Every damn day, even in his latest humiliating defeat, it appears.
The trouble with rich people like Trump is that while they may not be able to take their billions with them when they die, they’re continually allowed to take the poor, and working classes, out for the count whenever they damn well feel like it.
Pursuit of happiness; run that fable by those 20 million former tenants and workers, sleeping in their cars or worse. Certainly do so if you’re a conservative Congress Critter whose loyalties align with this latest bizarro crowd of money grubbers.


When these folks form tent villages(Trumpvilles)the State, in whatever form(police, National Guard, the Military)will come and wipe them out. It happened during the 1920’s and 1930’s, even in front of the White House. Thousands died. Blood flowed in the streets. Hundreds of thousands died of starvation during the Dirty 30’s(but the only good source of this history of American Exceptionalism is Howard Zinn and his A People’s History of the United States and John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath).
Hungry people are angry people. And hungry people will steal. Even the most die-hard MAGA will go up against Authority if his children are cold, sick, and hungry. And will pick up a stone and hurl it against Trump Tower…


It’s heartening to see that the comments on this thread all point to the overwhelming fact that neither the d’s nor the r’s could give a flying-F about you, your family, your livelihood.

Darker days are coming…


“Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich highlighted the reports of struggling renters as the latest evidence that Georgia voters must elect two Democrats…”
Robert Reich, who was part of an administration that did nothing for working people, urging voters to pick two candidates who have stated they will not support Medicare 4 All and vow to be Schumer yes men. Need those two ‘D’ votes to pass Nanncy’s do nothing package of $900 billion, half of the amount Trump offered two months ago. His last name says it all.


“Every society is three meals away from chaos.” – Vladimir Lenin

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” - Alfred Henry Lewis


I fear the updated version of the apt Dickens analogy is a Mad Max world, or even worse,
The Road.
My parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, lived The Grapes of Wrath.
The next installment will be about both man vs. man and man vs. nature where the nature of both antagonists have grown explosively in scope. The ferocity of intensified global weather is matched by the rapacity of intensified global capital, one the outcome of the other.
Pandemic plot twist to boot.
We can write about growing a mature humanity through adversity if we write this together.


Newsome’s latest metric shuts down areas that have less than 15% remaining ICU capacity.
Placer county has 13% but is not shutting down because it is included in the greater Sacramento “area”. Schools that are open remain open at THIS time.


I think Reich did support Bernie

So both political parties create this mess and then just drop the ball???

Homeless People in NY should take Trump Tower!

Homeless people in Calif took some vacant homes and Newsom kicked them out.



Unfortunately, unlucky city dwellers in many urban areas have been occupying older empty/abandoned buildings for many decades. The police roust them I assume, but conger up the ghastly winter weather and elements; then imagine you have young children, that’s absolutely unbelievable, imo. We are doomed.
BTW-I spent several weekends with a group of outsdoorsmen learning the ins and outs of " winter camping ". I quickly retired at the age of 22 and took up snorkeling, and then took scuba diving lessons with certification through the university ( not kidding ). Best college decision I ever made ( not kidding ).

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the landlords should be given a huge tax break by forgiving the debts–the banks should be made to forgive the landlord’s debt- what makes them think that in a time of massive unemployment they will find new renters able to pay-time to wipe the slate clean-relieve the stresses on the landlords and their clients and make the banks who have profited enormously from the pandemic to PAY THEIR SHARE–enough of the parasitic capitalism making millions miserable for the profits of so few

and he betrayed us first chance he got–voted right along with Mitch to give trillions to the corporations-the already wealthy and a big nothing for the people for most of a year now—he is just one more useless politician making great speeches while he betrays us at every turn

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Don’t worry, help is on the way. Pelosi just agreed to the $900 billion relief bill offered by the GOP! So here is what the Master Legislator got for us. Exactly half of the $1.8 trillion that Trump offered a couple of weeks ago, but Pelosi turned down because she didn’t want Trump to get credit for it, as she smugly said, “that ain’t gonna happen”. Meanwhile, Americans are in food lines or starving, going bankrupt and homeless. In other words, our suffering is part of her electoral political strategy. And she got, and will continue, to get her way. Fuck you and your need for healthcare. Fuck you and your bankruptcy. Fuck you and you homelessness. You all must be sacrificed on the edifice of her Speakership and political fortunes. As George Carlin said, “they don’t give a fuck about you”.


In this country especially, politics works for the donor class. Better get used to it.

Don’t for a moment think you (masses) can get what those in other wealthy countries have gotten, or what we (masses) have had in the past, before trickle-down economics came along to fatten the wealthy.

The reason why the various legislators care less about this than we would hope is that they view the poor tenants as outward bound, not likely to be in their districts much longer. This applies to both US parties, both have been captured by the real estate and banking and building industries. Their plan is large scale redevelopment of cities and the more vacant the buildings they intend to tear down and replace are, the better they consider it.

Our urban Americans who are not rich are living on borrowed time because of the end of the ban on energy exports a few years ago. That will lead to substantial hikes in heating bills, end rent stabilization which is in effect a kind of present to the literally millions of families whose wages have not even remotely jkept up with the cost of renting a new apartment in cities. Meanwhile the value of the land these older buildings sits on has risen through the stratosphere.
The final nail in the coffins were the Kelo vs. City of New London case and the decision toi allow export of LNG, a huge change which many politicians and political insiders have been investing in even though its widely known that the estimates of how many reserves are there are low and the extraction of most of it would not be economical even with the higher prices, unless wages were fraction of what they are today. This is where trade in services and the Obama and Bidens TISA and TTIPO deals come in. They will allow foreign energy support companies to do the work. Similar with construction jobs. If the government subsidizes them which will not result in “affordable” apartments for the displaced, unless they are outliers - have the highest incomes of them all, almost all the people living in the soon to be threatened buildings make far too little to rent the “below market rate” “affordable” units built in separate parts of these buildings with a small back door to keep the tenants apart. If forced to re-rent now huge percentages, like 95% would be forced out.
We should take some lessons from Europe where widespread energy poverty is the norm in many countries and realize that because of many other things that there is no social help with here, to pile on this additional costs is insanity…But our current oligarchy wont have any of it… Those profits are theirs!

So not a peep in the media as we lose what had been the cheapest energy in the world just about, So when you hear “end fossil fuel subsidies”, you should understand that means mass homelessness and tearing down of literally half of the multi-unit housing in many most of our rust belt cities. Because they will be deemed “blight” even if very well maintained simply because of their age and the rush to take advantage of taxpayers money to perform an economic displacement by incomes.

Cities will within a few years become inhabited exclusively by the wealthy, with none of the economic or ethnic diversity they have today, except in the street names and perhaps a few businesses that somehow manage to survive but much changed and with a much richer clientle. And museums about what was there before. Some building facades may also be incorporated into the new buildings.

We will also see an end to a lot of mass transit, leaving the displaces who in most cases will have been forced into homelessness or far far away from their support networks, perhaps even into areas hat have no broadband Internet at all, totally isolated. Most dont even drive, so they may not even be able to afford food. The homeless may be housed in tent cities and farmed out to corporations to pay for their keep. This will lower wages a lot because homeless people will likely be subject to arrest and imprisonment.

Also, lots of mass transit is being dismantled and GATS does not allow it to be rebuilt by governments only private entities. So it will repeat the National City Lines disaster, turning many more people into an immobilized group without the access to transit. All at the same time as large numbers of jobs are being traded away to globalized subcontracting companies (who typically buy their employees cars and dun their salaries for the cost, as well as rent, food, etc, so basically they may even end up earning nothing) This is an example of how the next generation of Americans (including all immigrants, guest workers are officially non-imigrants and intra-corporate transferrees, and may even be deemed exampt from US labor laws on wages as they were until the spring of 2017. The jobs being considered trade entitlements.) So young and old people are being severely screwed behind their backs by both parties in the rush to extract every bit of value from the country by stealth (even turning these effective IOUS to take our better jobs into profits, in a sense laundering the wealth?) and pad the wealthy’s pockets with all of our tears… How could we all have been fooled so easily?

We need to dump these deals that steal the planet and country and decent jobs and affordable housing and energy and rights to vote for and get affordable healthcare and public higher education and water and utilities and replace the two sellout parties with some democratic system. We should be smart enough to realize whats being done has nothing to do with Trump, thats part of the “grift” as he put it. A con job thats literally the biggest of all time.

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So this deal is a joke and not done yet------can we stop blaming Pelosi on all these issues------If Trump had accepted another 3 Trillion as she wanted Trump would have won re-election. Trump is out playing golf bitching about the election and not doing anything on the shit he has brought to the world.

Come Jan 20 Democrats will be in charge-----call them out for what they do----

It is Manchin and McConnell ------our favorite states west virginia and Kentucky----who are against sending money to the American people along with clown in the golf cart.

This is why I voted for neither Trump nor Biden. The Ds and Rs are still arguing about a greatly reduced aid package that does not contain direct payments. If it wasn’t for the governor of my state (PA) giving us hundreds of dollars in food stamps, we would be rioting. I say we’re already in a depression but the media refuses to acknowledge it.

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