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Millions of Tenants 'Headed for Absolute Disaster' After New Year, Owing Average of Nearly $6,000 in Rent and Utilities

Because of trade deals, Democrats even were we in charge could only deregulate, so, in order to hide this you can bet both parties are colluding and the “fragile balance of power” is in all likelihood rigged at some level with both fake parties colluding to keep it that way, its only by hiding big parts of the underlying situations that people have been kept in ignorance. Of course, its because of this situation that multiple similar sounding but largely unrelated issues to the ones that need to be discussed have aggressively been made toxic - by a pro, most likely, that’s why former reality show actor Trump was recruited to run. What could be more obvious?

By the way this global grab, is a global redistribution of wealth, upward. One which Americans would never have voted for, none of us.

See UN document A/RES/44/232. “Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries” which is from 1989, which lays out some of the underlying rationale.

I think they —the corporate leaders have been in charge in this country from about 1888-----when I think President Hayes said we have a government owned by the corporations. And I think it was Wilson who created the foundations for a wage slave state.

Look at the hand off-----the powers in this country depended on slavery to create their wealth----and after the civil war moved to wage slavery.

The real issue in the economy is debt----the Fed tries to raise interest rates but can’t because the economy starts to fall apart.

Pelosi has miscalculated her policy positions since the 2018 mid-terms. However, she’s gone in 24 months, thankfully.
Incidentally, it’s only $310-350 Billion of new * stimulus money from Congress as Mnuchin’s (?) unspent funds for certain scenarios goes unspent ( underutilized ). That seems very odd with all the business closures, right?
40% of American workers ( some very essential ) are going to know the feeling of being put on an " Orphan Train " in the winter of 2021. Remember those from American History class?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch: the Keep Out-This Means You signs are being decorated with neon and the house’s lighting is being upgraded. But NIMBY on steroids is the message, mostly.
The New World Order is descending into Out of Order

Hmm, Dickens.
America is becoming the rotting wedding cake of a disappointed Mrs. Havisham.

The real orphan trains will be after the price of heating rises so its dependent on weather, but when that cold winter comes, after the natural gas is committed to being sold, then we’ll lose rent stabilization laws and we’ll also lose thousands of urban buildings to a huge press to redevelop cities. The new buildings are energy efficient, the kiddies think. What can possibly go wrong, why do Mom and Dad look so worried. We’ll just rent spanking new apartment. Mom and Dad have good credit. they’ve both been working 20 years and never paid a single bill late.

Well, lets go looking at how new apartments rent for. A good resource is the New York Times, which frequently runs articles looking at the relative costs of different apartments available today. .

That’s a LOT of money… Oh my God, Mom and Dad dont make anything near THAT much. What about other boroughs… Holy shit, they are even MORE expensive. What about New Jersey, long island… here are some affordable apartments on google… theworstroom dot com… Oh my god, that’s not an apartment, its a room… no not a room, its a closet!

$100K combined income for Biff & Muffin to rent a nice, modern 1 bedroom apt in Portland, with a mountain view, of course.
$140-150K ( ci ) gets that starter home for B & M way out in the 'burbs with no view, of course.
And, relieving B & F of their student debts? That means the housing shortages are just worse and inflation is being exacerbated by " the ‘ol switheroo " of trading one debt instrument for another.
We all need a starter living wage, period. Measured by a regional economic index. NYC sounds like it’s in about a $25-26 an hour range. Same with Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. Portland is about $20-21 an hour, currently.
Pandemic gov’t preparations, though a different matter than wages, should not be handled by right wing libertarian Republican leaders or by Trump " herd immunity " nutcases.
Just sayin’.

Read what Elizabeth Warren explained in her Washington Post article. neoliberal dogma insists its a law of nature that wages will only go down now because of increasing supply and falling demand. Trade deals lock in deregulation and block regulation.

Once countries sign trade deals, they cant raise minimum wages because of the conditions at the time of the signing becoming an entitlement. They cant re-regulate. In all the areas where trade deals exist, all deregulation locks in no matter who does it. So most or all of what the two parties conspired to have happen cant be reversed. Its a sham to pretend the Dems are the good guys and the GOP and or Trump are the bad. Thats an act. They both are bad. They are just following a script.

They have no intention of doing anything except continuing to deceive us all. Deal with it.

They cant implement fake medicare for all, the only way outis to buy our way out with Artile 21. If we announce our intent to, however its quite possible that by making them unmask themselves they wont have the courage to say to the American people your leaders traded us your jobs,they are now ours.

Would India do that now? When an Indian American is on the verge of becoming VP?

Silence is complicity, and its death.

While treaties and agreements are nice; where I came from the U. S. had already broken something like 525 of them. We have a history of bad habits, I suppose. So, there’s that, too.
I didn’t vote for a Dimocratic or Republi-Con candidate in 2020. They’ve really brought this country’s fortunes right up to the bonfire’s ring, imo. COVID has shown us how callous they are.
I support Bernie & Elizabeth and have given thousands $$$ to certain seemingly progressive candidates and groups. Oh well… " Act in haste and repent in leisure ", correct?
When this pandemic ends life in America will never be the same, so they say. Let’s hope that’s true of our politics and governance, as well.

Well, I do know this, they want the people who they no longer want working for them (most of us because they consider us too expensive) to go somewhere else, away from being their problem, if they are not rich. And they are actively working to trade away the jobs people depend on for their existence. This is an unhealthy conflict. They are pretending they care but they are actually contemptuous of the non-rich Americans who elected them. (Both parties) Its obvious to me, I dont know how people could be fooled so easily. maybe because i grew up spending around a quarter of my time with rich people. Ridiculous as this sounds today I didnt realize when I was a little child that not everybody in those places lived like that, and then I got used to it. I am not rich and my family members were all nice people and also progressives real ones, but I was dumped down in these fabulously rich areas and basically on my own.

The main effect now is that I see through the act to some extent.

Its not the same thing at all. These are totally different kinds of treaties. They are a cheap lawyers trick, that’s around as sordid as could be.

Look at it this way, they already sold the jobs.

All that stuff about medicare for all and “basic income” and college loan forgiveness, its all a sham, a big joke on us , to lead people off the trail.

Pelosi could have accepted the $1.8 billion offer but chose to reject it, putting her electoral wants above the needs of Americans and now she agrees to half that amount with no direct payments to the people. Why the hell shouldn’t she be blamed?

I would like to see all the crooks responsible for this global grab resign, and sentenced to public service for a term proportionate to their crimes. Since they were supposed to be doing that but didnt.

They should be put to work trying to make amends to American families for the many years they have stolen from our lives. But not in any position of responsibility, they should be put to work unraveling their webs of deceit. And under close supervision so they could not go back to their old habits.

Corporations should be scaled back and made into something that exists for a very limited time and purpose, like what they have done to once-public services today with the WTO.

Corporate charters should be explicit and make it clear they serve at the discretion of the public and without human rights of any kind.
Officers held directly responsible for their misdeeds.

No limited liability if they diverge from their stated purpose, all protection should immediately end.

And they should never be international and put above countries and people like they have been today.

Corporations are not people, and legislators or any public servant or government employee, even the chief executive(s) should be held to the same high ethical standards. They should be removable by a vote of no confidence or by petition/referendum.

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They need more housing but not at the expense of existing housing and affordable rents.

But they wont do anything intelligent, no they wouldn’t dream of it. That would defeat the whole point in their eyes.

They will literally leave nothing no affordable neighborhoods behind. Houses will be sold for a dollar and carted away.

The oligarchy is gearing up for a huge housing and real estate grab nationally which will level everything thats good Destroying as ‘blight’ the most livable, vibrant, affordable. sections of todays cities and suburbs, pushing out tens of millions of professional , middle income and poor working people. It will look like Hiroshima without the rubble when they are done. Then they will wait years, and then build the ugliest, least affordable architecture you have ever seen. Eyesores that look like high rise prisons and are.

God help us fight it back. People have NO IDEA. “redevelopment” and unfortunately “green” are code words for a WAR ON AMERICAS PEOPLE.

I think many of them want to sell their buildings and cash out. The land is worth a lot more without old buildings and rent stabilized tenants on it. They want to build new modern buildings with all the amenities, multiple indoor and outdoor pools, heated lap pools for apartments with views, gyms, shops and fine dining, bistros, cafes, roof gardens, underground, gated parking for all your cars and staff, security at all entrances and regularly checking every single spot in the complex except in tenants apartments, freight elevators for big stuff like grand pianos, (otherwise impossible to get into apartments without using an outdoor crane) two or more story penthouse apartments with spectacular views, art, ornate lobbies, 24/7 security and CCTV doorbells, very thick concrete walls so no noise from neighbors, even ones with children, backup power systems, thick pile carpeting, extensive marble, all new stainless steel luxury brand appliances, Internet hotspots in the common areas. In house personal trainers, top rated multiple on site restaurants with world famous chefs/bars and meeting rooms, access control system to offer fine grained control over servants and residents, and family members ingress and egress, in some cases also marina facilities and boat slips, fuel available for your boats and at heliport. (See the big H printed on the roof -visible in Google Earth)

Depending on how much they pay, buyers expect amenities in varying degrees. many people live in a home and thats their choice, but many others live in apartments because they have access to all this stuff they only need occasional use of but which they like having.

That is the way many wealthy people live. These buildings ae everywhere now. Self contained little worlds. Owners/members are very busy and also security conscious and also they want to be able to come and go quickly, fly to the local airport quickly and jet away to wherever. Helicopter taxis serve some of these buildings on request. Its like a jitney bus, except with rotors. It saves hours in traffic or on the subway. They are not cheap though. Other helicopters (and direct busses) are relatively cheap but they offer service between some midtown locations and airports, not pickups at your roof heliport.

In some areas “helicopter parents” literally have their children brought to and from school by helicopter to avoid the security risk of driving them in a bulletproof car with their bodyguard.

And there is a very simple answer to stop all the corruption happening right in front of us-----stop all the big money----$1000. dinners—they are called bribes-----and Pelosi is one of the best at getting bribes—that is why she is Speaker.

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We would have needed to get rid of the money in politics decades ago to prevent the trap we’re in now from being created.

You’re writing as if we could just vote all our problems away, is that what you believe? Just vote for more Democrats or whomever?

As if none of these treaties had ever been signed. Its not like that at all unfortunately.

I agree that there should be another $1200. payment which is still crumbs and some enhancement to unemployment-----and there should be no deal with out these. But it was Trump who let the economy be shut down-----Trump should have been out there pushing for $2000. a month-----but Trump is a rich asshole who could give two shits if we all die. If Trump was actually pushing a deal it would pass. And I will never understand why people expect Dems to do all the work while Repub do nothing-----what is Trumps healthcare plan----he will tell you in two weeks-----that was four years ago.

But don’t worry Dems will be in charge on Jan 20 and we can yell at them as they do nothing with their hands tied behind their backs.

That is true and he will be gone in a couple of weeks. Then we will see what the dems do with power. Trump did not have the House, but look how much damage he went ahead and did. I won’t buy the notion that the dems hands are tied. They can get done what they will, but I expect it to be more war and neoliberal economics also known as giveaways to the rich. I would love to be proven wrong.

I don’t think the majority of wealthy have any idea of what a small group of very powerful companies and their politicians are doing.

Which is out of control and should never have happened.

(Stealing democracy) Sites like this one should not spread the falsehoods they are using to deceive Democrats.

Do people know that we are getting huge changes in the coming years that potentially cause mass disruption in work which is likely to cause tens of millions of job losses because American workers, will no longer be employed by default in many jobs if we aren’t the cheapest available. And we wont be, because the bidding process is inflexible, and favors large foreign temping firms “body shop firms”. I’m talking abut high skill jobs. They literally intend to remake the world of work. The entire world. It will vastly shrink the middle class, and its so costly to reverse it might as well be irreversible. At the same time, virtually all safety nets in countries all around the world are under huge pressure from us and other countries to privatize irreversibly.

That’s what the rest of the world thinks we want now. We have no idea. We’ve been completely conned. By both parties. Democratic leadership is literally working for the other side by hiding this theft of democracy.

I think Trump is basically an actor, whose job it has been to distract us all and deregulate as much as possible, hiding the fact that treaties we have signed make all deregulation in all practical terms irreversible, both parties are hiding this. Which is a huge thing.

Everything both scammer parties have done should be reversable because its been a fraud on the entire country. We never gave them the rights to steal any of what they are stealing.

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I know Zed that you have been beating this drum about the effects of the trade agreements and the scheme being perpetrated on us through those. Not having the knowledge of same, I defer to your opinion on the matter and suspect that you are right about the coming disaster. We very well may already be defeated by the oligarchs, but we must fight on to the end. What other choice is there?