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'Millions of Us Have Your Back': #DearProfessorFord Goes Viral as Women Nationwide Take Stand for Kavanaugh Accuser

'Millions of Us Have Your Back': #DearProfessorFord Goes Viral as Women Nationwide Take Stand for Kavanaugh Accuser

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Women nationwide have a message for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape: "You are not alone. You are a survivor. And millions of us have your back."

"Millions of us have your back. We call on Senators to demand a full, fair and trauma-informed investigation."


In my twenties, I thought I was some kind of a magnet for women who had been molested and/or raped. I had NO idea of the prevalence of such behavior having witnessed nothing like it growing up (absent media influences). In many ways I became collateral damage to the assaults as I had to pay a price for the women’s well understood guardedness. Please, oh please, let us add the voices of men like myself who recognize this not just as a women’s issue but moreover as a society issue. The survivors should stand behind Prof. Ford, the rest of us should all stand directly behind them. Peace.



I Have Your Back.


Jeff, you are barking mad.
Unless you are a richy rich dude, the rulings coming down the pike from a very conservative SC is not going to serve you as a just folks kind of guy at all.


You’re clearly part of the problem and not part of the solution.


Republicons and trumpers take notice! All your attempts to bully, set-up, demean, and threaten Dr Ford - to figuratively lynch her, to shield the nominee from the sexual assault, perjury, and other disqualifying charges - all to hide the truth to confirm your Trojan Horse nominee, will backfire as millions of people, especially women, of good-conscience will see the evil pattern and vote/remove you from positions of power and responsibility!

Millions will vote and work for honest, progressive candidates of honor, and run your depraved vision of life , truth, justice, and racism/sexism, rich white -male domination out - your ilk have no sense of honor!Those millions will destroy the corrupting role/influence of big-money in s/elections - there is a sea-change coming (Goddess willing and the creek don’t rise!) that will wash the evil you do away!

Your corrupt rule, and the entire trump regime, are much like the swine-waste “lagoons” (and toxic coal ash dumps) you allowed to exist (“don’t shit where you eat”!), now overflowing from Florence, washing away downstream, covering the land, poisoning the homes, futures, health, of millions, especially the poor, over two states!..that goes for the right-wing goons and childish idiots spewing their filth here as well!

It is astonishing how human beings can be raised, be educated, or become so utterly depraved and their morality and “religion” become so twisted, that they hold zero notions of morality, truth, empathy or respect for other people, our planet, and our common environment - all corrupted by big-money, racism, and ephemeral profits above all else.


Gotta put your body where your mouth is! Whose streets? OUR streets!


Absolutely Tom, that comment was less a “projection” than a seed - an attempted manifestation - the failure of the electorate to stand-up to party bosses and corruption or vote their own interests is astonishing, but expected - I sometimes write my hopes and to prod the potentials of others rather than what the likelihood of real change is, given the apathy and ignorance of millions, the failure of unity of purpose of millions to defeat evil and hopefully build a more just society, along with the absolute corruption of politicians, and their masters, and the power of money.

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GOP has a 1.5 million dollar ad campaign to combat Ford via Judicial Crisis Network (ironic title indeed).

And just as in 95% of all elections of ALL elected offices in the USA, the side with the most $$$$$$$$$$-----wins.

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By whom, may I ask? These people that are doing this to Professor Ford need to be named and arrested.


I’m glad she came forward, but I just wonder why women (especially her) wait so long to make a fuss about such matters. It appears to me, at least on the surface, that women play an enabling role. They allow punks like this, in all social classes, to act aggressively and impulsively and even criminally.

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Since the #metoo movement began there have been numerous stories posted by women explaining why they don’t report it. Please do some research and educate yourself. It’s an immensely difficult thing for a girl/woman to do, starting out with being blamed for being raped.


Maybe you should read this:

Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

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I’m sick of this tripe. Did anyone here bother to watch the hearings? Does anyone here understand they know what they know about Kavanaugh because of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee?

What I’ve witnessed here is some of the shallowest bullshit ever. This place was all raged-out because Democrats didn’t walk out of the Committee hearings, which would have accomplished less than zero since they would have gone on without them under the rules (which I posted repeatedly, by the way). Democrats, instead, were productive: they demonstrated Kavanaugh was highly deceptive in previous hearings and the current one, releasing committee-only information in the process, making him clearly unsettled in his answers. If the tactical progressive geniuses on twitter and CD had there way, none of that would have happened, none. Instead, Kavanaugh’s hearing would have gone faster, and his vote wouldn’t have been delayed at all (it has twice).

I also cannot help but note many awesomely strategic (not) progressives responded to concerns about the Supreme Court in 2016 with cute phrases like “pushing fear voting.” Well, there were legitimate reasons to fear. As I predicted at that time, some here tossing that phrase around would forget how too cute-by-half it was. Oh well.

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I have more important things to research. But what you say is telling, that the women have a host of reasons why they don’t report. They may want to highlight specific factors, but what about their own actions? Opening a can of worms probably wouldn’t be pretty. In other words, I’m sure some of them drink underage, use illegal drugs, flirt, dress inappropriately, etc. Of course no means no, but if women are not coming forward that’s their own choice. The fact Ford did this right now makes it look political and lessens its impact.

Based on the above quotes, I’d say you don’t have more important things to research and certainly you don’t have more things in need of research.


Where are the NSA & FBI when we really need them?

Those domestic terrorists who have threatened Ms. Ford should be sent to prison pronto!


I had hopes you weren’t the jerk I suspected you were but your statement proves me right. You are just another woman hating man who blames women for getting raped. Reading some women’s stories about sexual assault might make you have some compassion. I guess that’s too much to hope for.


Hey joe,

Ms. Ford started “this” in late July (6 or 7 weeks ago) – not “right now” (and not just in the past week).

Also, Ms. Ford has already explained (as have many other survivors of sexual assault) the long and emotionally difficult process it takes for a survivor to speak out about the violence done to them.

Surely you can imagine, empathize, and sympathize with what Ms. Ford (and all other survivors) feel and go through mentally before (and after!) they speak out.

In the past few days alone, Ms. Ford has already been suffering the unfair and abusive (mostly male and mostly Republican) reactions that she did not want to suffer! Including death threats against her and her loved ones!

And the Senate hearing hasn’t even occurred yet! Wait till you see the verbal abuse Ms. Ford will get then!

Ms. Ford deserves everyone’s support and appreciation for her courage, strength, intelligence, and skill in protecting our nation from this terrible, unworthy nominee (Kavanaugh) and from this “railroading rush” by greasy Grassley, hateful Hatch, malevolent McConnell, treacherous Trump, and all of their Republican ilk in Congress (and on the Court)!

To Ms. Ford: I believe you, I support you, I defend you, I appreciate you (and I am an older, white male, leftist).

To Kavanaugh: Withdraw your nomination…and go directly to jail (for lying under oath to the Senate, if not also for sexual assault)!


Brett Kavanaugh is a mean-spirited, masochistic brat and should be rejected for any job other janitor for the boys’ bathroom — hey Bratty K, use your tongue to clean that toilet, and get the trumptard to help you with it !