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Millions on Brink of Death in Yemen, But Members of Congress Can't Be Bothered With Questions


Millions on Brink of Death in Yemen, But Members of Congress Can't Be Bothered With Questions

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

U.S. lawmakers brush off questions from Intercept reporter about military support for Saudi-led coalition while blockade continues to cut off starving Yemenis from necessary food aid


From the article. However, congress has never authorized U.S. support for the war, which has caused 10,000 civilian deaths.

If the above statement is not proof that the U.S. is a military dictatorship…then I do not know what is!


The press is totally controlled in the USA. Why would they care about muslim Yemenis ? 911 set the entire USA against the muslim world. The planned event succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the true perpetrators. The Empire is a disaster.


This is a Muslim versus Muslim, Shia versus Sunni conflict.

The US is backing the Shia (Saudi Arabia) over the Sunni (Iran proxy).

We do it for oil, we do it for Israel.

This won’t end well. And Obama’s and Hillary’s fingerprints are all over this holocaust in the making.


Saudi Arabia is absolutely the most dangerous, vile, medieval and corrupt rogue regime on the planet right now - yet they continue to be US’s and a number of other states - including Israel it seems - most beloved ally. Riyadh needs to be wiped off the map…


ST - Yes, this is a religious as well as political war of extermination in Yemen, clearly a crime against humanity, but I think you have the parties descriptions/affiliations reversed - Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni, the royal family the Wahabi sect - and Iran is Shia - the Saudi victims in Yemen are Houthi’s are from the Zaidi branch of Islam, AKA “Fivers”, exclusive to Yemen, and closely aligned with Shia Islam.


Oops, yes you’re right. Thanks for noticing.


No. Saudi Arabia is Sunni - specifically an extremist Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam, The Shia include Iran, Syria, the Houthis of Yemen, and a large part of the Lebanese population including Hezbollah (which is at once a political party, Lebanon’s only social aid agency, and an independent armed force).

Very roughly, Sunni can be compared to fundamentalist Protestants, while the Shia, which emphasize the authority of clerical hierarchies, are comparable to Catholics.

But as in virtually all “sectarian” conflicts, religion is only the veneer covering a raw power struggle - usually between an aggressor and power-hungry party (The Saudi Royal family in this case) and a down-trodden or peaceful people engaging only in self-defense - the past “sectarian” troubles of N. Ireland, for example.


" 9/11. WHAT HAPPENED? I do not know, but this I do know: IT IS NOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD!


That little girl is obviously our enemy. Just look at her – she’s not even the right color! And the bald-faced way she attempts to garner sympathy – she should have the grace to starve in private. The nerve of her trying to upset me as I’m about to eat my lunch. God, I just LOVE being an American!!


Time to release the “fake” terrorists being held at Guantanamo, free up the space and send down US Congresspeople who have supported the Saudis along with other US war criminals like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Guantanamo needs to be used to house real war criminals from the US government!


The people don’t want war:


Oh, and we can send the millions upon millions these people have gained off of their “public service” and send it to Yemen as humanitarian aid.


I want to send the above image of the little girl to everyone in congress with the message that her blood is on their hands. Any ideas about how to do this? The cruelty of my own country is beyond my capacity to express. I want all of congress to see this little girl and try to avert their eyes from the fruits of their policies.


It is the Saudi led “Great Coalition” of nine other countries who is bombing Yemen to pieces. Congress may not have authorized the war, the weapons deal the US made with SA is worth approx. $110 billion.
Currently, the Yemen population is experiencing a cholera outbreak affecting approx. 1 million people.
Depopulation by design…


You can copy and paste it, and put it in an email, for instance–but other than knowing the email of every congress person, I don’t know how you’d get it to all of them. Thanks for the idea, though–I’m going to send it to each of my congressional “representatives”.


When I went to attempt a bulk email of congress, I found that this is not feasible (as far as I know). While I can send a copy to my two senators and congressman, it seems a daunting, if not impossible, task to bulk email every member of congress. I have saved the image and planned to attach it to each email, but beyond sending a copy to my own representatives, I haven’t a clue as how to get the message to all congress. Hopefully, someone will help with a method to bulk email congress.


This is genocide by the text book, driven by (among other things like racism and religious reasons) the lust for greed, power, and control.
The US-Saudi military weapons deal is worth ca. $110 billion. The Saudi led “Great Coalition” entails nine other countries.




It is not unimportant to keep explaining the true facts, as you have. When most of the US public hear “Hezbollah” or “Hamas” all they remember is that George Worthless Bush put them on the terrorist list. I don’t pretend to know all of the various currents at play in the ME, but it does seem to me that both Hezbollah and Hamas - yes funded and supported by Shia Iran - are the only Muslim factions left standing that are still defending Palestinian interests and opposing Israeli aggression generally.

I wanted to say something earlier, when this piece first went up, but what could I possibly say to help? Like everyone else here I’m powerless to convince the great humanitarian leaders of this exceptional nation to put an end to this human disaster. And what is worse, it looks like this Axis of Evil - US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel - are hell bent on going to war with Iran. The recent developments in Lebanon are ominous. With Trump in the WH it’s more than likely the US military will be a party to a coup in Qatar, and then as Gandalf said, it will be the deep breath before the plunge.