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Millions Voice Opposition to 'Corporate Power Grab' Trade Deals


Millions Voice Opposition to 'Corporate Power Grab' Trade Deals

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Organizers of a citizens' initiative on Wednesday delivered a petition with over three million signatures to the European Commission headquarters in Brussels in their continuing bid to stop trade deals they say pose a threat to democracy and boon to corporate interests.


We have a strange situation in the US where opponents of the TPP have spent 2015 going all-out to promote Hillary Clinton for president. Before launching her pre-campaign speaking tour, Clinton was busy promoting the TPP. As people learned more about the it, and opposition grew, Clinton avoided the issue. Finally, this week she made a statement, saying that she doesn't support the TPP -- in spite of the public record showing otherwise. What's really weird is that people get furious when someone points this out.

The TPP is actually a logical next step after NAFTA (often called, "NAFTA on steroids"). Bill Clinton had signed on to NAFTA, which liberals also opposed, but hey, who doesn't love Big Bill? Why? I don't know. Why the liberal support for Hillary Clinton, in spite of her long, solid record of support for the right wing agenda -- pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment, anti-New Deal? I don't know that, either.


It's the template of the New Democrat that Bill invented and Barack refined: run like a Roosevelt Democrat and govern like a Regan Republican. The New Democrat clearly gains the support of the party machine by convincing the corporate-power elite that, with their backing, they will be able to achieve victories beyond anything a Republican could manage. If Hilary had any integrity she would have left Bill, not for cheating on her, but for betraying the the country's progressive ideals... ( However I still think she would be an improvement.). Sadly, Tony Blaire used the same formula in the UK.

I just hope Bernie develops his 12 point agenda into a vision that makes the interconnections between, for example, saving money by reducing mass incarceration through investing in education. Or: save money and improve the health of Americans by shifting the for-profit disease management "health care system" we have to one promoting sensible lifestyles. And then ultimately the questions will arise: what does it take for a neighborhood, a community, town, city or world to be healthy? It turns out that Bernie's revolutionary platform contains most of what it would take.... Time to think holistically.


Of course what the people want is of no importance at all. The deal has been signed by all the stooges, nobody got asked er even told about all the provisions in it, which are to help the transnational corporations.