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Milwaukee Mayor Blames Trump's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and Policies for Acid Attack Against Hispanic Resident

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/milwaukee-mayor-blames-trumps-anti-immigrant-rhetoric-and-policies-acid-attack

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Trump should be charged as an accomplice.


I pray this man is getting continues help from medical professionals. His left eye is troubling. Having worked in an emergency room…these things tend to take on a life of their own. He may not have medical insurance and I hope he is able to get medical help as soon as possible because he may lose the sight in that eye…


The GOP’s pact with the devil: embrace white supremacy to justify scapegoating the “other” to stay in power.



Oh Donald Trump!
YOU are causing pain and death to immigrants—for no reason.
Besides YOU are the SON OF An IMMIGRANT from Scotland and your own father was 1st or 2nd generation from Germany. It is very difficult to tell the difference between you and a 7th grade bully.
Please go back and read the Preamble. I am sure someone can tell you what that is, and show you how to find it. If you’re not sure what it says and means, then have someone read it out loud to you—
-Then look around at what you’ve accomplished in one year----- you created pain, fear, death, and loss to both people of the world and to all of Earth life. What could be causing that negativity, Donald, you the child of immigrants of Scotland and Germany?


Trump is absolutely responsible for these attacks. I would have impeached him for his incitement of El Paso just to name one time.


That miserable piece of shit has brought out all the haters in force! Shouldn’t THAT be on the damned impeachment as well, not to mention DOZENS of other things?! The Ukraine being the least of the hell he is wreaking!!!


Here is a lamentable example of what hatred can cause. You’ve gotta wonder though.What sort of person goes around carrying battery acid at the handy to use at the spur of such a moment?


Even as a teenager, I could never fathom how Hitler was able to transform a relatively educated public in Germany into the blood thirsty rabble they became. I realize it wasn’t everyone, but you can’t convince me the majority of those who didn’t participate, didn’t understand what was going on in their country, and did nothing to stop it, other than a very small handful.
Today in this country, were seeing that same transformation, happening right before our eyes.
When are the good people going to stand up?


A TRUE Trump-programmed HATER?


As a leader of a Cult whom he encouraged to go out and commit murders and violence on others, Charles Manson was found guilty of seven counts of Murder even though he did not personally participate in the killings.

Why is Trump less culpable?


There is a book that covers exactly that. Hartmann reads from it fairly often. Can’t think of the name or author right now


Doubt he carries it regularly. MOre likely this was premeditated and he set out to do it


Could that be “It Can’t Happen Here”, by Sinclair Lewis?

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When the Germans were finally defeated and the Nazi executive were brought to trial, the individuals involved in the crimes invariably declared they were not guilty. They were following orders. So it might be said that Adolf Hitler was solely and
completely responsibe for the bloody disaster.
Although Trump cannot be held solely responsible for climate change his indifference to it is at the least, irresponsible. The recent pronounced increased emergence of hatred in American society though, this we can lay at his feet. Our lives in America will become no better than those living in Libya or Iraq if we are unable to quell this. The removal of this President in short order should be a seen as an urgent and good first step.


No. It’s a non-fiction. The author went to Germany after the war and talked to folks and asked them that specific question

Here it is - Hartmann just mentioned it again - LOL


They Thought They Were Free

The Germans, 1933-45

Milton Mayer

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Maybe we can’t fix stupid. But we can try. That is, before we have to MAKE them smarten up.

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Thanks for the link Phred, I’ll check it out.