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Milwaukee Sheriff Provokes Outrage, Blames 'Urban Pathology,' 'War on Police' for Police Brutality


Milwaukee Sheriff Provokes Outrage, Blames 'Urban Pathology,' 'War on Police' for Police Brutality

Nika Knight, staff writer

Days of demonstrations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin following Saturday's fatal police shooting have shined a national spotlight on the city's segregation and police practices—and the city's infamous right-wing sheriff provoked further outrage Sunday when he blamed the community of the shooting victim for the police violence that en


Actually, it could sound as though Sheriff Clarke and Alderman Rainey are talking about the same problems, right up to the call for greater militarization.


That’s the new racist epithet? You may be a cat guy, but you clearly don’t get what’s happening in our society.


how about systemic racism from day one of this nation’s founding and even before. The white supremacist ideology came over with the Europeans. it’s really never wavered since. has it. awful


The trope of “urban pathologies” is tattered cover for the ongoing steamroller of institutional, systemic racism. TPTB use such tired tropes to misdirect our attention away from looking straightforwardly at the systemic operation of the economy.

Systemic racism and white supremacy are deeply interwoven into every fiber of the economy. The looting of wealth along racist lines did not end with slavery and genocide, but has been repeated through every generation.

Statistics on racist redlining in finance and real estate across the 20th century show a systemic removal of many billions of dollars of wealth and property from Black communities throughout the USA. The 2008 financial meltdown alone stole many billions of dollars of wealth from Black communities.

Combine this economic history and reality with the evil intentions of the “war on drugs” and you have a far cleaner frame for understanding Milwaukee, than “urban pathologies.” It’s the looters in business suits, and the enforcers in blue suits, who are the carriers of the real pathologies.

“The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.”


Cop murders civilian. Again. Cop boss blames victim. Again. Yeah, there’s a war alright but it isn’t a war on the police, it’s the other way around. And it’s high time that America fought back.


Your focus is exactly the misdirection i’m talking about, in service to white supremacism.

“The problem” is not Black people lashing out in rage. “The problem” is a structurally racist and white supremacist economy that has despoiled generation after generation of Black communities.

“The solution” is not “better behavior” by Black people and communities, “the solution” is to attack and end the racist white supremacist structural looting that continues despoiling generations.

Yes everyone should behave nicely and nonviolently and respectfully… and your choice to focus on that is MIS-DIRECTION from focusing on the source, the structural racism that the USA was built on, that has never been unbuilt but instead has been reconstructed in every generation.

Also your conflation of Movement for Black Lives with rioters and snipers is YOUR CONFLATION. It’s bullshit and you know it.


Thanks CD for removing those posts. It wasn’t even me who flagged them.


No, you’re not sorry at all to focus your hatred at Black people, instead of at the hateful looting and repression that are the root of the problem.


Right wing dream

A black face

With a black heart


Um, this was Milwaukee. Just stop, please.


This phrase makes your ignorance of specifics and your deep prejudice clear. I’ve not heard how the confrontation with police started, but how do you tell someone is “driv[ing] around with an illegal gun on the streets”? You don’t know until you profile a Black man for a stop and frisk. You don’t know there’s a gun in the car, and you certainly don’t know whether the gun is stolen or not. If they’d shot him after they had checked out the gun, it would be even worse.

And was it here that I read that Milwaukee’s population is 40% Black? Where do you propose people go? I have wealthy White friends who live in “safe” areas along the northeast side of the city, near the Lake shore. I haven’t talked to them yet, but I’ll bet the dead guy didn’t have the option of living out there. Options are the problem. Some people have choices, others don’t.


Even that “thug” was someone’s loved one.


"I’ve not heard how the confrontation with police started’

…then why are you blaming the police?


Please explain how that money was stolen from Black communities?


I’m not blaming, but the police aren’t the dead guy. His life mattered too.


…and he is dead as the result of the choices he made.


Not all of the choices made were his. Just stop, please. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


He chose to become a gangster. This is beyond debate. He bragged about it. If you accept he had an altercation with police while pointing a loaded weapon then that was another choice that was easily avoided.


“have shined”

“Have shone” is English. USA! USA! USA!