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Milwaukee Sheriff Provokes Outrage, Blames 'Urban Pathology,' 'War on Police' for Police Brutality


whites don’t fear for their lives from a simple traffic stop. have you never heard of say, freddie grey, sandra bland or maybe eric garner who was choked to death for a misdemeanor? etc, etc


And what about all of the unarmed folksof color killed by police?? And what about those whose murders were justified because they were “armed”, who never pointed a gun or threatened anyone? What about them? What about all of the people in jail for non-violent offenses being forced into slave labor? Until you can justify the thousands and thousands of innocent people of color brutally murdered by police, harassed daily by police, imprisoned and enslaved, I suggest you shut your ignorant pie-hole.

And to the rioters. Take and extra few minutes and travel to the wealthy, white neighborhoods or downtown government offices. Don’t destroy your own communities


I don’t know where to start with your falsehoods. But I will tell you that this White woman has become very fearful of giving cops any reason whatsoever to stop her in the car. I can’t run, but staying in the car (with his legal gun that he had told the officer he had) didn’t help Philandro Castille. And yes, I have been stopped on slim grounds — more when I drove a small SUV than with my current coupe, and maybe because I now have handicapped plates — I’m guessing because my curly hair is darker in the back than the front. When the officers have come to my door, they’ve always shown surprise, and they’ve always let me go. I thought it was because I turned out to be an old woman, not a teen. But I think now it may well be because I turned out to be White. And I fear being stopped by a more nervous officer, quicker on the draw, or if I should wander into an area of Blacker or poorer residents.

Stop and frisk was ended in New York City, at least as an explicit program, in no small part because more resources (police time and attention) were being expended on people of color than on the majority population, but the White folks who were stopped were many more times as likely to be found to be carrying contraband weapons or drugs. White folks don’t get shot by cops, not because we’re polite and obedient, but because we don’t. get. stopped. It’s the very definition of privilege.


Aren’t they all required to regularly practice at the range and demonstrate their ability to hit their targets? Oh, but the paper targets they use show torsos and heads, don’t they. And “hitting the target” is making the kill shot. What if they were trained to make the disabling shot instead? Of course, that wouldn’t work for people seated in their cars, like Philandro Castille, with a 4yo in the back seat. But that shot didn’t take much skill.


So you’re claiming this victim of police violence was stopped for driving while tattooed? Or had they seen his Internet posts and went looking for him? And what had he been arrested for “constantly”? Had he been convicted of crimes? Why wasn’t he safely locked away?

I should note, though, that no one called you racist. I can’t see from your nonphoto avatar and your limited information what your race is. I said you were demonstrating prejudice. It does appear you’ve worked at collecting some evidence against this dead man, which is pretty much the definition of futility. And that’s often what people do to justify their prejudice. Your assumption that nobody cared enough to beg him not to go out in his own neighborhood, in the car he could afford, just reinforces your prejudice and privilege. You clearly cannot imagine what it feels like to love someone whose skin color makes them so vulnerable every day.

Philandro Casille was killed for driving with a legal gun (though he was in a town where he “didn’t belong”). Why wouldn’t this Milwaukeean, with his record and his tattoos, run? So would I.


Now you’re adding to his record by your assumption? Could the cops see this likelihood, along with his gun, from outside his car?

This is the definition of profiling. This is prejudice. This is privilege. This is ignorance. This is the problem with the Sheriff. This is the problem in our country.


This would be difficult to apply. How do you tell who’s a “laboring man”? And are “thinking men” (or women) faster?

I appreciate your effort, but we have to just end the assumption that violence solves anything.


I expect cops to be the force of calm that deescalates a situation from potential violence, not the force of panic that realizes the violence. I expect cops to not go hunting in poor neighborhoods for traffic stops that they can turn into violent confrontations. I expect cops to be peace officers first and law enforcers by peaceful means if at all possible.


Could the cops see this from outside his car? Was this the reason for the traffic stop that started the confrontation?

I’ll wager he’d heard of Philandro Castille, whose gun was legal and who was shot while he sat in the car. What real choice did this man have?


To protect himself from the ‘rampant violence’ from his neighbors that you’ve cited? C’mon, if it’s good enough reason for sovereign citizens in gated communities, it’s good enough reason for someone who’s living in an actually violent neighborhood.

And please don’t put anything in quotes that isn’t an actual quote, especially from me. You’re the only one who’s used the word “racist.” But if the shoe fits, …


So stop using the gun, or anything else about the dead man’s history, to justify the traffic stop. Unless the car was clearly endangering others, this is broken-window policing, and the cops certainly had better things to be doing in that neighborhood.


New York Times reports on how the trouble in Milwaukee has been simmering for years and merely erupted on the provocation of this shooting.