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'Mind-Blowing': Military Contractors Making Tens of Millions Helping Trump Tear Families Apart

'Mind-Blowing': Military Contractors Making Tens of Millions Helping Trump Tear Families Apart

Julia Conley, staff writer

While outraged Americans across the country are calling their elected representatives and taking to the streets to protest the Trump administration's forcible separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border, intelligence and defense contractors are raking in millions thanks to the cruel practice.

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Fuck all who profit from the “family values” klan.


This proves that many in this country have no soul.

All are surely descendants of the most famous of betrayers, Judas Iscariot, who sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver.


The entire system of for-pofit prisons and for-profit kids held in detention is making big money off the new decision to hold now 11,000 children in custody. Conditions are horrible. Children damaged forever. Trump and Sessions to blame. Shame forever.


Hey everybody : Party at Tweeders!

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Goddamn Trump. I simply cannot convey my hatred adequately towards this self entitled piece of shit. Surely some how some way people of his ilk will eventually face justice for thier crimes against humanity. Maybe Pence’s god would allow me a few rounds in the ring with the Donald??? Bare knuckles bro.

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It’s a system which we ignored for too long which now has the power to sweep
away any protest by citizens –

Its power is returning us to every nightmare every produced by “Christianity” –
to every nightmare ever produced by the Third Reich –

To evil which we must hope lies in insanity and not truly within humanity –

It is our responsibility to stop this evil, but if the answer lies within us as to how
to proceed then I pray we are all hearing the same answer.

What is it?

Prepare yourselves, it’s going to cost a lot more to keep these families together. Many people are choosing not to wait their turn at legal points of entry where they can apply for asylum. Instead, they’re crossing the border illegally. When they’re caught, the kids are sent to social services after the parents are apprehended. I certainly don’t want kids sent to jail or detention with their parents.

We should probably build large complexes that can house everyone who violates immigration law but has children with them. Provide food and housing for the days, weeks or months it takes to determine if they’re eligible for asylum. And pretty much everyone coming nowadays knows to apply for asylum. So expect millions to need these services. Alternatively, we could try to encourage people to follow the rules and go to legal points of entry…