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'Mind Boggling': White House Keeping CIA Chief Gina Haspel From Briefing Senate on Khashoggi Murder

'Mind Boggling': White House Keeping CIA Chief Gina Haspel From Briefing Senate on Khashoggi Murder

Jon Queally, staff writer

While President Donald Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the CIA's internal, and still secret, determination concerning the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi nearly two months ago, it was reported on Tuesday that while members of the U.S.

US-Israel-Saudi Arabia, perhaps the real axis of evil?


No “perhaps” about it. Been that way for some time.

I hope Tulsi Gabbard runs in the primaries…I can’t think of anyone else I’d bother going to the polls for; except to vote against Susan Collins.


“Mind Boggling” would apply to anyone encumbered by the cognitive dissonance that occurs when embracing the distortion that there is, within our government, the slightest trace of propriety, rule of law, public representation, and virtue. It neither surprised me, nor even registered as a particularly heinous act when compared to the thousands of other acts of treachery, treason, and crimes against humanity, which at this point are so commonplace they are a daily, if not hourly, occurrence.


Perfect fit for one of Trump’s robots.

Bolton made a mockery of seriousness on Tuesday, when asked at a White House press briefing if he’d listened to the recording of the killing, by saying that it would not make sense for him to do so because, “I don’t speak Arabic.”

  1. Screams of torture and death translate universally the same in all languages, Mr. Bolton.

  2. As for not speaking Arabic, umm — translators are standing by.


That SOB, Bolton, doesn’t care. He wants to do his best to gin up a war in the Mideast, so the US can finally
“get back” at Iran. He likely doesn’t speak Farsi, either.


A sad condition that will hasten the end of humans … ‘winners’ are never hung for war crimes and crimes against humanity.


We’ll see whether the US remains the sole empire over the next 15 years; or, whether it continues on its current downward path of decay. I doubt that the Chinese will allow the Western banking cartel, er…system, ro take over their country.


" ‘winners’ are never hung for war crimes and crimes against humanity."

If trump continues to “lead” the nation in the direction that he has so far, the US may soon no longer be a winner. If that came to pass, perhaps we’d see some of these SOBs hanging from the gallows like they deserve to.


I agree: Does he have to speak Arabic to notice if people yell and scream, to hear saws to use a translator/interpreter? Where’re these folks’ limits?

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Well, this is unexpected (not). Democrats have a new love doll in Haspel?

Why not. They’ve embraced every other nefarious beltway character out there as long as they can kick Trump in the nads. Why not the Head Torturer, too?


In a little more than four or five weeks, the House can call her to testify to the Intelligence Community’s conclusions about the murder of Kashoggi. I really wonder what the Trump Crime Syndicate can do to obstruct THAT?

The act of any elected official, especially a supposed “president”, putting the interests of a foreign power ahead of ones own nation’s and people’s interests is treason. The prime examples are of course the saudis and israelis funded, armed, supported and shielded from justice, the UN, and International Law.

This shallow, ignorant, un-educated, child moron has committed so many treason’s, abuses of people’s civil rights and dignity, human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against Mother Earth - Gaia, that he must be indicted and removed along with his corrupt, extremist henchmen, bolton heading the list, before a corner is turned from which there is no turning back or escape for millions.

Will Congress resist this attempt to deny them their responsibility under the Constitution and call on Haspel to testify as is their right and duty? Will any elected officials call-out this treason for what it is, or continue their silence of complicity and support for the near countless crimes by this frankly evil and malignant, fool and his regime? A threat to the entire world in his arrogant stupidity…


Maybe it’s time for the Khashoggi tape and the CIA intel to be leaked to the press. If trump doesn’t want the senate to hear from the sources, maybe they can hear it from CNN and NYT and every other news outlet. And it will be pretty hard to ignore it if the American people know the truth.


The pope was able to maintain the truth of the sun rotating Earth by censoring science via silencing Galileo.

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V, of course I agree with you, except for one thing. Dump is no child anything. He’s a very wily and dangerous fully-grown organism. He’s a sociopath, no immature characteristics at all. He is narcissistically and willfully ignorant.

I’m sure there are others, but Miller, Kushner, Bannon, Bolton, and maybe Pence appear to be the main melanomas whispering in his ear, and he’s so centered on his performances that he has no clue as to how he’s being manipulated by these other POS.

I respect real scat anywhere more than I do those evil blobs of protoplasm.


Wow the CIA torturer in chief sent to listen to a torture in progress and is being kept from briefing the Senate. Would it really make any difference to brief the Senate? They didn’t do much with the information they were given before like when they voted to approve the current CIA chief. It is the ultimate irony of ironies.


And the stars of the week on the Khashoggi assassination; Bolten, Mattis, and Pompeo. Don’t these administration whores give a sh*t about their legacy? Shut up boys or we will bury you in cow manure. A man gets murdered and possibly dismembered while still alive and they pontificate from the pulpit and quibble about language? I knew Bolten was a crazy conservative hack, with a crazy loop running in his head, but the other two left some vague hope. NOPE Any one, including my relatives who still supports this crew needs to check their souls at the door, hell is waiting

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I guess it wouldn’t hurt to include Al Quaida, A CIA creation;’;
Iran - a government which filled the political vacuum left when the democratically elected populist Mozadeq was replaced by a coup engineered by The CIA, then replaced by the Shaw, who after murdering all the leaders of the democratic movement was kicked out of the country; or also North Korea, a country which was created by the US’ decision to invite Russia to occupy north of the 38th parallel at the beginning of the cold war. Yes a surprising amount of the problems worldwide started right here in the USA.