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'Mind-bogglingly Dangerous': Trump EPA Rolls Back Water Pollution Limits for Coal Plants


'Mind-bogglingly Dangerous': Trump EPA Rolls Back Water Pollution Limits for Coal Plants

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a move that critics are calling "deeply disturbing," the Trump administration announced on Wednesday a two-year delay to an Obama-era rule limiting wastewater pollution at coal plants.


Par for the trump regime - yet another deadly “roll-back” of common-sense regulations that harm the public 99% to benefit/create profits for the financial usurers, corporate thieves & polluters, fossil-fuel industry, endless war-machine and so much else - the stench from these odious scum is overwhelming!


I’m all for this rollback as long as Trump and Congress and Coal Executives and all their families are forced to drink this water eight times a day and to bathe and shower in it, for two years straight. And furthermore Trump and Congress folks and families must move next to these coal plants and waterways, while those living there now get to move into all of Trump’s and Congress folks homes during that two year period. :skull_and_crossbones:


Your proposal won’t work because the Trump and his Gang would have to learn to take baths and showers.


All these people recognize as important for life on earth are profits - profits above all else. Rather than protect our ability to sustain life, these cretins ignore science and evidence, while they worry about the financial bottom line…pathetic.

We are in the beginning of the Sixth Mass Extinction and all these ignorant people can focus on are corporate profits and “the economy” as if nothing else mattered. We are led by morons and greed-driven fools, directing the direction (or demise) of much of the life on Earth - and that very much includes humans as much as they would like to (and do) deny that fact…

“In July, scientists reported that a “biological annihilation” of wildlife in recent decades means a sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is under way and is more severe than previously feared. Half of all animals on the planet have been lost in the past 40 years, due to the destruction of wild areas, hunting and pollution as the human population grows.”


Pruitt a beloved of Trump, by rolling back EPA protections of our air and water, is murdering asthmatics and children. These fools need to be tar and feathered and run out of D.C. once and for all.


The coal dust around his anus says it all.


Regarding the ash trees, they have been totally wiped out from my area, mostly over just a single season.

Let’s hope that there is a good supply of seeds being preserved and after the Emerald Ash Borer has eaten itself to extirpation from N. America, the seeds can be planted.


On the plus side, mother nature will take care of things, as she has always done. The earth is in no danger of going bye-bye; only that largest of cancerous organisms, homo-sapiens, is. Earth will recover quite easily after She has purged the cancer, and in a few hundred thousand years she will be as beautiful and covered in diverse life-forms once again as always. It is sad that she had to lose so many unique ones due to the cancer’s greed and idiocy, however, before recovering. But life - without homo-sapiens - will go on.


Very sad , but more or less true - the ability of Mother earth to regenerate may be accurate. the pollution of the Earth by near countless poisonous deadly substances created by man and the effects they will have on life remain to be seen…but not by us mortal humans… if we had only been the stewards as we should have, so many of our much-loved creatures would not have been exterminated for greed…


HG, you forgot the enema–the coalon cleanse…


Now the coal miners and their families (and everyone downstream) will not only battle Black Lung Disease, they can contend with no suitable potable water for either drinking or washing or watering their gardens. The EPA now stands for Eating People Alive or Environmental Pollution Affirmed or Egregious Profiteering Agency or Evildoer Pruitt Attacks.