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Mind the Gap: Shell’s Inadequate Arctic Spill Plan


Mind the Gap: Shell’s Inadequate Arctic Spill Plan

Hannah McKinnon

There are some things that are simply irreconcilable. And as hard as Big Oil and politicians try, they never will be.

Take for instance climate action and arctic oil. Secretary Jewell at the Department of the Interior is in the final phases of considering Shell’s proposal to take another shot at their mishap-driven hunt for Arctic oil.


A few important facts are 1)BOEM has determined a 75 percent probability of large oil spills should new drilling be developed in the Arctic, 2)there is no effective ability to clean up oil in icy Arctic waters, 3)drilling in the Arctic will further and advance the highly consequential consequences of global warming and 4)to allow Shell to drill in light of the certainty that the Arctic environment and ecosystems will be sacrificed is nothing short of illogical criminal capitalism at it’s worst.