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Mind the Gap

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/20/mind-gap

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Sssoooo when…are we going to see climate strikes fkr DEGROWTH as a strategy to fight climate change… I mean…come on…do we really think we are going to fight climate change…by trying to build a whole new infrastructure of renwables… based on wreaking ecosystems around the world fir massive amounts if the resources to do so…and …the monumental amount of co2 produced in doing so…well we are barking up the wrong damn tree… if we want renewables to run hospitals… schools… etc…fine…but…to think we will rip up the Earth to provide electricity for casinos. sports stadiums and Disney… think again… this story gets more ridiculous by the year… DEGROWTH. we all need to grow up and face the facts…our fun loving world of luxury is ending. Dig in and learn how to work . Oh … but wait…I do believe the greedy Capitalists will have something to say about this Degrowth thing won’t they… it might get…just a little bloody…because…THEY will never let go… if we start the push for Degrowth…be prepared to be crushed under thier boot…but…the fight…is necessary. Period. …REMEMBER…what we are going for here is…NOT growth in renewable use…but DECREASE IN EMISSIONS… I do believe people confuse these two things… Ha!!


I totally agree with the above post . You just cannot grow ,grow ,grow the world’s economy in a never ending upward spiral .A De-growth model is the only solution .We can move to a Use and Access Model .Cooperating as opposed to competition.
.Politicians have no say in what’s going on .Power and Profit rule the world.

The people must rise up and take there inherent power back.
Question is do the people want the power ?


De-growth need not necessarily mean everyone has to go to living in a sod hut with no electricity either. Localizing economies rather than more Globalization would be part of a de-growth strategy. This in turn translates directly to people power at the local level rather then Centralized power in some far off place .

This in turn translates to the reason why Capitalism has to go. Capitalism is all about centralizing and concentrating wealth and power.


This is my biggest qualm with Green New Deal.

A presumption of endless economic growth, high-paying jobs, this new infrastructure and power grid.
Guess what: The presumption of endless growth – the premise of capitalism – got us into this mess.


its easy to blame the government, or capitalism, but there is also the public, that wants to consume, that even if they believe climate change is happening wants someone else to cut emissions. Thus in my area, motorists who want to drive everywhere, and fast, resist government efforts to charge tolls or increase gas taxes to get the infrastructure and its maintenance paid for, rejected a bike lane (right by Providence College which also didn’t want it) because it slowed traffic and took a few parking spots…similarly in France, Iran, Egypt… the government tried to rein in driving and raise revenue for alternatives by fuel taxes but the public (motorists) rebelled, same in Washington State. Face it, (almost) nobody wants to cut consumption, or deal with the 80+ million more consumers every year

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Yes definitely, decentralisation is the fastest way to move power from the select few to the many . Localised economies are the way to go.

The purpose of the economy has to change , from creating profits for a few to creating wealth for everyone.
If you have Access and Use of the stuff of life without having to own your own copy of everything is this not wealth ?
Fewer things manufactured means less to landfill.Products being made to last longer as opposed to built in obsolescence.
Why would you not want everyone to have what you have ?