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Mini-Super Tuesday: The Campaigns Remain Contested


Mini-Super Tuesday: The Campaigns Remain Contested

Robert Borosage

As expected, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in the “Mini Super Tuesday” primaries Tuesday.


I contest this simplistic frame:

“Clinton’s base – older Democratic voters – is voting for continuity. They favor continuing Obama’s policies, not changing them. They favor experience and electability over honesty and shared values.”

Clinton’s “base” is the following:

  1. Those afraid of the Presidency going to a Republican fascist-lite clown and thus…
  2. Believing the MSM that Clinton is the presumptive candidate and the only viable bulwark against the Republican dangerous clown show
  3. Identity voters “stuck on” the Dem. Brand
  4. Women who can’t seem to differentiate between identity politics and a DANGEROUS neocon who pretends to hold Progressive sentiments and policy positions
  5. Those who don’t read and/or those who get their “news” from the MSM… thus they have a very benign version of Hillary Clinton based on all the lies told about her–such as those espousing her supposed “experience.” Of course, the nature of that experience, tantamount to a bloodlust that could only rival Lady Macbeth’s is never mentioned.


“The reform party, the Democrats, is dominated by the rising American majority – young, minority, and women. But they are divided. Older voters want experience and electability.”

Mr. Borosage has forgotten a little thing called technology.

If I had the savvy of today’s kids, I think my career would be vastly improved by utilizing the Internet and its myriad social-discourse tools.

My point is that older people typically are less “at home” on the Internet. That means young people typically get their news from alternatives sources. In contrast, older people–in Conservative households–get their info. delivered through Fox News; and in more liberal homes it comes from more mainstream MSM stations.

The net result is that the older audiences’ mindsets are shaped by the existing Brand Names in packaged mass media. Told lies often, this group seeks security within the confines of the old Team Names/Brands.

There’s also the problem of disproportionate coverage using Trump’s celebrity to push his “brand.” Sanders, on the other hand, is relegated to a tiny corner as the mass media does the equivalent of telling him to shut up.

The kids know the game is rigged… and they are seeking alternatives.

True Democracy would be served by instant run-off voting with ALL names on the ballots. This way, if one’s first choice doesn’t get in, their 2nd choice is in play. In other words, neither the candidate with the super majority of compromised super-delegates, or any set of anonymous faces sitting inside the electoral college get to decide; and neither, the Supreme Court.

Matters are too perilous for more Democracy-by-political-sleight-of-hired-hand.


Join the revolt. Pledge to NEVER vote for the lying corporate shill Hillary. Take a deep breath, buy a “Stop Hillary” bumper sticker and prepare to either leave the Presidency blank on your Fall ballot or vote for a third party candidate. She Must lose this election if we ever hope to take back this country for a progressive future.


Without any winner-take-all states it will be extremely difficult for Sanders to overtake Clinton just as it was for Clinton to overtake Obama in 2008 and he is twice as far behind as Clinton ever was. Adding to his problem is many of the coming primaries are closed so he can’t count on winning the independent vote to compensate for Clinton winning the votes of registered Democrats. I don’t know if the Democratic Party will unite behind Clinton assuming she wins. Endorsements by Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will probably help unite the party. If Trump is the Republican nominee that should lead to further uniting by the Democrats. I don’t think the divisions in the Democratic Party are as deep as they were during the Vietnam War. Environmentalists will certainly support Clinton. The big question is whether the economic progressives will.


… Right… because of her opposition to Monsanto and global plunder by the Wall Street financed elites?

Dream on, insider.


Nice comment and all quite true. “So what happened”?

We ‘dropped out’ of the establishment and changed the world and then we ‘dropped back in’ again and became our parents. Now we grow old and see that most clearly for the first time. The young went elsewhere just like we did when we were young but we never realized - us oldies - what we had become… The ‘dropped back in’ generation?

The truth is that we only dropped back in only halfway. We changed the world and protected those changes sure but we left out participating in the political sphere for the most part until 9/11 and Bush/Cheney. We stayed ‘left out’ though we were at least paying attention now (again) to what would be done. Our generation (not the young) allowed the Patriot Act, Media Consolidation, an offshored pensionless economy, a stomp the peasants oligarchy economy too and a too big to fail and too big to jail one, endless war, militarized police and so much more and our biggest failure of all - CLIMATE CHANGE… It was us. We had dropped out and stayed dropped out in our minds but we had dropped back in long ago but pretended we hadn’t. We became our parents but because we liked rock and roll we thought we were hip. We reestablishmented ourselves. That’s why Occupy mattered… We had grown desperate for someone to do something…because none of us were!

Hillary snidely sneered 'that every penny of the bail outs were paid back as if no one did without stuff during that time, no cutbacks in services and infrastructure repaired or no schools stopped teaching arts and on and on, as if those two trillion in tax cuts to the rich has been rolled back or even stopped, as if the factories hadn’t closed and the homes … The homes, Hillary? As if they hadn’t been foreclosed on for millions of people? Every penny except those pennies I guess.

Heck look at how long it took for progressives to even begin to support Bernie. Now they do but … BUT indeed! Even now when the first and only person ever to run for the presidency in my lifetime who would truly help the poor and especially them with equal medical care and an opportunity to get decent education for free (c’mon liberals is that not the real deal in this life…education? See many poor black PHDs or poor black doctors and lawyers out there etc.?)… What did we see happen instead, SR? We …lol…okay, okay… I just remembered who I was talking to… Some progressives could not see the truth!

Maybe we don’t know a phish from a phrack with computers but whatever this election was it was us. Maybe there was just too much money after all? But just maybe… We truly have lost our democracy and our free press and what that will mean for the young ??? I won’t be around to know but it won’t be fun. Maybe they will be lucky since they exist so much online because you don’t know how old someone is and if the young are lucky they can stay young and not become their parents like we did.

What happened???
Our generation’s epitaph.


Hold on SR. No one gets wrapped and tarnished until proven guilty. Words are cheap, and actions speak louder than words. And this is an election. Both Obama and HRC have proven themselves to be as much neocons as GW Bush ever was.

Denial’s a bitch ain’t it?


You should know by now that ANY post that tosses MILLIONS of persons into one category and attempts to make a generic case from there is one that I will oppose.

The WE shtick purports that human beings have always had equal agency and that the powers of finance, military, media, and government have respected them.

When a post speaks HONESTLY about all of the entities that have covertly and overtly opposed the will of the people–and by that I mean both majorities and those groups “on the side of the angels”–I will give that post/poster credence and respect.

You just make a salad out of lots of generalizations. It’s piss-poor scholarship and as far as I am concerned, reflective of a mediocre perspective.

Discussing the incursions of the following merits a FAR more substantive argument!

The FBI’s infiltration of antiwar groups
The CIA’s assassination of key leaders inside and outside of the U.S.
The Growing influence of the MIC
The Growing influence of the Koch Brothers’ disinformation think tank networks
The deregulation of media leading to message concentration by 5 huge broadcast consortiums
The fusion of both parties into one entity loyal to the corporate oligarchs
The criminalization of dissent (NDAA) and evisceration of all privacy laws (Patriot Act, the spy apparatus as exposed by Snowden)

MANY nefarious agents and agencies have undermined the U.S. Constitution, rule of law, intended check-balances among 3 govt. branches, role of the press in serving as a veritable 4th estate, etc.

But you and your pals prefer to demonize the WHOLE of the American people, or one generation, or voters, or “the sheeple.” AD NAUSEUM.

This is the #1 meme repeated by this site’s regulars and I’ve exposed this problem for years.

Do you think I will validate such a ridiculous perspective?

It’s The Big Lie because it protects Power/the 1% and deceives readers by suggesting that were it not for “the people” everything would be just fine and dandy… pay no attention to all those nefarious entities that broke down the New Deal, undermined regulatory agencies ranging from the Glass Steagall Act (to rein in banking from Wall Street) to the Fairness Doctrine (making media answerable to The People), etc. Or the Final Evil: the False Flag that would make total control of people across the globe possible, with the high-tech surveillance capabilities to nip anything truly rebellious in the bud… before it had a chance to root and grow.

Setting the blame-game up as an inter-generational war is a meme favored by the Koch Brothers since it supports the underfunding of Social Security. Just get all those kids angry at those old people living off their toils…

So who is it that you DO work for?


I think you are an idiot incapable of following my line of thought.

Obama and Hillary? That was not the discussion here, genius.


Other people seem to have the capacity to distinguish the rhetorical from the literal and understand when the word we is used to refer to a collective body like a nation or a generation.

But mostly people can distinguish when someone else is not being hostile or argumentative but just opening up a discussion although it seems you cannot.
Moreover was there a need to be so aggressive and insulting to me personally in anything I said? That was inappropriate and rather tiresome to say nothing of your usual paranoia and baseless unending suspicions.

So much for my being friendly.

BTW try next time to be more original in general as your writings have become derivative in style and content. You know what I mean. Also try to like others with whom you purport to talk to in this forum. You should take notice that many if not most of your posts are hostile and demeaning to people who are not expecting that. You will start insulting someone for misspelling or perhaps getting a name wrong when citing history. How would that feel like if done to you?


LIke the thrust of your article, but why do you repeat, twice, that HRC voters are looking for electability? Bernie beats Repubs by more than HRC, i believe in every poll, or darn near.


Bernie supporters need to stay united. If he wins the nomination then there’s no problem. If Hillary wins, Bernie will endorse her, (he pledged he would), and his supporters will likely go in different directions. Most Sandernistas would agree, I think, that the Green Party platform is as progressive as Bernie’s and perhaps more so.
Sanders voters should stay together and vote Green, in my opinion, to make a statement and maybe even win an election for Jill Stein, (a worthy first woman president).


or write in Bernie. :O)


This thing is pretty much in the tank for Hillary given the Super Delegate fix. Continue to support Bernie as there is still a sliver of hope but it’s also time to plan forward. That said, the best candidate for the job - even much better than Bernie - is Jill Stein of the Green Party. That is where Bernie supporters votes need to go. If she isn’t on the ballot in your state, please work to get her on. She is the only anti-war candidate in the race. I appreciate all Bernie has done to change the conversation in this country but his foreign policy, and support for American Empire foreign policy, is pretty awful. He literally believes the Saudis should lead the fight against ISIL. The Saudis. Our hope should be this, http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content… The implosion of the Democratic wing of the American Empire Party/Party of the Masters (Democrats and Republicans - and Libertarians ). One can hope. So go Green and give these young kids the confidence and encouragement to believe they can create a real alternative to the corporate establishment.