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Minimum Wage Is Not a Livable Wage


Minimum Wage Is Not a Livable Wage

Olivia Alperstein

Donald Trump is no stranger to inflammatory remarks, but one statement really struck home for me. During the presidential debate on November 10, Donald Trump claimed that current wages are “too high.” He repeated that claim the following day during the New England Council "Politics and Eggs" breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire.


It is the boiled bone thrown the paroles by the elite.


As long as you keep begging for wages, rather than taking over the factories, you will never have a living wage -- the capitalist system is designed to extract labor, not pay livable wages.


The fact that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck with negligible savings shows most Americans don't have a livable wage. Social security recipients haven't received a decent increase in years with no increase coming for 2016.


Some parents opt for the Montessori education model. Part of its ideology is to have children grow on the basis of direct experience.

So I'd like to propose a Montessori model for today's adult experts.

It would feature (if not legally demand, if enough citizens got behind the premise) the following:

  1. Any politician who thinks entitlements are too high or the minimum wage too low spend 30 days working in a minimum wage job and living in the domicile that said wages would support. (Barbara Ehreinreich did this and wrote about it in her book, "Nickel and Dimed.")

  2. Any anti-abortion fanatics and friends of the Right offer to support and take in pregnant women and their unborn children and maintain that support until the progeny reach 18 years of age.

  3. Any right wing pro-war fanatics and their "Dem. Hawk" supporters must travel to war-torn zones and fully WITNESS the damage while volunteering at hospitals and homeless shelters (or refugee camps) to fully take in the fruit of their zealous enthusiastic exploits

  4. Any Fracking operation owners, coal mine owners, nuke plant owners, and oil pipeline owners who push their products LIVE in regions now tainted by these effete forms of energy

  5. Any fools who want to close inner city public schools spend time in those rural food deserts and take in what the loss of public education as virtually the ONLY way out means


I think THIS sort of education would disabuse these morons of their feudalism-style notions


I live near a fracked-up area full of various industrial sites including huge coal-burning power plants, coke-roasting plants, a big chemical plant, a steel mill, coal mines and associated waste piles and slurry dams... plus a nuclear power plant. The nuclear plant is the only thing that is NOT stinking, polluting the air, spreading waste over the land, nor presenting any other hazard to my health.


How much money do people really need? Our former welfare provided far less than the minimum wage, and the middle class said they were living too well, buying cars, designer clothes and big screen TVs. The middle class told the poor to work harder and longer, pointing out that if one job doesn't pay enough to meet their needs, they must work two jobs, or three.

Actually, America has a bigger problem than wages. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. We now have a poverty crisis. In real life, not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there simply aren't jobs for all.The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who desperately need one. Ever wonder what happens to the 3 who are left out? Once you no longer have a home address, phone, bus fare -- you're out. You can't get a job. We decided that we should do nothing about it.

There's no need to raise wages because we have an abundant surplus of job-ready people who are desperate for any job at any wage. Why pay more? Face it, we hung ourselves. We looked at the policies and programs implemented from FDR to Reagan, which took the US to its height of wealth and productivity, and chose to do the exact opposite. We reversed the policies, ended the programs, and the inevitable happened.


What entitlements?


Take over the factory, the factory shuts down and moves out -- at taxpayer expense (via massive, ongoing corporate tax cuts and handouts). so how many of you can risk losing your job? We have a huge surplus of job-ready people who are absolutely desperate for any job at any wage. There's nothing to fall back on today.

Reality is, US corporations have gone international, and are no longer dependent on US workers or consumers.


yeah, well, that's kind of why the workers should take over the factories -- so they won't shut down and move out. There have been a very few number of cases where the workers did buy out the owners who were about to move overseas...but very few.


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Despite the fact that we are responsible for creating our experiences, aka karma, the mind is the builder it's still in my humble opinion, sad that PEOPLE CREATE this kind of EXPERIENCE and don't see that miracles, good fortune and abundance can abound everywhere for all of us and that they give each of us the OPPORTUNITY to offer hope...peace


Despite the fact that I believe we are responsible for creating our experiences, aka karma, it's still in my humble opinion, sad that people live with such restrictions and others are not willing to care more for those in need. I believe that people can create a better experience when they hold a positive growing view of their selves, something that our educational system doesn't seem to try to provide and everyone needs that to be fulfilled economically as well as personally.