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Mining Giant Credits Activists with Possibly Saving Great Barrier Reef



Yet another project into which the free trade viper wants to sink its fangs.


As it's pre-TPP, I'm hoping that means this company can't sue Australia for 'lost profits.' But it will keep on coming to a theater near you. If we don't stop it.


Guardian article with suggestions that Adani is vastly overstating the jobs the mine will create.


I find that I tend to want to uphold the integrity of appellations applied to human beings in generalized terms like homo sapiens sapiens. What is being cited is what I tend to think of as an 'industrial class identification' with profoundly corrupted transnational financing/industry mechanisms and mindsets. For this sector I have no problem with setting aside an appellation like 'homo dementia nonsapiens' - human dementia by corruption resulting in denial of true human consciousness even existing.

Likewise on the media slander meme of 'sheeple' - what better way to to assure dismissive marginalization of the single largest and broadest identifiable demographic of potentially powerful alliances among people who have been subjected to impoverishment in information, education, health, nutrition, housing, societal engagement, corporate manipulation and tax evasion - and all that the preceding entails. That is, our shared reality in working across those divisions of impoverishment to empower and re-balance.

I'm reminded that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.


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Powerful post!
I believe Noam Chomsky has also alluded to patterns of rationalizations in government that are schizophrenic. The patterns of official history strive to erase the patterns by omission so that the dots connected don't read (at least at first) as such when there is a lie. I sometimes think of it as the 'rail-tie hammering' of uncounted minions/lobbyists paid to keep their hammering as loud as possible, despite the train having already jumped the tracks.Guess that gives rise to an image of obsessive-compulsive and dissociative disorders, which could also be argued as applicable. I have to laugh, there is a pile driver in use somewhere in town today.

The absolutism of power as being practiced by the government /corporations today leaves all dimensions open to abreaction, a phase, I would submit, that we, as a society, are struggling with and in the process beginning to see the inevitably solid, sound jujitsu dynamics of love.

Thank you for speaking to, with, for, and about love. Essay on !


and even if it was able to create thousands of jobs, at what point do we say, "No, the GBF is too important to destroy, even for thousands of jobs." (And if of course brings in money through tourism and recreation, but ultimately, the point is that not everything is worth destroying just b/c it creates jobs.

Wars create jobs, too.


Abbott was ousted. I think his cavalier attitude towards destruction to the reef did it for his career.