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Mining Leaves a Wisconsin Tribe's Hallowed Sites at Risk


Mining Leaves a Wisconsin Tribe's Hallowed Sites at Risk

Brian Bienkowski

Guy Reiter was an archaeologist before he was an activist. But the two merged after a dream six years ago.

“I was in a van and when we drove by the White Rapids I looked over and saw an elder sitting on a dam, in full Indian regalia,” Reiter says. “He flagged me down, I climbed the dam, and he started talking to me in Menominee.”

Menominee is the language of Reiter’s tribe, the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin. The dam is on the Menominee River, where the history of the tribe begins.


The mining corporations are mostly all corporatized out of Canada. Mining along a pristine river Menominee. Mining Kills!


It's been like this for thousands of years. The people with money control the laws and brutalize the poor--until the poor rise up. I'm afraid we've reached the point where violence is inevitable.


The mining companies need to be forced by public pressure to diversify into reclamation of recyclable metals.
The premise of 'planned obsolescence' is the lithium grease going hand in hand with the perverse economic premise of 'constant growth' and the bernaysian constant of a narcissistic model of the human being as "consumer".

In a period of unprecedented ecological degradation compounded by unregulated production and rapacious power of corporations, what we as a society have recognized as 'reasonable periods of time' are a thing of the past. The consequences of the particular notion of time as being composed of 'past' informing our situation is now PRESENT and FUTURE. Welcome to the anthropocene dinosaur configuration .

For all of the above, characterized by increasing constrictions on all aspects of societal/social/educational/ecological/spiritual creativity to again achieve sustainable balances, to continue to be considered 'logical' and desirable is emblematic of the meaning of the prefix mono-. At this point this 'mono' is synonymous with death wish.



This documentary details the History of mining In Canada. It an ugly and toxic history.