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Minnesota Moves to Sue FCC as Outrage Against Net Neutrality Repeal Soars


Minnesota Moves to Sue FCC as Outrage Against Net Neutrality Repeal Soars

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Net neutrality is essential for consumers and an informed electorate," Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson wrote in an email. "This isn't just a consumer protection issue—it's a democracy protection issue too."


FDR called them “malefactors of great wealth.” Occupy Wall Street memorably called them “the one percent.” I call them “the privileged few” (from the Latin privi-, meaning private, and lex/lege, meaning law; thus, those who have contrived for themselves a different set of laws than the rest of us can afford).

Call them what you will, they’ve been fighting a war against the commons–and against the common people–at least since the Enclosure Acts of feudal England. But we seem to be approaching a tipping point: the common people, nearing a consensus as to who the enemy is, have at long last begun to fight back.

A free and open internet is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal; so it should be no surprise that privilege is deathly afraid of it, and is trying to neuter it by any means necessary. Brava, AG Swanson, and may your courage be contagious.


I posted much the same thing many years ago, when I predicted that same thing when I said it would just be a matter of time before the net would be controlled or neutered.



I don’t know if Al Gore was the first to coin the phrase “the information superhighway,” but it seemed less than a day before someone observed ruefully that the information superhighway led to the mall.


After the Hobby Lobby decision, can we really believe that ISPs won’t filter content that goes through “their hardware” according to their religious morals? You know straight up that conservatives are chomping at the bit to limit our access to content that they deem immoral. Suppose you wanted to look into different methods of birth control or you were considering an abortion. Folks like the Hobby Lobby owners would want to block it since they don’t want “their” ISP hardware to be used for such things. Conservatives believe that they have a right to control what goes on in their businesses. That’s why breastfeeding mothers still have to assert their right to breastfeed their babies at “certain” businesses. Whatever tf conservatives are saying as their reason to kill net neutrality is pure bs if they aren’t admitting that they want to control user’s access to content that they find disagreeable.


Good on you for referring to the Enclosure Acts. Thank you for reminding me!
US history has its own history of “Enclosure Acts”- when they rounded up the Indians and forced them onto reservations so that their land could be privatized by white settlers.