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Minority Lawyers Hanging From Their Own Bootstraps


Minority Lawyers Hanging From Their Own Bootstraps

Erin L. Thompson

Law school applications are up this year in what some are calling a “Trump Bump,” since around a third of applicants were inspired to apply by Trump’s election. Nearly half of them identify themselves as members of a minority group. They’ve seen lawyers fighting Trump administration policies that discriminate against their communities and want to do the same.


It appears the author is part of the problem. If only the top 40 or so schools are worth the money. CUNY law school is rated 125, although it’s a bargain if you’re in state - only $15K/year ($25K as a non-resident).

Just another symptom of how the Higher Education Complex screws over everyone. Higher education tuition has grown at more than 2x the rate of inflation for more than 50 years. It’s no wonder fewer people can afford it.


“How law schools fail those who seek justice.”

Why would we expect them to be any different then the rest of the judicial or educational systems in America?