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'Misconduct, Dishonesty, and Bad Faith': Joe Arpaio Found in Contempt



Come on Maricopa County voters, wake up and smell the coffee! This one man has done real harm to human beings along with the reputation of your state. You can do better--a lot better. Incarcerating the man will provide some temporary relief at least.


The all American living nightmare who best demonstrates the failure of human potential, a ghastly and absurd little man by any measure yet loved by the low brow and the redneck.


No wonder that Joe endorses Trump!


It would also be some well needed comjc relief to see the pudgy little pig paraded around in pink underwear he is notorious for forcing inmates to wear. Tom Evans


Is it just me who looks at the widespread practice of sheriffs campaigning for the position and sees something fundamentally antithetical to justice?

The idea of law enforcement requiring distinctions between and compliance with federal/constitutional and state laws would seem to demand a formal and public testing of the understanding of the potential CIVIL SERVANT; a documented record of respect for and active contribution to not only letter but spirit of the law(s).

This process needs active civic education and engagement, rigorous civics courses in public schools and incentives rather than disincentives for public participation. The social concentration of power where political/economic interests consider sheriff elections a manipulable bailiwick is an aspect of human evolution that seems to continually drag down real human development.


Joe studied the Constitution at the University of Phoenix.


I see it, oldgoat. The position should be a hire based on qualifications, training, and civic skills rather than on who happens to be the best campaigner. This system has the added advantage of being able to fire someone for cause, on the spot.

One wonders if Arpaio keeps getting re-elected because no decent candidate has the nerve to run against him. I wouldn't want to be in Joe's jurisdiction should he win after challenging his power. In my own county, it took twelve years to unseat a very unpopular sheriff because it took that long to find a qualified candidate (usually a deputy) and convince him to run.


He keeps getting reelected because personifying the "get tough and punish" presentational attitude resonates with people, and not just " angry white men." I have family in Arisona and the Arpiao attitude and approach to crime is popular with a lot of females too. They are " angry" because they're scared -- the conversion of fear to anger is a poorly understood psychological phenomenon. Being afraid makes people feel helpless and vulnerable and identifying with someone who acts out the opposite, who uses a big mouth and tough talk serves as a seeming antidote to being helpless and scared.

Arpiao is hardly the only political figure playing the "get tough" card. Trump and Duterte in the Philippines are both marketing the same solution to the seeming scary intractability of crime. The problem with this is that if you give these guys the authority to "rough up" presumed criminals without having some sort of due process to try and make sure that only legitimately criminal people are treated that way gives them public permission to take out their political opponents, and exercising that power is dangerously addictive.


He's a pig and the laws broken are probably only the tip of the iceberg for this guy. He really needs to go to jail. Bet it would be fun for him there.



Another poster beat me to it. Joe the Cruel Warden may soon be wearing a pair of pink undies and standing out in the hot desert tent farm (hell on Earth) that he himself created!

Talk about your Poetic Justice!


Is that it, or is it that his endorsement is merely another indication of his poor judgement? And by extension does this not indict the poor judgement of all the republicans in Phoenix?


Isn't it kind of funny that the second reason cited for Sherrif Joe to be in trouble is enforcing immigration law? A law enforcement officer is in trouble for enforcing a law after a judge told him not to enforce the law. You can't make this stuff up.


Could it be "Maricopa County voters" are well aware of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's record, and keep re-electing him in reinforcement? After all, expressed in the article is U.S. District Judge Murray Snow concluded, "Sheriff Arpaio knowingly ignored the Court’s order because he believed that his popularity resulted, at least in part, from his enforcement of immigration laws.... He also believed that it resulted in generous donations to his campaign." Note especially, "his popularity resulted, at least in part, from his enforcement of immigration laws [and] resulted in generous donations to his campaign." Yes, Joe Arpaio is a despicable bigot, but apparently the members of his constituency are despicable bigots as well. So, yeah, Arpaio deserves condemnation, but so does the population of Maricopa County and Phoenix as well.


Arpaio and his minions will look great in pink...they will become any number of inmates' sex slaves with the first door slamming shut in their prison (or tent flap in Florence)...and they may not live long enough to serve out their sentences. Their actions have been criminal since day one and they should serve time as a result. They have made a lot of very dangerous enemies over the years with their punitive, racist, and xenophobic system of policing in Maricopa County.