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Misleading AP Story on Iran Deal Draws Fierce Critique


Misleading AP Story on Iran Deal Draws Fierce Critique

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An Associated Press exclusive report on the Iran nuclear program, published to much hoopla on Wednesday afternoon, appears to have been at best unintentionally misleading and at worst knowingly inaccurate, according to analyses of the reporting on Thursday.


Another misleading meme being used is advanced by Donald trump and Fox news, that being the USA will GIVE Iran 150 billion in order to sign the agreement.

This is nonsense. The money is Iran’s in the first place.


Follow the money to find the source of this and other false claims on the deal - those who would profit from sabotaging the 5 nation plus US deal with Iran and potential war. Then there are the pathological nutters, “religious” in one form or another - Christian delusional idiots who seek the return of their Messiah from restoration of the land of “Israel” thru wars and deaths of millions (excellent god ya got there), and the racist madness and racial superiority (self-proclaimed) of Israelis/Zionists to re-create the Eretz Israel of their self-proclaimed “chosen” mythology - either that or just ordinary theft of the territory and resources of others cloaked in “religious” blather, dogma, and lies…either way the utter failure to vet the “news” of the “arrangement” is cause for firing the incompetents/conspirators responsible - all the way down the line to the nightly propaganda news that passed-along the BS story…


Liies Lies brought to you by the architects of the Iraq war! Masters of deception!


Straight Outta AIPAC


On edit: Just got an email from Ray McGovern/Code Pink with the line “Straight Outta AIPAC”


Conservatives live in fear:


Some also think that it is to distract us from Israel’s seizure of Palestinian land for settlments


George Jahn is a notorious enabler of IAEA leakers who are probably CIA or Mossad assets. He’s been pushing the false Iran nukes narrative for years. Smoke him out!


Iran has oil.
Saudi Arabia still has some oil.
Iraq has oil.
The USA wants oil.

The USA has demonised Iran and seems to want to bomb it, the USA has destroyed Iraq and thrown it to lunatic religious extremists and the USA is now dependent on violent religious extremists in Saudi Arabia.

We Brits used to do Empire far more efficiently and in the good old days would have politely plundered all three (whilst offering the sons of their leaderships places at Oxford and Cambridge) without destroying two of them thus forcing us to be solely dependent on just one…Why is the USA run by stupids?


Truth in journalism in this country is no longer. In the 50’s If you read it in the newspaper or heard on the radio or saw it on TV you knew it was as close to the truth as humanly possible. The journalists, news anchors and reporters jobs depended on their honesty. Telling both sides of the story was mandatory and expected.
Now it takes days to even find something close to being true. The first 7 pages of google are taken up with the republican sites all of which say the same lying misleading articles generated by Fox news or newsmax.
Even this site publishes just one side of a story or so slanted one way you really don’t get the truth. This site is not as bad as most, so I hang around. I have started to watch Al Jazeera They bring forth stories that never appear on the main media. Well thanks for letting me vent we all need to do that.


“AP” might not be an acronym for “Abject Propaganda”

But it would be an eminently appropriate one.


Just another Niger Yellowcake press story forgery that led to the Fake War in Iraq.

The Presstitues will whore any invented story you want them to for the right amount of greenbacks. I’m sure the editing was helped along by the CIA agent working in every paper and Network (read about Operation Mockingbird for proof of this.)


It’s wonderful to realize that our leaders and their serfs in the press are pathological liars, cannot be trusted for one minute, and that we have to be on the alert every freaking second to ensure they don’t manipulate events and facts to suit their own agendas. Is there any hope?


Needless to say while you illustrate a specific occurrence, this process is ongoing at the meta level and is so pervasive the people are not even aware they behind led around by the nose.

When it comes to picking out a pair of socks free will is meaningless when the buyer thinks there no other color of socks but black.


Interesting story only in that it shows who’s on the side of Israel, the Saudis and GCCs and who actually is on the side of a " peace and reconciliation " movement regarding this Iranian business. Which has large MENA implications, of course. What will become of Syria and the Kurds, should this go forward, is the next big question, imo. Will we see brand spanking new countries carved out of " the old cradle of civilization " and the Palestinians shuffled off to some new destination, as part of a ME Grand Bargain? The Brits are to blame for all these problems and should have to pay reparations to the affected groups and countries, too. Bankrupting the Brits would be a good step in ending colonialism and foreign adventurism by setting an example to the world powers, which is much overdue. We need to get control of the MSM and the Corporate Pirates to do this but " saving the world from these thieves is now a full time job. " And, sorting out the professional crooks and liars from the rest of humanity is the place to start. The AP story reinforces what we already know. Most of the official story is pure bullshit. " If you see bullshit, say bullshit. "


America should do two things: Pull funding, military equipment, and leave Israel on its own. Leave and stop funding to the U.N.


When I read an interesting headline I look at the source. If it comes from the Associated Press I discount its value. AP is a cooperative among newspapers, is it not? How does it survive?


Without lies they wouldn’t have anything to say at all.


Well, it’s like this.


In the fifties we were taught that the poor Russian people were only told what the Communist Party wanted them to hear. We felt so sorry for them and in our Catholic school prayed for them. We now live in the reality that our main sources of information about the world are a string of beliefs and cliches so tightly wound into world events that questioning them makes us into enemies of the state. What candidate can be elected who can save us?