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Misremembering Vietnam


Misremembering Vietnam

Arnold R. Isaacs

Here’s a paradox of the last few decades: as American military power has been less and less effective in achieving Washington’s goals, the rhetoric surrounding that power has grown more and more boastful.


War, in general, is a disastrous mistake, as the past 50 years of U.S. history proves.

Those politicians, always Republican and Democrat, who voted for these wars, are and were also disastrous mistakes, for the United States and for the voters who put them in office.

If we as a nation are ever to learn from our mistakes, when will we realize that the political parties and politicians we vote for 95% of the time, are our biggest mistakes?


The US has yet to acknowledge that it was born out of Native American genocide and ethnic cleansing, and built in great part by chattel slavery and indentured servitude. To expect truth-telling about its wars, about who fought whom and why, is simply unrealistic; the lies enable us to feel fair, generous, selfless, and, most importantly and paradoxically, honest—when the unvarnished record shows quite the opposite.


American hypocrisy knows no bounds. We invade, plunder in the name of freedom and democracy when elections at home are rigged and the choices are bought by elites. As long as one supports the war machine he will be electable. Stand for PEACE and you have no chance for office.


Also, be elected to office and stand for peace and you are likely to be assassinated! Like: Paul Wellstone, MLK, RFK, and JFK.



The whole Vietnam war has been now admitted by all most everyone that it was a colossal and egregious mistake and if America had a true democracy the war criminals; crooked politicians, and the cheer leading press would have been indicted as war criminals a long time ago. But even though the murder of 58,000 American soldiers and by some estimates, 2 million Vietnamese, WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY SO SHAMEFUL! IS THE WAR CRIMINALS THAT WERE GUILTY FOR THESE LIES HAVE NEVER BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE!


We try PonyBoy. We wanted McGovern or Bobby but the powers that be override good judgement far to often and we find ourselves standing holding our better selves in a paper sack dripping onto the ground.