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Miss America Goes (Relatively) Rogue


Miss America Goes (Relatively) Rogue

Okay, so the Miss America Pageant - yes the one Drooling Donny used to run - had the usual crass empty glitter. But it also had some eye-popping, rabble-rousing moments, like Miss Dakota decrying U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Deal and Miss Texas slamming Charlottesville's "terrorist attack" by "white supremacists," thus proving beauty queens are now more principled and ballsy than.... you know.


I thought it was miss universe that he ran.


apparently that is one he was running after


Who is this Zimet character anyway? A 13 year-old? “Ballsy?” I take it “bikini-clad” is insulting because objectifying and sexist; so too is that word. Grow up.


Looks like they let him know … they don’t want his disgusting person owning the contest.


Hit a nerve, eh.


I have liked reading Common Dreams until this absurd article! Trump owned the Miss Universe Organization which is NOTHING like the Miss America SCHOLARSHIP program. Before you write an article it’s important to know your subject matter. Those women are accomplished, intelligent and talented. There’s a very good reason he was not applauded for his policies by any of them on that stage… Unfortunately Miss Missouri answered her question about collusion accurate & honest but Alex Jones has singled her out as the only one who accepted Trump. She did not. It’s absurd.


Not really. Just wish CD had more class.


I guess war is never classy if you wanna win.