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Missed Opportunity to Recall a Day to ‘Perpetuate Peace’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/18/missed-opportunity-recall-day-perpetuate-peace

What a wonderful idea: honor veterans by creating fewer need for them. Imagine how different so many American lives would be if we had always worked for Peace

As a Vietnam veteran born in 1945, I cannot pretend to know the intentions of those who renamed Armistice Day “Veterans Day”. But I can forcefully say that I am ashamed of those people who have hijacked veterans and used them to recruit more cannon fodder for US illegal, immoral and murderous wars, and that bull shit term “thank you for your service” used by indoctrinated people who have absolutely no idea of what that service is or who/what it actually serves. When people wake up to the FACT that the United States of America is historically the most murderous, self serving hegemonic empire ever to exist then the world just might have a chance at PEACE! Until then each of us individually must refuse to be a part of this murderous war machine, and discourage others from being a part of it. If you feel a need to ‘thank someone for their service’ there are many people out there helping make our world a better place; for instance, try thanking those who teach our youth. We must end the tremendous waste of money, lives (both morally and physically) and energy that wars consume if we are to have any chance of surviving the next decades. Please end the idolizing of war and those that participate in them, NOW.

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