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Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to 'Russiagate' Enthusiasts—Whether They Like It or Not


Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to 'Russiagate' Enthusiasts—Whether They Like It or Not

Norman Solomon

Politicians, pundits and activists who’ve routinely denounced President Trump as a tool of Vladimir Putin can now mull over a major indicator of their cumulative impacts. The U.S.-led missile attack on Syria before dawn Saturday is the latest benchmark for gauging the effects of continually baiting Trump as a puppet of Russia’s president.


Trump is too arrogantly obtuse to understand this horrible insult: “You’re acting just like that Hillary woman would have acted.” Oh, wait, that might be praise in this best of all possible . . .


We are lucky Russia chose not to destroy the USS Don Cook, or other ships that were platforms for this illegal attack. That would have been justified to stop this criminal act of war, but it would also have almost certainly led to escalating aggression between Russia & the US.

America is an unhinged nation that needs an international intervention. The Europeans could and should exercise some of their influence to bring the US back into the community of nations, but instead they choose to remain vassals of a Global Predator that cloaks its predatory assaults in the mantle of phony humanitarianism.

One suspects that Russia and China and much of the rest of the world will just wait while the US bleeds itself to death on its current futile course. No nation can spend $1.2 trillion on “defense” annually in perpetuity and hope to prosper.


Norm Solomon, count on him to put up the dumbest article in defense of Trump criminality and authoritarianism on CD. I truly do think this cat would prefer a Russian “democracy” at this point. What a loser argument, because of course it’s the fault of people who want accountability for the peace candidate of 2016. Poor Trump, everyone is conspiring against him, and his soft, impetuous, psyche.


You are ok with “progressives” egging Trump on in the direction of nuclear war?


Are you okay with stupidity? Maybe progressives should ignore Scott Pruitt’s criminality too, lest his soft psyche forces him to eliminate more air pollution rules as a response.


According to the Guardian this morning Russia claims Syrian air defenses shot down 71 of 103 missiles launched by the Fourth Reich and their axis of evil. After 16 years of US wars based on a pack of lies and perfidy, I do not trust any US propaganda from this government on their so-called “successful military operations”.


“Powerful news organizations have led the way in goading Trump to prove that he’s not a Putin lackey after all”.

The men hiding behind these “Powerful news organizations” are no friends of he American people. The American people want peace.

What is their covert agenda? Whose interests are they serving? As long as their true agendas are hidden, they are better able to lead us to a destination not of our wanting.


Right on Norman. All those who have been fueling Russiagate now have blood on their hands. Rachel Maddow, the worst of them, is no different than the Nazi war propagandist Joseph Goebbels.


Not really. For days preceding the attack the Pentagon was in direct communication with Russia to make sure none of their forces were in jeopardy. Presumably Putin informed Assad and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the missiles hit abandoned or unimportant sites. All the insiders know the game being played here. Russia and Iran knew exactly what Trump needed to do to shore up his ratings, placate even more hawkish elements in his administration, lend the impression of being a “man of action” and gain the media’s approval. After a few days of angry denunciations, this will pass along as almost a non-event. What it does show, once again, is that the U.S. operates under the hubris “Because we own the world we do whatever the fuck we want.”


I was thinking similarly this morning. Russia has the patience of saints and I feel they are trying to play the long game. But still as the empire declines further and further it will get more aggressive, perhaps to the point where even saints need to defend themselves.


And yet this further justifies the Russiagate hysteria. After all if Trump really is not Putin’s puppet than why even warn him of an attack that was coming? You can’t make this shit up.


But we should acknowledge that there are also those we normally would think of as progressives who have supported the Russiagate narrative: Bernie Sanders, Democracy Now!


Don’t forget Cenk and The Young Turks.


I agree with the juxtapstion, but don’t think “saints” need to even make an appearance. Remember where the the single most robust critique of capitalism came from. All an adversary need do is see the methods of predatory capitalism; the schism between words and actions and clarity regarding objectives and methods can skirt the abyss that late stage-whatever-it-is is constantly toying with. It makes no difference if, on the edge of the abyss, an adversary blows the single puff of breath that sends it teetering over the edge. That of course being for the 99%, the oligarchs are already toasting the erosion to their benefit. Trump seems, above all, to be their water bearer.


MSM Cheerleading for the Warmongering Oligarchs and their Duopoly lap dogs is merely looked upon by them as, “Marketing” to the soulless Zombies better known as Democrats and Republicans, and Independents that vote with them.


This all makes a lot of sense - a whole lot - except for the first sentence. Could you clarify that?


This is an extremely important point. How can grass-roots progressive organizers succeed when so-called leaders blanche at every key moment?

It’s Martin Luther selling out the peasants after he whipped them into revolutionary fervor over-and-over-and-over again.

Leadership is critical. (Mis)leadership is an Obamination).


Well,Goebbels was initially a lot more successful and probably smarter, but their techniques (and arrogance) are the same.


We haven’t clearly demonstrated that since the end of WW2. The “Post War” Era has been continuous non-stop war against the world on behalf of white supremacy and capitalist hegemony. The people have pretty much gone along whether it was the Red Scare McCarthyism, Yellow Ribbon Wars, Dirty Wars everywhere, etc.

The uprisings against the U.S. wars in Southeast Asia were an aberration, basically because the Vietnamese people were able to survive the massive onslaught and drive the U.S. out. Only then did (a critical mass, not necessarily a majority) of the people of the U.S. want “peace.”