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Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to 'Russiagate' Enthusiasts—Whether They Like It or Not


Bravo to Solomon for pointing to this publicly.

There’s not much reason to tout the Russians as “acting like angels,” though. Caution around the US could come from a taste for self-preservation.

I would like to see the US pick up on that idea, however. All this stomping and saber-rattling is a horribly bad idea. The one most likely chance of a nuclear attack on the US is a slip of some sort on some stage of very high alert. There are actually hundreds of people on either side who could make that slip.

“US intelligence” must set some sort of record for the most factoids per the least understanding in history.


But let’s be clear: The pressures have not only been generated by corporate media and the political establishment. Across the United States, a wide range of people including self-described liberals and progressives – as individuals and organizations – have enthusiastically participated in the baiting, cajoling and denouncing of Trump as a Putin tool. That participation has stoked bellicose rhetoric by congressional Democrats, fueling the overall pressure on Trump to escalate tensions with Russia.

Exactly. There is no doubt that Putin is a brutal dictator. There is no doubt that the Russian government sought to influence the US election just as the US consistently seeks to influence the elections of other nations. However, Norman Solomon is absolutely correct. Mainstream media, liberals, establishment Democrat Party operators have been acting as cheerleaders escalating propaganda pushing for outright war.

While this may serve the opportunistic political interests of establishment Democrats, progressives should know that Trump is a narcissistic buffoon who would be happy to enter into nuclear combat with Russia silence this propaganda.


“Turn around”
Good for you, Normand Solomon!


When good people look the other way when genocide is being perpetrated against innocents, we get the Cambodian massacre that took over two million lives, we get Rwanda which cost a million lives, and we get the Holicaust which cost 6 million lives (and about 40 million more lives). To look the other way while a genocidal dictator gasses to death men, women and children is something I would not want to be a part of.


But more to the point, does the US-alt-left, including Solomon even realize that most of the leftist and pro-democracy Syrians in their exiled millions, and the Kurds in the northeast, would fully support a hypothetical (and never going to happen) “regime change” and the killing of Assad by the US military.

I myself would caution any Syrian against any such action of course since a US occupation is unlikely to bring them any closer to democratic self-determination either. But, they are willing to worry about what to do about the US later, and I’m in no position to tell a Syrian what I think is good for them.


Trump does not strike Syria: “He’s a puppet of Putin”
Trump strikes Syria: “He’s a puppet of Putin but tries to deceive everyone.”


Exactly. But the sad thing is that we have no credible international institution capable of action against such crimes - only various powerful states cynically exploiting the crimes for their own agendas.

The first stem in establishing a credible, respected international peace-keeping force that could intervene in humanitarian crimes would be to get rid of the UN Security Council and its god-forsaken permanent members altogether and move all its functions to the General Assembly so that the powerful states would have the same single vote as, say, the Republic of Fiji.


This seems like one of the strangest explanations for Trump’s reckless behavior, the mainstream media goaded him into it. Since when does Trump need any goading to act like a bully? Last year he launched a missile attack at a Syrian airfield after a reported chemical attack by Assad. Are the media to blame for that one as well? Does the Pentagon actually base its strategies on the media’s attempts to get high ratings? I think the generals are aware that media uses drama to get viewers. The most trivial events are regarded as important breaking news. The generals must be smart enough to separate the theatrics in the news media from important information. The fact seems to be that Trump lacks any coherent policy on Syria. One minute he talks about pulling out of the Syria and the next minute he talks about launching missiles against the government and then he does. The most important thing is that Trump is in way over his head. He is floundering around in a job that is about 8 levels above his ability. The problem isn’t the media, it’s Trump. He wound up winning the presidency because of his racism but he has to do more than build walls to keep out Mexicans, deport undocumented Hispanics, prevent Muslims from entering the country, and be the leader of a white nationalist movement. When it comes to foreign policy as well as economics he is completely lost.


Looks like Norman’s got the TDS minions’ knickers in knots.

Amazing how good journalism will have hypocrites tripping over their own contradictions.

Hats off, Norman.


No Please understand the morning after this missile attack the Syrians were in the streets celebrating. Why would they do this? Russia pulled back from across the country to their bases. They told the USA that if Russians were targeted and hit that the launcher would be targeted. That means in this attack two US ships would have been sunk. Russians pulled back. Were not targeted or hit. They did not fire any weapons at in coming missiles.

So the Syrian government its self with 30 year old Russian tech had a 70% success rate against the biggest bully on the globe. Hello wake up America. Syria just bested your fking military. Now Syria is in a position to ask for and get S-400 with a longer range so they can return fire on the USN ships that fire on it and sink them.

The USA is fucked and its day of being the worlds bully are over. So over. And as this rogue nation sink we can pick out the losers that destroyed our country and hang them from street light poles so everyone can see the traitors that betrayed our country.


Considering the behavior of baby boomer politicians since the end of Cold War I, it’s beginning to look like the only problem most of us had with the Vietnam War was that we were asked to fight it.


Trump certainly is in over his head and doesn’t believe in much of anything but the media, liberal interventionists and the Democratic Party leadership bear a lot of responsibility for his militaristic foreign policy.


You missed Putin’s speech to us where he outlined the weapons that they have ready. US military has admitted it can not stop those weapons which can sink every one of our ships at sea. Militarily Russia is way stronger than us and can defeat us in all but nuclear weapons. No one wins with nuclear.

USA is losing face every day now. We spoke with the Russians to get missile paths and targets worked out so this attack could happen without starting a war. So it was a nothing burger attack to save face because the twit idiot spoke out of his empty head. Spending close to a 1/4 billion dollars on missiles and almost starting WWIII because your president is like most of them an idiot.

But wait of course, America will do what it always does, double down.

Obama was ready to do this same missile attack but Russia stopped him. Trump has done two missile attacks without loss of life or much infrastructure damage. The results were the Obama administration and now the Trump administration can join Bush as war criminals who will not be visiting countries that have warrants out for their arrest. The world is getting smaller USA. The rope and the hanging tree await. Strange white fruit.


War drumming is so bi-partisan:


Anyone calling Trump the peace candidate has an agenda: Blowing a smokescreen around Hillary’s legendary militarism. There was no peace candidate in 2016 except for Jill Stein. If Hillary was president, I think we’d be much more involved in the ‘Assad must go’ policy that echoed Hillary’s ‘Saddam must go,’ Khadafi must go,’ and ‘The Taliban must go’ refrain.

So now Saddam is gone: Replaced by a weak regime clearly under Iran’s influence.
Khadafi is gone: Replaced by factional chaos.
The Taliban, well, 17 years later, they aren’t even remotely gone.

I detest Assad, but guess what? Sometimes there isn’t a good option.

And this missile attack was a staged event designed to respond to an earlier staged event. Whoopee.


The people calling Trump “the peace candidate” were not the ones blowing a smokescreen around Clinton’s record.

They were the alt-left that ignored the obvious war monger in waiting in Trump.

If you take in the whole threat, sorry, the fascist sitting in the White House with Bolton as National Security Advisor, and soon to be torture advocate CIA director as Secretary of State, seems to me a worse bet for scaling back US Empire than Clinton. Actually, neither one would scale it back, but Trump is by far has the most potential for making everything much, much, worse.

Why? Because he is an unhinged dangerous fascist, that’s why, who considers the military as an extension of his fucking ego.

If you expand that concern domestically? Not even close.

And, just for the record, as I have a very long record here…just adding to it…

I have never held my punches against Clinton. Take your pick, Bill or Hillary.

Both are war criminals. And it is quite apparent that Hillary has no problem whatsoever with torture. Further evidence of this, is her tacit support for Pompeo.


And the alt-left asserted Trump would do no such thing. I mean “he hasn’t killed anyone yet” was their cry.

Utter fools.

For the record, I called Clinton out for her advocating such in Syria, including creating no fly zones, as I saw that as a move aligned with the Neocon strategy of ultimate regime change in Syria.

You know, the kind Bolton wants, and Haley, and Woolsey (advisor to Trump during the campaign), and Bibi, et al.

Trump bombed those airfields as a nod to Clinton apparently.


Let’s just add, Trump’s picks on the judiciary were reason enough to oppose him. If anyone thinks they would do anything domestically or internationally to curb executive police authority and war powers, send me a few grams of whatever it is you are smoking. I’d like to get some to stave off the shitty feelings that are sure to come as Trump’s acolytes issue their decrees from the bench.


As Albert Einstein once siad: “There is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace.”

For some other debate the motivation is important but who cares about scumbag behavior if the end result is peace. The simple fact that mainstream media, the US version of the old Pravda, was promoting the same shtick as they did in 2002-03 and the mainstream Dems lined up behind them is the disgusting thing here.


I simply don’t share your views on the either the positions or the significance of the alt-left you and Yunzer are so focused on.

Also, Hillary had a track record of backing regime change and being loyal to her friends Bibi and Kissinger. I have most assuredly seen you attack her track record–and I applaud that. As for Trump, he’s clearly an abject idiot, but he dropped the regime change imperative in Syria, and frankly, I’m glad he did. Does that make me alt-left somehow? A Putin supporter? Or just someone who understands that regime change is shorthand for destabilizing a region that we just can’t allow to organize on its own terms?

Do I hold out hope that the Mideast can make peace with itself? Not really.
Do I believe that the US will be a force for creating peace there. Fuck no.