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Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to 'Russiagate' Enthusiasts—Whether They Like It or Not


As if to underscore my point above on the judiciary, etc.:

All these stupid Trump-defending arguments by progressives are actually what the Trump State loves, because that’s what we’ll have if Trump is successful. Tell Norm Solomon we’ll be a lot more like Russia, yay!


Yunzer and I?

The alt-left as shorthand to the point I was constantly making in the campaign are those on the left (from Pilger, Solomon, Greenwald, Parry, etc…and forum posters) who couldn’t see the forest of Trump for the trees of Clinton.

Assange has admitted to as much. That he wanted a fascist to become President, as some catalyst that things getting very very bad faster via Trump would be a good thing for the world.

Trump is a fucking fascist and ran a months long campaign stoking HATE to gain power. Right wing, White Nationalist hate. But hey, he’s open and honest about it. Remember that one?

But I repeat myself.

Significance? Hell yes it is significant!!! That those from a left perspective couldn’t bother to fight against the right wing hate of Trump, rather jumping at every chance to dither, in order to keep the power of their jabs against Clinton in tact.

We have the most right wing Administration in how many decades? Reagan looks like a leftist compared to this fascist jerk.

Don’t know why you are asking me “Does that make me a Putin supporter?”

I haven’t ever leveled that rhetorical attack, so you must be confusing me with someone else. Yunzer perhaps?

Again, what? Trump isn’t for regime change? Bolton ring a bell? Woolsey ring a bell? Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem to cozy up with Bibi who wants regime change ring a bell? Boasting of military purchases holding up charts in front of the Saudi Arabian monarchy (very much Clinton like, but more so…pardon, uh…more honest) ring a bell?

My point, again and again and again and again…

The alt-left are those that in leveling their absolutely valid criticisms of Clinton during the campaign, took it a leap further by either downplaying, dismissing, or completely ignoring what was evident about Trump’s right wing fascist war mongering bent, in order to feign some consistency to their political stance against Clinton.

Torture advocacy? What torture advocacy, for instance.

Again, it was the alt-left that time and time again made the argument that Trump “hadn’t killed anyone yet”, therefore…blah blah blah.

Are you, were you an alt-leftist? Well, only you know that for sure.


But, but, Clinton wanted to do it. Trump is just being more open and honest.

(Dear Reader, making a contrast between Clinton and Trump does not a supporter of oligarchy make…check my clucking posts)

Upcoming article by ____, ______, or ______.


Sometimes in life we don’t have great choices. I wasn’t a fan of Clinton, like many, because I didn’t like her foreign policy instincts. But, I also knew she was a lot smarter than Trump and would likely have a diverse cabinet and make qualified appointments to executive branch agencies and the courts. These things matter, a ton, as some people appear to be just now learning (I find it ironic that some yell at Democrats after spending an election arguing Trump was better on “healthcare,” “banks,” and “war.”). Sometimes it’s okay to “fear vote” because there are legitimate reasons to fear.


Oh, and need I mention, another “accident” happened in the land of peace-loving oligarchs:


Yours is a recipe for countries like Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Congo, Venezuela, Russia, and many other dictators to have control over the world—it would be a disaster just like the UN is now.


On banks, Hillary would’ve told them to ‘cut it out,’ and appointed some tough oversight like Obama did(n’t), while lining up some high-paid post-presidency speeches to Goldman-Sachs, and somehow reined in the bank deregulation bill that’s going to pass with a veto-proof majority that includes lots of Dem senators.

On healthcare she would have told those damn hippies that single payer will ‘never, ever happen.’

On war, she’d be out-missiling Trump because ‘Assad must go.’

She’s so much smarter than Trump that she lost an election to him.


Agreed. It is concerning that like a wild animal we can fully expect the U.S. to lash out at anyone near them if they get cornered though and I do think there are some in power that have the mindset of “if the U.S. can’t lead the world than the world deserves to be better off nuked to oblivion”.


I’m glad you know all that. Thank god we have Trump!


2 true


It isn’t about trying to explain Trump’s behavior. It is simply analyzing the media’s framing of the issue and how they are pushing him in the direction towards more conflict. Trump’s actions, their rationale and impact are another story, and another article. You might not like discussing the fact that most every Democrat you support is pushing him towards conflict, don’t radically depart from the right on foreign policy and have been extremist hawks in regards to Russia, but that alone should be a focus of discussion. You divert the attention to other things for obvious reasons.


Didn’t Cenk start out as a conservative? Seems like he’s gone full circle and become a neocon.


I disagree. As much as I criticize Cenk on buying into the Russiagate narrative he overall is very much liberal, as in true liberal, not the mainstream media or democratic party neo-liberalism. He was totally against the attacks in series over the weekend and defended Russia calling for investigations into the chemical attack.


Well, I never cared too much for the opinions of Robert Parry , RIP ( a frequent contributor on this site). He seemed to me to be too much of a Putin apologist. I had several arguments with folks on this site after the whole Crimean thing…where I said it was just an orchestrated take over by Putin ( something he confirmed himself). Putin is an old KGB officer, what did you expect? He will be an “Elected President” forever, except if he chooses a seat warmer like what’s his name between non sequential terms…so he can appear “democratic”. Parry was right (in my opinion) on one thing though…the election of Trump has made some progressives lose their minds. The same people defending Putin now see him as the devil…until they excuse him again. All depending on what Trump is doing relative to Putin. Go figure. :confused:


And a consistent apologist is trying to tell us that Hillary would have been a peacenik compared to Trump, all the while fanning the flames of anti-Russia sentiment and missing the point of this article.

I guarantee that the article I posted above was totally ignored by the Hillary apologencia.


You’ve got it right. The American people are all about peace(?) – until the US starts bombing then they start cheering as if they are watching a sporting event. Disgusting really.


People like Lrx don’t post because they believe what they’re saying. Yeah, Clinton and the like live in a bubble and think absurd things, but they know the score. So does Lrx. My only question is if he is a Correct the Record employee or simply benefits from the stuff he or she peddles.


Anyone who paints Putin anything other than an evil dictator is Putin apologist? Got it.


I agree, although I think that Clinton made it hard to see a radical difference between the two on foreign policy, given how horribly hawkish she was and given those around her. Having said that, this article was about the media framing of what is going on in Syria, how the media has pushed for more involvement by the US, etc. What KC mentioned and what you are pointing out isn’t what the article was about. Besides all of that, if Clinton was president, we’d be debating her hawkish bullshit too, and some people that post here would be providing cover for her (Lrx more than anyone).


I was actually referring to the often estimable, KC.

Lrx is little more than a troll.