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Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to 'Russiagate' Enthusiasts—Whether They Like It or Not


You’ve got it right. The American people are all about peace(?) – until the US starts bombing then they start cheering as if they are watching a sporting event. Disgusting really.


People like Lrx don’t post because they believe what they’re saying. Yeah, Clinton and the like live in a bubble and think absurd things, but they know the score. So does Lrx. My only question is if he is a Correct the Record employee or simply benefits from the stuff he or she peddles.


Anyone who paints Putin anything other than an evil dictator is Putin apologist? Got it.


I agree, although I think that Clinton made it hard to see a radical difference between the two on foreign policy, given how horribly hawkish she was and given those around her. Having said that, this article was about the media framing of what is going on in Syria, how the media has pushed for more involvement by the US, etc. What KC mentioned and what you are pointing out isn’t what the article was about. Besides all of that, if Clinton was president, we’d be debating her hawkish bullshit too, and some people that post here would be providing cover for her (Lrx more than anyone).


I was actually referring to the often estimable, KC.

Lrx is little more than a troll.