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Missing From Reports of Yemeni Carnage: Washington's Responsibility



Meanwhile, the Saudis announced months ago they would flood the market with cheap oil to destroy the US fracking industry. I'm OK with stopping fracking but these are not the actions of an ally. They have never been our friends. They use us to get what they want. The Wahabist regime looks on us with no more charity than the Iranians, but they use the money we shower them with to spread their extreme fundamentalist ideas. These are the same people who let a school full of young girls burn to the ground while locking the doors so no one could escape because they wouldn't be properly covered with their veils...and this was their own citizens. What do you suppose they have in mind for us? With our help (stupid american politicians) they have created al Qieda and IS and will continue to create more extreme organizations quicker than we can stop them. The blame for the mess in the middle east lies squarely on our doorstep.


Surely you aren't siding with Donald Trump with that kind of wholesale characterization of people who live in the ME right?


" Washington's role in facilitating those deaths went unmentioned."

Nothing new, same ol same ol. Ad hominem propaganda for Amerikan fascism.


And now the US is dangling a bunch of brand new advance weaponry under the nose of Shinzo Abe, in the attempt to get the Japanese to rewrite their "Peace" Constitution so that the US can use them in their aggressions against the people and government of China! Yes indeed, peace, peace, we want peace. A piece of China, a piece of Russia, a piece of Iraq, a piece of Afghanistan, a piece of Syria, a piece of Libya, a piece of India, a piece of Brazil and a piece of Venezuela! That's an awful lot of piece for one country!


Anger, sometimes good, sometimes really dumb.