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Missing From the Debates: Climate Change, Poverty, Campaign Finance and More


Missing From the Debates: Climate Change, Poverty, Campaign Finance and More

Karin Kamp

If you plan to tune in tonight to watch the final presidential debate, you probably won’t hear anything about some of our country’s most pressing concerns, like climate change, poverty and campaign finance. Again.


"We can no longer leave the election process in control of the two parties and the media conglomerates with whom they are in cahoots" describes the travesty of election 2016 in a nutshell.

The issue of too-big-to-fail banks (that drives several of the issues Kamp recommends be added to the debate) is conspicuous by its omission from her list. These five banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 now control nearly 50% with no end in sight of the their march to monopoly. Until these banks are broken up and New Deal regulations restored to control them, no headway can be made on any of the other issues of concern.


If they want the Black and Latino vote, they need to address the Black Holocaust and the Drug War/Prison Industry Complex. Clinton is responsible for much of the Black Holocaust, yet most blacks support her because she's a Democrat. As a drug warrior himself, Trump won't go there.

In Florida, Proposition 1 is carefully crafted by the fossil industry to fool people into voting yes, by the mere mention of the word "solar". Voting yes would actually hurt solar energy.

To help the solar industry, Floridians need to vote NO on Proposition 1.


Trump's supposed to respect Russia [he's thrown this, medical, & trade in the pot to mesmorize Libertarians]. Don't know how much he could do to thwart JCPOA (hopefully not much), but what if his whole gang want's to nix it? What if he wants to go to war with Iran...what'll his respect for Russia amount to in that case? Guess this isn't important enough to go into.


Trump is a pathological liar. Clinton is a strategic liar. Don't vote for a liar. Stein/Baraka 2016


Rest assured, these issues were not discussed for a reason. Actually two reasons. First, in the current politcal enviornment there is no possibility of doing anything about these issues. And second, especially in the realm of climate change, there's nothing that can be done, except maybe switching the power grid to all renewables (hey, You're going to need something to run you air conditioner when it's 95 degreesF all summer in Caribou Maine. A turbine may do the trick. At least you'll be more comfortable when your trying to catch fish from the oceans that are now acid)
Next month, when all of this over, you will not hear about climate change, or finance reform, or poverty, until 2020. That will be four more years for the CO2 levels to continue skyrocketing, and four more years on the march to two degrees C above pre industrial levels. We will hit it before 2030.
Think about it this way. Climate change will end poverty and eliminate the need for campaign finance reform, as it will kill most of its victims and participants.


GO GREEN in 2016!


They can debate all they want.
Unless Jill pulls it off, we know what we're getting.


Don't ya know it's the elites who determine what is important ... not the working class. We, the working class, who are concerned about never-ending war, climate change, and the ravages of poverty, the quality of our food and water are just supposed to obediently say, "Yes, master. You know what's best." :fearful:

News Flash! This working class radical doesn't have a supplicant cell in his body.


It would have been wise to use the years of this administration to begin coming to terms with how successfully we've (those not on the right wing) been split apart and pitted against each other by class and race. It would take a movement to save our butts this time, and that's just not going to happen.


Missing from the debates: sanity and truth.


Just curious: What do those working class radicals think we should do with all those who can't work, and those for whom no jobs are available? Democrats and liberals have continued supporting Reagan's trickle-down economics as the appropriate response to US poverty. It still doesn't work.


The working class have been about the working class. Periodically, they indulge in pep rallies for the middle class. Radicals and a left (if we had either) would have been shining a spotlight on our poverty crisis as PROOF of the failures of our deregulated capitalism. Nice that liberals agreed to spend another eight years calling for job creation, but you can't buy a loaf of bread with promises of eventual jobs.


I cannot speak for others ... only myself, an anarcho-communist, also known as a libertarian socialist. Anarchy-communists believe in a stateless society under decentralized socialism. This decentralized socialist society must be global ... just as capitalism is global now. We believe....

  • Anyone who wishes to eat must work [1] with the exceptions of the elderly, the disabled, students, and women in the later stages of pregnancy.

  • We also believe in the principle of “from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs [2].”

[1] Work. Unemployment will not be an issue under an anarchy-communist society as all who are able to work ... will work (without coercion) to benefit society. Peer pressure will resolve the issue of a few lazy individuals. Work will most likely mean 4 - 5 hours of labor (physical or mental) a day (on a 4 - 5 day workweek) based on one's talents, skills, natural abilities or interest. Work is expanded beyond production or providing a service. (Example: It will include what is deemed as volunteer work today.)

[2] Needs. Needs will be supplied on an individualized basis that far exceeds basic needs. Needs fulfillment includes cultural, educational, social and private needs. That being said, extravagance is not need-based and will not be tolerated.

Reference Sources

Anarchist Economics

The Conquest of Bread (Book) by Peter Kropotkin

The ABC of Anarchism (Book) by Alexander Berkman


Jill Stein's positions on peace, climate, sustainability, & a people-centered democracy ... also missing.


Just like Sanders, Stein's views are either ignored or bastardized in the Media.


It's absolutely sickening that the overwhelming majority of the electorate would rather have Hollywood-type candidates sponsored by the elite ruling class than an honest, sincere and people-centered candidate that actually cares about them.