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Missing in Action: Accountability in Trump's America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/03/missing-action-accountability-trumps-america


You write this as though this is a new behavior instead of the authoritarian playbook with the GOP acting like “monkey see, hear, speak no evil”! What is it with both the media/journalists/democratic politicians who continue to refuse to call out not just the lies, the blatant hypocrisy, but totally undermining democracy and the rule of law, violating their Oaths to the Constitution, the profiteering off of their public offices?!? Maybe at one time, we were all deluded into believing that our “Institutions” were strong enough to save US - WE need to acknowledge that WE must be our own saviors! We must demand that U.N. Inspectors watch over our election process both mail-in and in-person - because I for one take nothing off the table for what lengths and how destructive that 45 and his Consigliere Barr will go to to attempt a take-over and install himself as “president for life” of this nation.

Vote because our democracy is in peril!
Vote because our nation is in peril!
Vote because being a citizen in this nation is a verb!!


This, in many ways useful article, is marred, fatally by the author’s recitation of the worst nonsense of the Russiagate campaign of political deflection.
,Nor is the trend towards authoritarianism, contempt for the Constitution and government inaction on social questions to be blamed on the GOP. It was the Democrats, whose leadership is still intact thirty years later, who ended “welfare as we knew it” -and its evolution into a social safety net and, led by Biden, built up the American Gulag incarcerating and disfranchising millions of people.

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Accountability is certainly “Missing Inaction” in the trump regime to historic levels never before seen - the MO has been to create the reasons for much-needed accountability, not just ignore it, very much including the Covid pandemic.

Unfortunately “accountability” for various issues and crimes was also clearly missing in Obama’s admin. as he blithely and cynically said “we must look forward, not back” as he refused to hold accountable Bush war criminal torturers in any way, even if difficult - or corporate and banker thieves - Obama’s AG Holder was also largely “missing in action”.as was Obama himself - big faux progressive talk, little or no action - all hat no fuckin cattle!

The corporate sector has likewise gone scot-free vis a vis governmental legal accountability regarding their lawlessness and various abuses against out people, environment, and republic.

The vulture capitalist system and the governmental-congressional corruption it creates with vigor, has fed refusal to hold accountable war criminals, banker and wall st thieves/usurers, arms industry profiteers feeding on the public teat, the predatory health “insurance industry” parasites, big-pharma and for-profit hospitals among many others, and all coddled and protected via campaign-contribution bribery of congress that has thoroughly corrupted our representative government!

Collusion with corporate and other thieves by RepubliCons is a given and more or less expected and tolerated because they tell us up-front they will screw us all to serve their masters and extremist ideology - But, the exact same collusion and service to wealth and power, are part and parcel of the DP entrenched “leadership” that serve the same masters and forces, just behind our backs and lying/deceiving to make us believe they are not - THAT ship of lies and damn lies has somewhat sailed and the public now, at least partially, see that BOTH parties are party to the same corruption and screwing the 99%, and both refuse to hold any crony or party to the screwing accountable!


While I strongly agree with this about Trump and, especially, about Bush II, where was the accountability for the following:

  • President Eisenhower’s complicity in the 1953 coup in Iran which overthrew its elected president and brought back the hated but pro-U.S. Shah, who oppressed his people for the next 25 years, causing the 1979 Iranian Revolution and rise of the anti-U.S. ayatollahs?

  • President Eisenhower’s complicity in the 1954 coup which overthrew the elected president of Guatemala, bringing in dictators who oppressed and murdered tens of thousands of Guatemalans over the next decades?

  • President Eisenhower’s complicity in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by U.S.-supported troops?

  • Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy’s complicity in the January 17, 1961 assassination of Patrice Lumumba?

  • President Kennedy’s complicity in the assassinations of South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu on November 2, 1963?

  • President Johnson’s lie about the alleged August, 1964 Tonkin Gulf attack on U.S. warships, which LBJ used as his justification for massively escalating the number of U.S. troops in South Vietnam, a war which killed more than 58,000 Americans and more than 3 million Vietnamese?

  • President Johnson’s complicity in the 1965 coup in Indonesia and ensuing massacres of thousands of leftists and communists there?

  • President Johnson’s order to call back U.S. aircraft as the U.S.S. Liberty was being attacked by Israeli planes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, a daylight attack on a clearly-marked U.S. Navy ship which killed 34 crew members and wounded 171?

  • President Nixon’s lie about his “secret plan” to end the war on Vietnam so he could win the 1968 election?

  • President Nixon’s war crime of terror-bombing North Vietnam cities, especially the Christmas bombings of 1972?

  • President Nixon’s complicity in the September 11, 1973 overthrow of Salvador Allende, the democratically-elected president of Chile, replacing him with the brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet, who murdered, ‘disappeared’, tortured, oppressed, and terrorized the people of Chile for decades, with U.S. support?

  • President Ford’s complicity in the genocide in East Timor perpetrated by U.S.-supplied Indonesian forces starting in 1975?

  • President Carter’s and President Reagan’s complicity in arming the mujahideen, led by Osama bin Laden, to overthrow the Soviet-supported government of Afghanistan, and bringing the Taliban to power in Afghanistan?

  • President Reagan’s complicity in supporting the brutal Nicaraguan contras who murdered tens of thousands of Nicaraguan civilians, including clinic workers and teachers, and destroyed medical clinics, schools, and cooperatives which were helping the poor people of Nicaragua, made poor by decades of U.S.-supported dictators of he Somoza family?

  • President Bush I’s savage attack on Panama City in December, 1989, to overthrow Manuel Noriega, a U.S. attack which killed more than 500 Panamanian civilians?

  • Presidents Bush I’s & Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq which caused the deaths of more than 500,000 Iraqi children?

  • President Clinton’s interference in the 1996 Russian election which helped the pro-American drunkard, Boris Yeltsin, win, ushering in an era of such economic hardship in Russia that the lifespan of most of its citizens actually decreased significantly?

  • President Clinton’s 78 straight days of terror-bombing Serbia in 1999, killing more than 2,500 people and wounding more than 12,000?

  • Presidents Bush II’s & Obama’s illegal use of drones to kill/assassinate mostly civilians in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, including two U.S. citizens?

  • President Obama’s refusal to obey the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which obligated him to prosecute the torturers in the corrupt Bush II-Cheney regime, when Obama told us to “look forward”?

  • President Obama’s refusal to prosecute the Wall Street banksters (many of whom funded his campaign) whose fraud caused the Great Recession?

  • President Obama’s support for the 2009 military coup which overthrew the elected government of Honduras, resulted in a violent military regime there which now oppresses its people and violently suppresses dissent, murdering environmental activists such as Berta Caceres?

  • President Obama’s support for the illegal 2011 war on Libya, which has resulted in a violent, failed state there today?

  • President Obama’s support for the February, 2014 coup which overthrew the elected government of Ukraine, bringing in a pro-U.S. government which includes neo-Nazis, and causing Russia to annex Crimea?

  • President Obama’s illegal 2015 deployment of U.S. troops in Syria?

  • President Trump’s illegal drone assassination of the Iranian general near the Baghdad airport, an act of war against Iran?

  • U.S. interference in Bolivia and Venezuela’s elections by various U.S. presidents?

“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war [WW II] American president would have been hanged.” - Noam Chomsky


To our regime, and ones before it, “accountability” means firing or jailing whistleblowers, or both.


This is typical Karen Greenberg bullshit. It is the easy attack against Trump that Karen and the rest of the Dem apologists use without ever addressing the Dem corruption and hypocrisy. I agree with the list of travesties set forth by Redpilled for which there was no accountability. When are Biden, Obama and the Democrat war machine (Pelosi, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Adam Schiff, Adam Smith, etc) going to be held accountable for their role in killing and displacing millions of people world wide? What about the Dem sponsored coups and attempted in Ukraine, Honduras, Venezuela, etc? Although friend Karen seems to blame Obama and Holder for not prosecuting Bush war crimes, she was silent about the Obama/Holder refusal to prosecute banks for all the bank fraud and crashing the economy. What about prosecutions for Gulf oil spills and the Flint water poisoning? Where were all the prosecutions for civil rights violations for police killings? Who did get prosecuted? Tim DeChristopher for properly bidding on oil leases and Lynn Stewart for representing her client.
Now Biden says he will prosecute anarchists, even though being an anarchist is not illegal and constitutionally protected. Any Biden accountability for that? What about Biden lying about the Obama/Biden team not using Homeland Security to prosecute peaceful demonstrators? That is exactly what they did to the peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Any accountability for prosecuting peaceful demonstrators and lying about it? What about the accountability for all the lies that Biden has told about his record in Congress which are all verifiable? None. Etc, etc… But, what do we get from Karen: More warmed-over Russiagate


This is useful, though of course it really does not go back far enough and as REDPILLED notes, the list is long.

We also need to be accountable for slavery, native genocide – and yes, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and “Shock and Awe” among others. Nothing less will suffice to put this country back on track to democracy.

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Because this country rejected a real democrat-----George McGovern-----McGovern ran on cutting the military and returning a $1000. to each adult----


The real person behind all this is RUPERT MURDOCH—turn on fox news and it sounds like the cities are burning down------this is sick propaganda pushed by Fox and the WSJ-----

It was Fox “News” that declared Bush the winner in 2000 while his brother rigged the votes in Florida.

Rupert Murdoch and Trump are responsible for the 150,000 DEAD and counting

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President Truman’s “the buck stops here” is anathema to Trump!

Oh yes, lets hold up the total farce we call the 9/11 commission, as some sort of honest standard for investigating problems/corruption in this country, that will make the country feel warm and fuzzy, and accomplish less than nothing.

The top 10 or perhaps 20% are doing just fine, and, bribed by an inequitable (though less egregious) slice of the takings, are happy to sign on to the looting by the 1%. It’s why they sign on to and actively support and promote tax breaks that inordinately benefit the top 1% or more so, the top 1/10 of 1%

Defeating the 1% will require the bottom 80% winning the active support of the top 20. If they can do that, the 1% can’t win. If they don’t do that, the 80% can’t win. Serfdom lasted a thousand years - the King had his 20%.