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Mission Accomplished for Far-Right Brexiteers? After Leaked Memos, UK Ambassador Who Called Trump 'Inept' Resigns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/mission-accomplished-far-right-brexiteers-after-leaked-memos-uk-ambassador-who

“We’re on course to become the 51st state of Donald Trump’s USA, with Boris Johnson as his consul.”

‘Donald Trump’s USA’, perhaps the most obscene words upon which I have ever laid my eyes.

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‘Inept’ you say? Reminds me of time I was involved with the Union during steel industry negotiations.
The men folks were using rather foul words to describe certain situations in the steel plants. Someone made note there were women present and apologized for the language. One such lady, president of a Canadian local union, says: You haven’t heard anything until I get through talking to the son of a bitch …!


It’s been obvious to me that the British elites have been wanting “Britain to become the 51st US state” for a long time.

They might have to wait in line. I think Israel has a ticket for that honor. With others in the queue as well.

The Israeli request is headed to the trash can, however I’ll be glad to offer Alabama or Mississippi to the Jews who’d like to migrate.