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Mission Creep?: US 'Trainers' Arrive in Ukraine for Operation Fearless Guardian


Mission Creep?: US 'Trainers' Arrive in Ukraine for Operation Fearless Guardian

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Nearly 300 U.S. soldiers have arrived in Ukraine to act as 'trainers' for the county's newly-formed National Guard as part of what is being called Operation Fearless Guardian.

The operation involving paratroopers will last for six months, according to a statement by the U.S. Army on Friday.


Given the track record of US military personnel “training” forces in other countries, I think that we can safely conclude that the Ukrainian National Guard is doomed.



In how many nations around the world suffering from unrest been invaded by U. S. military “trainers” or “advisers” over the last 50 years? The U S has no business getting involved in Ukraine affairs (including Putin and Russia) but the strategic location of the Ukraine (oil pipelines, ports, i.e.) coveted by U S energy companies directs the military to do their bidding under the guise of “American being the good cop policing the world,” as it were.


We know from historical evidence that people whose basic urges remain unsatisfied will develop psychoses which manifest themselves in self-destructive behavior.

I believe that this same principle applies to greed for some people (e.g. those running our major banks). Because greed can never be satisfied, it must eventually turn those for whom it is the strongest urge into raging sociopaths whose destructive behavior affects the people whose resources are coveted.



I fear the only chance we have to avoid WW3. Is if the sheepie’s wake up. And we march on Washington not by the thousands but by the millions.


What time is it there in Ukraine at Nazi Regime Central?


I’m sure Russia has there share of Neo Nazi’s. But the Neo Nazi’s are more apparent in Ukraine. Because they’re imbedded in the government and military.

So how is the Weather there in Ukraine right now?


Send me a link on it, otherwise I have a hard time believing you.


The US and Israel trained the Georgian troops that Russian troops stomped on in a ten hour war in 2008! You’d think the Ukrainian’s would want to think long and hard about that! Besides, Slick Oily, John McCain, Robert Menendez and Lindsey Graham are notoriously blind to friends and puppets who have just gotten their asses thumped doing the US’s bidding!
Look for something to happen in Ukraine in the next six to nine months!


It’s probably the starting. We have to wait until the warrior Goddess is getting on the throne. Then we will see the real war. Of course, the common citizens will be the actual victims for losing jobs houses etc but the Hillary and her weapon making associates, wall street pals will be outrageously benefited. The war would be conducted on tax-payers’ shoulder. It’s an easyway a billionaire would earn another billion. Within that equation greedy Clintonites fit very well.


Take a look at this article. Sounds like Nato is leading the death squads in Ukraine.

Ukraine: “Both Sides Touched” By NATO Related Murder Of The Other Side.



I believe I heard “Trainers Arrived” once before but it was regarding Vietnam


Trainers? Foolishness! And here I didn’t believe U.S. foreign policy could possibly get any worse. Wrong yet again. There will hardly be a Russian who isn’t going to be willing to join up now and many who may just act on their own to expel what they will likely view as an invading force. More bloodshed and for what? Obama must be on drugs to order such a provocative action. Imagine 300 Russian combat troops arriving in Mexico for example. How would the U.S. react to that? I think we all know the answer. The complex has either gone mad, or feels the profits will be worth it, while they sit and watch others die to enrich them. Well, at least Johnny McCain is happy.


What a bunch of hypocrites - the US bitches and moans about a Russian presence and then sends in troops of our own.

And “Operation Fearless Guardian,” what is up with these names?


foolish? no, it is insanity. The psychopaths who run this country are afraid the whole nation will fall when the dollar crashes. They want to avoid riots in the streets, Pitchforks and guillotines will be in order.
To divert the attention of Americans from how badly they are suffering, the puppet masters are sending in the first of our American troops. More will follow and then all hell with break out when nuclear bombs are going off all over the place—including within the United States. We bomb Russia and don’t expect that they will wipe out our cities too? For what? The above mentioned psychopaths think there is chance they may win the war—shows how deluded they are. We have been in plenty of wars in the last fifty years but never won one of them.

Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Are you just going to sit back on this insanity—or are you ready to stand in defiance of this madness? Your choice…


“Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement Friday rebuking the troops’ arrival”

Says the guy that annexed Crimea and whose “vacationing” special forces are invading eastern Ukraine.

Mr Putin has been a KGB agent long enough to know that if are invading another country (openly or otherwise) that country is not gonna stand idle.




Does nobody remember Vietnam anymore?

<b>Forgotten Wars, Forgotten Warriors</b>

Korea, they say, was not a war.
It was a “Police Action.”
Which would <i>you</i> rather die as?
A “policeman,” or a soldier?

<i>Or would you perhaps rather live?</i>

At least Korea had a reason, 
Flawed, of course, but a reason.
Most of the world pitched in to fight
On one side or the other.

<i>How many died before it finally burned out?</i>

Vietnam was an accident, turned into a war.
A people who fought for their independence.
A millennium against the Chinese,
A century against the French.

<i>Thousands died, were tortured, jailed.</i>

Overrun by Japan, they fought for freedom.
At war’s end, they were given back to France,
So again they had to fight;
At Dien Bien Phu, they won.

<i>The time of rejoicing was short.</i>

Like Korea, the country was divided up.
The Western Nations made the decision.
South Vietnam to be “ours”
North Vietnam to be “theirs.”

<i>No one asked the People of their desires.</i>

Once more the Vietnamese had to fight
To expel the foreign occupiers,
Remove their puppet governments,
Reaffirm their independence.

<i>Does hubris come with power, or vice versa?</i>

Advisors were sent in
To help build the ARVN army.
Then to fight with the ARVN;
Finally to die with the ARVN.

<i>Would you rather be No. 1, or No. 58,178?</i>

Rulers were changed as the war went on.
The key is, the war went on.
The <i>Phoenix </i> burned on its pyre
Hatching new warriors for the cause.

<i>For every village that dies, avengers arise.</i>

A new Pearl Harbor was needed,
To fully unleash the dogs of war.
Tonkin Gulf was the catalyst,
A <i><b>Black Op</i></b> by the USA.

<i>B-52's can destroy property, but not ideas.</i>

We carpet bombed the north,
Poisoned the land with Orange and Purple.
Our troops were collateral damage,
Not to be recognized for years.

<i>Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.</i>

As the years rolled on,
We found it impossible to tell
Friend from foe, in a country that
Simply wanted us <i><b>out!</b></i>

<i>Strange that all peoples resist occupation.</i>

Finally, the last helicopters left Embassy Row
Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City
And we had learned a hard lesson,
Now engraved upon a wall.

<i>Only vets learn the real lesson of war.</i>

Thirty years later,
Another “Pearl Harbor,”
Another pair of wars,
The foundation poured for yet another Wall.

<i>They who dodged ‘Nam start a new war.</i>

Read the above poem again
Make the place names Afghan, Iraqi, Syrian, Ukrainian, Yemeni.
Substitute DU for Agent Orange
Government denial is still there

<i>We don’t count their dead, or show ours.</i>

Now, in the Pentagon, the plans are made
At Bush/Cheney’s desperate urging.
We, or Israel (with our backing)
Are next to nuke Iran!

<i>And thus unleash the final holocaust.</i>

Russia, China, and others, no doubt,
Will retaliate with nukes of their own.
In time, not long, there will be few left
To count our dead, or remember.

<i>The Nuclear Dragon will have eaten us all.</i>

How long will it be before <i><b>W</b></i>e the <i><b>P</b></i>eople
Break the wheel of death?
How many more thousands, or millions, to die
To be maimed, poisoned?

<i>What happened to our Constitution?</i>

Once upon a time we defended!
We fought for freedom, democracy,
Not oil and Empire...once upon a time.
We don’t need Roman Legions.

<i>Let us remember our dead, not create more.</i>

Stephen M. Osborn
19 December 2006



We can speak of Nazi’s and list dictators until we are blue in the face but the fuel for making war in the modern era is economic. In every case. The ruling class in America has been using America’s overwhelming military force to capture the national assets and capacity for future wealth on a global scale and doing so very successfully. Apparently every western institution be it military, economic or seemingly civil has been harnessed to these ends. The masses of the population in the West must believe that these policies benefit them, or at least cause them no or little harm. The novelty of the current attempt to destabilize Russia is that for the first time they have transgressed on a target that can and will fight back. Putin has made it clear, absolutely clear since his speech in Munich in 2007 that there are lines that define the security interests of Russia and that they will be defended. To date, the population of the country endorses this position. There is little point in trying to inform the American public of the danger they are sleepwalking into. They have succumbed completely to 3 generations of total propagandistic manipulation and believe themselves to be utterly unassailable behind their oceans and power. Europe is the only hope for rational action to hold the Peace. The leadership there is weak and corrupted but nevertheless, unlike the USA, it is possible for the people to re-assert their sovereignty as I hope they will when it becomes clear to them that the battlefield for America’s next war will be their homelands.


Just as the British Empire did before us. We have learned the horrible lessons very well.