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Mission Imperative: Come November, Trump Must Go

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/12/mission-imperative-come-november-trump-must-go

My fellow Common Dreamers, If I should not be here on election day, please see that the mission of removing Trump is Mission Accomplished.

I love you all.


When I think of this POTUS and his enablers, one word comes to my mind that best describes them:
CANCER. They are a cancer to our Republic and have to be removed before they destroy it. For many of us we see where we want this country heading politically and recognize the failures by past leaders to get us moving in the right direction. Yet now, at this moment in time we find ourselves governed by a President and his loyal stooges that are parasitical in nature and killing the host. We must prevail by removing them this November or there will be little to recognize of what once was a country with great potential. Many reforms can be instituted later to create the society we wish for future generations. None of that is possible so long as this cancer is allowed to remain.


Longing for the moment when we can collectively say to President Calamity "You have been fired". Biden is a joke - a DNC/Perez orchestrated one, but right now he is the door that we have to go through to remove the 'low-life’ from office.

Capitalism is incompatible with democracy - Trump is the proof and the inevitable consequence. White Christian Fascism is the likely outcome if the consolidation of the justice system in the hands of the extremists continues. It has to be halted.

No taxation without representation - An Eco-Socialist third party is the only alternative - to get there we have to decisively throw Trump out.


And yet, the only alternative the Democratic Party is offering is the vanilla promise to “stabilize”.
If you want to see just how the democrats will “lead” come next January, just look at how they’ve handled Covid relief efforts thus far. Major corporations, banks, and the wealthy scum that run them got trillions first. Now, Nancy and Chuck are going to ask for billions for the masses, maybe next week, maybe June. We’re not sure. Somebody wake up Joe, Barry, Hillary and Bill, and ask them if it’s Ok.
It seems that our choice will once again be between an awful Republican and an inadequate corrupt democrat.
Oh boy! Can’t wait for November!


Just how many articles with this dribble are there?

The choice is NOT Trump or Biden. The choice is Trump or someone else. At best, Biden is Trump-Lite. If Trump wins, it will because the DNC wanted him to win.

Stop blaming people for also rejecting Biden. Put the blame where it belongs. The DNC wants Trump to win, and they are doing everything they can to make sure that Trump succeeds.


I’m sorry but the majority of people really did vote for Biden in the primary. He may be a poor choice when compared to the alternatives, but to infer that that he is Trump-Lite is quite a reach. I don’t see him:

  1. Gutting the Affordable Care Act and leaving people with no health insurance
  2. Passing legislation that decimates the environment
  3. Pulling us out of the Paris Climate Agreement
  4. Pulling us out of the INF Nuclear Treaty
  5. Repeatedly lashing out with a verbal tirade against our allies
  6. Defending and embracing tyrants worldwide
  7. Systematically attacking our Constitution
  8. Packing the Supreme Court with right wing extremists
    Given time I could think of a multitude of other acts that I wouldn’t attribute to Biden.

so i guess you are ok with this?



I guess Mr. Winship is tired of seeing America with its mask ripped off. It isn’t pretty, is it?

No, we have to get back to having someone as President who will cover up the truth about our country with a nice smile and gentle nature.

Nothing will change…but we’ll feel so much better about ourselves.


After the 2016 election Bernie had four years to reach out more to the black community and win them over. He could have spent more time meeting with the black leadership and I believe he failed to do so.
My state primary is coming up and I will be voting for Bernie. Yet even he recognizes the danger of four more years of this current administration and sees a world of difference between Biden and Trump.


OK: After Trump’s removal, all corporate democrats need removal starting with chumer and Pelosi. For many of us it will be the eco-socialists who get our support.


Agree with you 100% !!

  1. We should never have had to settle for Romneycare to begin with.
  2. Like his boss Obama did by opening up the fracking boom and vastly increasing US oil production?
  3. The Paris Climate Accords whose self-imposed targets not a single country has achieved?
  4. Obama proposed a $trillion in nuclear weapons upgrades.
  5. I wish that some leader would lash out against Israel and the KSA.
  6. Ask the people of Colombia and Honduras if Biden supports tyranny.
  7. Biden will look forward and any unconstitutional acts by his predecessors will be forgiven.
  8. You finally found one.

Meanwhile, Joe voted for the Iraq War and lied about it, advocated for dividing Iraq up along sectarian boundaries, pushed every right wing wet dream passed by Democrats including the crime bill, welfare reform, and free trade giveaways. I think he’s a sexual predator, too.

  1. Biden has already packed the court with right wing extremists, Clarence Thomas & Scalia. Nobody asked Biden’s opinion of Kavanaugh, but I’ll bet Biden thinks he is great too.

Somebody tell this author to read CDs article about Pelosi’s “no excuse for this”. I will no longer vote for a party that has her as a member much less as a “leader”. Disgusting!


Hi PonyBoy:
Why wouldn’t you be here?



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It’s hard to imagine a better President for the American ruling class. Unlike teflon President Reagan,another ruling class darling, for whom no crime or mistake could stick, Trump is like a political black hole – sucking in all the energies that could be going to actually making the US and the world a better place. It’s all about HIM, right? True, he got fewer votes than Clinton, but he did get 62 million votes, more than Mitt Romney in 2012 (and there was plenty of overlap). 'Cause our plutocrats see he’s on their side – dismantling pesky laws to protect the environment, workers, families, the poor,… and turning up the spigot pouring the gravy into the ruling class gravy train.

But of course, if he’s defeated then everything will be a-okay, right?

So, what if he is (hopefully) defeated? I see absolutely no indication that Biden and the establishment Democrats who dominate the blue side of Congress will do more than restore the totally inadequate and unjust status quo. And we, likely, will have another horrible choice in 2024, assuming the US hasn’t totally fallen apart by then.

The problem is that the US has become a backward country, but the Democrats have no real program to actually start the US moving forward again. They keep saying that universal health care is a radical idea even though countries like Canada and the UK have had it for over half a century. The US is alone among advanced countries in not requiring paid vacations and paid sick leave. The US has extreme inequalities in income which no amount of “trickle-down economics” will improve. But there is no call for a universal basic income or a livable wage. And what about a call to end the US’ role as the world’s “policeman,” where we’re spending astronomical amounts of money to “defend” the country, even as real threats, like climate change go begging for funds? Why no call for peaceful resolution of world conflicts so that we humans can tackle our species’ real problems together?

Politics has to be about the winning of hearts and minds. The Democrats care no more for the ordinary folks that vote for them than do the Republicans. The Dems argument is always, vote for us 'cause you don’t have a choice. Here it’s 2020 and it’s the same refrain we hear every 4 years and our country continues to move backward.


and this is why I’m putting “skeptic tank” in my will.

Granted, you’re not getting jack squat because I’m going to die on a sidewalk with a cop club in my skull, but still. it’s the thought that counts, right? :))



RussiAgate has no legs.