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'Mississippi Goddamn': State Sanctions Sweeping Discrimination


'Mississippi Goddamn': State Sanctions Sweeping Discrimination

Nika Knight, staff writer

Mississippi joins in a race to the bottom for the most extreme anti-LGBTQ legislation in the country, as on Thursday the state legislature is expected to send an unprecedented "religious freedom" bill to the governor's desk for signing.

The bill was approved by the state Senate late on Wednesday, only a week after North Carolina passed its own sweeping discrimination law in a highly unusual process that critics decried as a "bait-and-switch."


Yet another reason never to set foot in Mississippi.


Right wing Christian Fundamentalism is anti-Christ.

Feel the unconditional love!!! Even a suicidal person, if transgender, could be denied help if unlucky enough to call a hateful bigot.

And by the way, how does this work? The person taking the call has some way of knowing over the phone? Oh yes, that’s where the ignorance of bigotry comes in. “Well she sounded more like a dude, so she’s just better off dead”.



Sanctions should be applied however Mississippians are so backwards, I’m not sure if anything but high button boots would be missed if they weren’t available.


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Old times there are not forgotten

Because they never went away

(Take it from an estranged native son)


This kind of thing is why I am more scared of Cruz than most people are.

By the way Mississappy… And all those who paint with a broad brush like those they condemn. Jesus could very well have been gay and most certainly liked to hang with the outcasts which most certainly included gays and trans and sex workers and other low life’s and those who were tolerant and welcoming towards everyone instead of close minded fools on the right and similar ones on the left and among atheists.

Christianity is not confined to fundamentalists and fools who corrupt the message of Jesus until like the hypocritical Neo-Pharisees that they are, they create a religion of intolerance just like fundamentalists elsewhere but as yet they haven’t brought back stoning (or flogging and head chopping), a practice Jesus was noted for opposing and stopping from happening.

Jesus was a revolutionary and regardless as to whether atheists want to pretend He wasn’t … He came for the poor which is very progressive

…one thing for sure…He wasn’t a republican…lol.


Mississippi has a reputation to uphold, and suddenly a lot of challengers to its pre-eminent position as the Most Bigoted Place in the Universe. It’s a competitive world out there. Alabama is always looking for an opportunity to move up. Let’s have some sympathy.


I’m open to other suggestions, but this looks to me like another case of thou art protesting too much, more commonly known as the pot calling the kettle black. It is my belief that a significant number of them are closeted LGBTQ in deep denial. But a deep seated loathing for who they really are, burnished by a belief that seems to begin and end with the Old Testament, results in them taking their anger out on others. They need to spend more time fcking, instead of fcking others over.


Mississippi is already one of the high poverty states and also one of the most racist.
This is another anti constitutional law that will be challanded in the Supreme Court after the election when the democrats take the white house and senate so they can vote Garner as the replacement for the fascist that just died.
These anti constitution racist and bigot scum use to be laughable but now they are becoming dangerous to our constitution if something isn’t done soon about their anti American sedition.


These anti constitution hypocrites don’t deserve any sympathy.


“when your enemy smites thee, turn the other cheek.”
Somehow that got changed to “send in the drones.”


How can people take words out of context like you just did? Why don’t you just ask a question straight out anyway? Seriously?