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Mississippi Governor Signs Anti-LGBTQ 'Badge of Shame'



Legalized discrimination, what has America become.


How appropriate - and shameful!
Mississippi - the "heart" (along with Alabama) of racist discrimination, hatred and murders: Emmett Till, Michael Schwerner , James Chaney, Andy Goodman, and so many others, murdered by clan hate.
Mississippi - focus of the Civil Rights Movement and our true American leaders and heroes - Martin Luther King Jr, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, James Farmer, Malcolm X, and so many others.
Then as now, the church played an important role - some taught and fought for justice, some a part of racist discrimination.
Then white churches in the south defended racism. Now some churches, black and white, are bigoted and intolerant of the LGBT community - the struggle for civil rights continues.

Apparently some people have learned nothing........


We are learning the hard way that it just ain't right, if it isn't left. Whatever happened to "the brotherhood of man". Whatever happened to the teachings of Christ? All these questions, my head is spinning like a top for there are no answers. I'll blame it on the water, that's it, there is something in the water these folk's are drinking. It's frackin' waste-water.


We all drink the same water, and that is what "brotherhood" is all about. ALL lives matter; there is nothing more duplicitous than the evil behind any movement that promulgates helplessness. We all know how to take care of ourselves, and to condition any faction of our so-called culture as at a disadvantage is simply evil.

Yes, there are those who are born with severe physical defects---there are those who can not speak for themselves, but there are also those who not only inflict misery upon themselves, but expect the rest of us to pay for it. We are all entitled to our beliefs, and I find it important to respect the beliefs on both sides of the aisle because if I don't, I am selling myself short of my humanity.

Some of us have absolutely had it with this entire gender identity fiasco that is nothing more than obsession with sexuality. It's disgusting, yet as we have been funneled to focus on nothing but, we have simultaneously given rise to what is now the culmination of the Panama Papers, and then some.

We are each born with a choice to either become the very best we know how to be, or to wallow in self-misery and hatred for the rest of our days and expect others to pay for our misery. That is my idea of "brotherhood of man" and every human being has a moral obligation to do his/her/it's part to do the same. What is it, exactly, that these people want anyway? There is such a thing as volunteer work when all else fails.


So, you've had it with the people who are so obsessed with other people's sexuality that they deny rights based on gender identity? You're fed up with people who are so mired in misery and hatred that they actually think it's not discrimination to deny services based on who someone is?

Just want to make sure I understand what you're saying, because it's a little ambiguous.


I am physically and emotionally disabled. I was born with many birth defects and have severe and chronic PTSD. This is how I know "they" drank frackin' waste water because I know what it is to be shunned and stigmatized. I am 65 years old and I clearly remember the brotherhood of man and though not a christian I still can recall his teachings. I invite you to my web-site onedman.org should you wish to learn more.


Republican-controlled states have found a new game, "Which state can be the most bigoted?" Jindal's "stupid party" can't seem to help itself.


"Real change never comes from the top down. Real change always comes from the bottom up"--Bernie Sanders victory stump speech

Calling all homophiles!! It's time to get busy in Dixie! Time to go to North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and everywhere else such grotesque affronts are taking place and organize! It's time for our own domestic BDS economic boycott movement against states passing such repressive laws and approving of such practices!

It's time for all homophiles to put their bodies and their votes on the line! Time to canvas the precincts! Time to register homophiles!

As Bernie is also fond of reminding us:
"When voter turnout is high, we win!!" (everybody chant, "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!!")

Time for alternative candidates to run for political office! Are y'all ready! Are y'all with me!
Um, hello!! Is anybody out there?!! In Dixie, the answer is "nope, not even maybe!"

The lesson I am intending to portray by the above satire is simple:

This is the year that passion rather than thoughtful and careful consideration is driving the US electorate.

The same emotional passion and intensity that is driving the Sanders and Trump campaigns (and whose lack has made the screeching Hillary, Senator Cruz, and Governor John "Beige" Kaisich all look like crashing bores!) is also driving this latest spate of pointless restroom and other anti- LGBTQ legislation throughout Dixie. "They" are "feelin' the Bern" and those who are so exorcised by such legislation are not.


homosexuality is a sin and a dangerous one at that... nearly 1 million americans dead from aids, countless children molested


should you be inclined to consider some alternate perceptions:


comparatively, a lot more people die annually of heart disease, stroke, COPD and lower respiratory infections than aids, and they aren't regarded as sinners: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs310/en/

scientific overview of homophobia: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/assault/roots/overview.html

I've tried but continue to fail to comprehend why two people of the same sex, engaging in consensual sex are sinners; it just doesn't compute in my head--or my heart. and quoting the bible to me, won't cut it either, sorry. I sense that book was conceived and crafted and edited by those who would seek to control humanity via indoctrination, and a damned fine job it's done of that.

now if we want to switch gears and talk about the countless numbers who have died because of war . . . . .